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K-Fed's Court-Approved Blackmail

11/20/2006 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney & KFedBritney Spears is in for a rough ride in her divorce from creepy Kevin Federline. She's about to learn an ugly lesson about celebrity divorces.

Make no mistake about it -- Federline has no interest in getting custody of the couple's two children. Sure, he's asking for custody, but it's all a thinly veiled attempt to extort money from Spears.

The word in Hollywood is that Britney loved partying before she had kids. My only encounter with Spears -- maybe two years before she got married -- was at a gym where she seemed completely oblivious to her celebrity -- chewing gum, dancing and clearly up for a good time, whenever. People I know who know her well say she was a sweet but wild girl.

Enter Federline. He partied with Britney and knows things she probably doesn't want public. And that would probably make her the same as anyone in a relationship. The difference is that Britney's secrets would get huge media play, and Kevin knows it.

So here's where he stands. Thanks to Laura Wasser, Britney's legal eagle who drafted an air-tight prenup, K-Fed will get less than $250,000 (a one-time spousal support payment), around $2.5 million (his share of the Malibu house) and that's pretty much it. So how does Fed Ex really cash in on Britney's fortune? He tells her that there are things the judge may want to know about her past that could bear on her mothering skills. But, of course, for a price, he'll go away.

Federline has been an absentee dad from the get go. He's shown no interest in parenting his kids. On the other hand, people who are around Britney all the time tell me she's an amazing mother. Trust me, we did more stories about the car seat than you can count. But she's with these kids 24/7 and does a really good job.

So the time will come soon when bad Dad will start threatening. And Britney will probably give Kevin more than he deserves to pimp his ride into the sunset. The only solace is that Federline will blow through his settlement quickly and I'm guessing he won't sell enough CDs to buy a Happy Meal. Maybe that's justice.

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Please have Britney hire a forensic auditor and find out all the expenditures made by K-fed from day one..........Also, Britney should also subpoenae Shar's financials and find out how much of her money was turned over to Shar by the dead-beat husband. Check her car and her house for monitoring devices......put the pressure on K-fed and Shar.....something is not right with that "togetherness".

2493 days ago


Britney can pretty much go out and do what she wants for the mere reason of having nanny's taking the place of mothering when she feels the need to get out. it doesn't make her an unfit mother, she's young and excited to be the hell away from such a solid loser. C'mon, we've all met a loser at some point in our life that swept us off our feet ... then later realized how blind we were. Being Britney Spears is not a blessing when the world is watching your every move ... some mother's out there are the perfect mom by day and a partying prostitute by night and nobody seems to care...giver her a break, she's still young and learning ... those babies will be just fine, maybe even better than most given what they will have to endure.

2861 days ago

Lisa M    

How many images of Britney did we see partying it up when she was with Federjerk? None, or at least no one bothered to report or photograph it. I have never been a big Britney Spears fan but I admire her at this point for getting that freeloading turd out of her life. It was obvious that Kevin controlled Britney the whole time. Take for example pre-Kevin photos, did we once see Britney at a public event not looking radiant? Her clothes were well chosen, her make-up flawless. Enter Kevin and what do we see? Poor extensions, bad, bad, bad make-up, tasteless clothing. Kevin tried to take some of the shine off Britney's star by making her look like the quintessential bare-foot, pregnant hick, in an effort to make himself look like the King of all Pimps. Give me a break!!This is a guy who left his pregnant girlfriend for another woman, one with more $$$$$$. Integrity is a word that Kevin Federline will never have linked to his name, ever!

It is true that Britney has mad some bad choices but who among us has not? Other than this week in Vegas she appears to be very devoted to her children. Please go pick on crackheads who choose to get pregnant and welcome to the world an innocent victim of addiction. Find the moms and the dads who abuse their children and sell them into prostitution or child pornography rings.If we look hard enough we can find someone who is doing a much worse job at raising their children than Britney Spears and who will most likely inflict more psychological damage on thier children than Britney will by celebrating her new-found freedom by letting loose in Los Vegas. She may be enjoying herself in L.V but I am sure that her children were left in capable hands. UUUmmm...Maybe she re-hired that hot "manny" that we saw with her in the past? Anyway, as for Kevin, good riddance to bad rubbish. And Britney, "Viva Los Vegas"!! Be good to yourself and your boys!!!

2861 days ago


Britney is a skanky moron, but FedEx is a dirty, useless, talentless man-whore, and she shouldn't give him one thin dime more than what his prenup says.
By the way, there is no court in this great country of ours that would take her kids away; she would sincerely have to be a dangerously psychotic freakshow for the court to take custody.

In any case, nothing he'd have to say would be a giant shock. She's fully invested in her 'Singing Hooker' persona, so anything he adds is just going to be free press furthering her image along those lines.

2861 days ago

Sara Anne    

Please! Britney's definitaley done drugs with Kevin. Did anyone see the youtube video clip of her from their show. Its on youtube, it's the one where she's talking about how her jaw hurts and how she's itchy, and it feels so good to scratch. She was either coked up(not sure because she was eating junkfood) OR on Ectstacy. Im a 21 year old in college who has done and seen the effects of both. All my friends agreed with me that she was definately on something.

2861 days ago


I agree with # 15. I'm not saying Brit is the best mom and hasn't made mistakes. But which on of us parents haven't. I'm sure many mothers drive without thier baby in a car seat and because they aren't a "star" no one hears of it. But I truely believe Brits a good Mom to her son's and loves them alot. I also believe she wants the best for them, that's why she's leaving the looser.

2861 days ago


I think Britney loves her kids, she is still one herself and it shows. Right now she doesn't realise what her actions will do to her children, until one day she will see them making out with a 60 year old Paris Hilton in a club.

2861 days ago


Enough with the Britney bashing already. This is the first time I have heard anything about Britney going out and having a good time in the last 2 years. There have been endless amounts of pictures of her with her kids and endless amounts of pictures of Fed-Ex out with everyone else. Britney isn't trashy, K-Fed made her trashy. I know I go out every once in a great while and there is nothing wrong with her actually enjoying herself. She is 25 years old and is finally free to have a good time. I think this shows that she was trapped for so long. And as far as I can see, she has put her whole life and career on hold for her marriage and children. What has he sacraficed? I say GOOD FOR YOU BRITNEY!

2861 days ago

Holy Crap!    

Good Lord! Britney is a mother, not a dead woman! If you had two babies, and a nasty divorce pending, wouldn't you need to blow off a little steam as well? Divorce is hard enough, having one that is highly publicized would probably drive most people over the edge. So she took a weekend in Vegas. Big deal. I would imagine she probably needed a little "me" time. Every parent needs time to be just themselves. We are ultimately better with our kids once we have had time to charge our grown-up batteries. What she does in her own time, while her children are with a sitter, has no bearing on what kind of parent she is. She is young, why shouldn't she go out and enjoy herself?
By the way, she looks terrific since she dropped the 180 pounds of dead weight!

2861 days ago


It is a shame how people sit behind their computer screens and point the finger at this young lady like they are so damn perfect. Show me one PARENT that has NOT gone out on the town not even ONCE, since having children. I highly doubt that anoyone can make claim to such a statement, with lying. She is a young girl, who first made a mistake by not be emotionally and physically ready for the entourage of critics and finger pointers tha would be on her back the minute she did not breathe correctly, dress as THEY BELIVE or act in the manner, that people who do not even know her have decide for her, that she should act. Do you not think she has enough on her plate as she is now going to be in a struggle for her lively hood, her very children, that she alone carried for nine months and went into labor to bring into this world. She now has to protect assets that she worked her butt off, literally and figuratively for, to keep away from K Fed, an obvious mistake. But hey, we ALL make mistakes, there is not one out there who can claim otherwise, without lying. And as for the dirty pictures, well, another mistake on her behalf, does that make her a skank, hell no, it makes her a woman out to please her man and make him happy. And as she did this, as women will do to please their men, it is now going to be used against her by K Fed himself, in his own skanky attempt to extort as much MONEY as e possibly can, as he knows where his limit stands with a legal and signed prenuptial. If her were really concered about his children, he would certainly NOT be seeking full custody of his children, as he is NO model parent himself. And while he is out partying day in and day out, are any of you calling him names, blaming him for any of his marital unbliss? I do not know what this world is coming to, but maybe we ought to spend more time getting our own houses in order and leave Britney's to Britney. Yes, she is out on the town, trying to drown her sorrows, issues, mistakes and things we have yet to hear blurted out to the public about her personal life, it does not make her a bad parent, it makes her judgement calls untimely. Give the girl a damn break, her life is put under a microscope because she has money and is a star. Would you hold up so well if your life were picked apart as hers has been, and is being done? Why don't we let the legal system decide if she has been a good or bad parent and mind our own business.

2860 days ago


I think Britany has done like many of the women in america found someone that made her feel wonderful they had a stron physical attraction but the person that was underneath all of it was the devil disguise. We all have had moments of frustrations and made mistakes we wish you could take back. But the children become stuck in the middle of it. Any move this woman makes is publicized to no end and there is no privacy or opportunity to have fault in what ever she does. People are human they make mistakes I'm sure if you think back there were things your parents did that you were not so sure of but they changed over time as they learned what to do as a parent. Kfed will get what he needs for the rest of his life because he is the father of Britney's children. No one wants to think of there father as a loser and I'm sure Britney will do what she can to make it amicable in the long run. Will K-fed take advantage I'm sure he will.

2860 days ago


Everyone needs to grow up!! giving all this advice about britney and probably have done worse yourself! problem is we have all these chiefs and not enough indians again. get over it, all this is about money and we all know it.

2860 days ago


Britney is a retard for even marrying that moron in the first place. Come on now i think we can all agree to that. And for that mistake, i hope ol K-Fag robs her ass blind. Seems like the piece of shit type of person to do that and we all know it. Kevin reminds me alot of OJ Simpson. a sick f'ing bastard and a sorry excuse for a human being footballplayer/'rapper'.

2860 days ago


Do you all know Britney??? Personally??? Do you realize that people will write whatever to make a buck. I could go out and say sources close to Ms. Spears say that she is an alcohlic and put it in the paper and you would all think its true. I am a mother and I go out and have a good time. I deserve that for taking care of my kids 24/7. You name one celebrity parent that doesn't go out and have fun. You can't. Just because its not in the papers doesn't mean it doesn't happen. YOU ALL NEED TO GROW UP!!!

2860 days ago

Christina Lennon    

I personally feel as if everyone need's to leave that girl alone and let her live her own life. So, her soon to be ex-husband is a loser ,we all make mistakes and we all learn from them right? She is no different than we are as american's so everyone need's to let it go already! Let her be a mother and let her go back to her singing career and drop it already! She made the right choice by dumping his a** because all he wanted was her money and fame anyway.

2860 days ago
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