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K-Fed's Court-Approved Blackmail

11/20/2006 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney & KFedBritney Spears is in for a rough ride in her divorce from creepy Kevin Federline. She's about to learn an ugly lesson about celebrity divorces.

Make no mistake about it -- Federline has no interest in getting custody of the couple's two children. Sure, he's asking for custody, but it's all a thinly veiled attempt to extort money from Spears.

The word in Hollywood is that Britney loved partying before she had kids. My only encounter with Spears -- maybe two years before she got married -- was at a gym where she seemed completely oblivious to her celebrity -- chewing gum, dancing and clearly up for a good time, whenever. People I know who know her well say she was a sweet but wild girl.

Enter Federline. He partied with Britney and knows things she probably doesn't want public. And that would probably make her the same as anyone in a relationship. The difference is that Britney's secrets would get huge media play, and Kevin knows it.

So here's where he stands. Thanks to Laura Wasser, Britney's legal eagle who drafted an air-tight prenup, K-Fed will get less than $250,000 (a one-time spousal support payment), around $2.5 million (his share of the Malibu house) and that's pretty much it. So how does Fed Ex really cash in on Britney's fortune? He tells her that there are things the judge may want to know about her past that could bear on her mothering skills. But, of course, for a price, he'll go away.

Federline has been an absentee dad from the get go. He's shown no interest in parenting his kids. On the other hand, people who are around Britney all the time tell me she's an amazing mother. Trust me, we did more stories about the car seat than you can count. But she's with these kids 24/7 and does a really good job.

So the time will come soon when bad Dad will start threatening. And Britney will probably give Kevin more than he deserves to pimp his ride into the sunset. The only solace is that Federline will blow through his settlement quickly and I'm guessing he won't sell enough CDs to buy a Happy Meal. Maybe that's justice.

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If Britney is, as you say, "with these kids 24/7", then why is it that since she announced the split we have only seen her out on the town partying??? A good mother doesn't leave her kids with a nanny while she lives it up in Vegas with Paris Hilton. A good mother is a role model for her children and so far Brit isn't being a role model for anyone. All I can say is, God help these children, they're going to need it!

2857 days ago


Holy crap, you people amaze me as well. Who cares if she wants to blow off some steam and go out with her friends??? She is 24 YEARS OLD!! Didn't she just spend a week in Louisiana with her family? Give the girl a break. Oh wait, I'm sure all of you are perfect parents, right? PUUUHHHLLLEEEZE!! She has put up with crap from K-fed for all this time, has been a mother and/or pregnant for the last 2+ years and we have RARELY seen her out partying. Get a life people and start paying attention to your own parenting skills!!

2857 days ago

the dude    

k-fed is the man. he was about as low as it gets in hollywood and he knocked up britney spears. he is a freaking genious and his intellect will pay off to the tune of millions of dollars. think about it....he is gonna get paid because he knocked up Britney spears!!!! i envy him.

2857 days ago

kim cunningham    

So what if she did her thing before the kids came along.We all did,and if he was with her he should have to tell what he did.I do not like her music or how she dressed but someone did or she would not be so rich.And any man who tries to use the kids to extort money is a peice of trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2857 days ago


You people are ruthless! She's in hre early twenties, she has two little babies, and she is going throught a divorce. What young girl wouldn't want to go out for a night and blow off some steam and have some fun with ther friends? The bad news is she IS Britney Spears and she was hanging with Paris Hilton (who is a skank). As we all know, Briney is not one to make Good Decision, or she's still be touring, m aking her millions, instead of being threatned by this loser who wants her millions, because he fucked her and gave her two babies. Well, he gave Shar two babies too, only difference was Shar had no MONEY!!
But ease up on the young girl, that's what she is, a young girl, who is now going to be a single mother, who just needs to grow up. She will learn, she won't have a choice.

2857 days ago


What a pity for the little boys. Innocent results of brainless sexkapades. That pix of Britney hanging out with Paris -->truly beyond stupid. And games.. dumb immature little girl games. Two tarts using each other for their own reasons. Paris is known for using anything for publicity.. enter Travis.. Kevin, now a former possibly next. Stupidly, little does Brit know Paris is only using her for publicity. And so it is now obvious the pantless and obviously brainless Britney has rejoined Skanksville. Britney.. way to go... you're on your way toward becoming an ideal paternal role model.

2857 days ago


I hope every one of you f***ing people saying Britney is a bad mom have never had a night on the town and have never left your kids home with a baby sitter. F***ing hipocrites! Since Britney has filed for divorce I have seen her photographed in only 4 outfits! So in a span of three weeks she went out in Vegas, out in New York, went on Lettterman and went ice skating. Yeah, what a bad f***ing mom. She is 24 years old for God's sake! She can afford the best caregivers. She has done nothing AT ALL to warrant losing her kids and anyone who thinks otherwise is an uneducated fool. I am sorry but two mishaps with a carseat and accidentally tripping while carrying your baby do not fly in court. A judge doesn't have time for the "he said/she said" bullsh*t. Othwerwise custody battles would be out of control on a daily basis all over the country. Strippers have kids, smokers have kids, wild party animals have kids - GET USED TO IT!! The only way children are taken away from someone is if they are abused or neglected. That's it folks! Yeah, I suppose a child could be taken away for drug use but it would have to be proven and it would have to be excessive. If you fools don't believe me call up any family law attorney and ask him or her. Lawyers don't go to Court on hunches and they don't go to court with bullsh*t lile "she trpped cuz she was in heels and her pants were too long so therefore she is an unfit mother". GROW UP LOSERS! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Find someone else to rag on. God damn some people's hipocrosy amazes me. Truly amazes me! I am willing to be money that every single person screaming that her kids be taken away has done at least one or more of the things Britney has done within the last six months! IDIOTS!!!!

2857 days ago


TMZ says she's with the kids 24/7? What...are you on her payroll now?

I can show you a number of hours in that 24/7 time-frame (that *TMZ* has covered!) in which that chain-smokin' tramp was hanging out with Hollywood's skankiest trollop, pulling her pants off in oublic, and generally NOT being with the kids 24/7.

Like I've said all along; the tramp made her bed with Federline--she chose him, married him, let him him get her preggers. The guy didn't muscle her into getting married. This ho will have to shake a little change his way and that's what she gets for being a stupid cracker.

Let's just hope that the crab lice she caught from Hilton don't crawl onto those poor kids.

Britney Spears...a boil on the ass of American entertainment.

2857 days ago


#13....Your f***ing ignorant...THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN 2 F***ING YEARS THE GIRL HAS WENT OUT AND HAD A FUN TIME AND SOME BRITNEY TIME. IT DOESNT MAKE HER A BAD PARENT FOR GOING OUT FOR 1 F***ING NIGHT YOU MORON. I DONT CARE WHAT TYPE OF PARENT YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU ARE NOT BY ANY MEANS HOLY OR INNOCENT YOU PIECE OF TRASH (I DONT PERSONALLLY KNOW YOU BUT YOUR F***ING IGNORANT) AND SHOULDNT YOU BE WATCHING YOUR KIDS INSTEAD OF SITTING YOUR ASS IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER TYPING? People are so unbeleivably ignorant and just irrelevant. She cares for her children, its not like she is out snoring cocain and damaging her children. You along with everyone else need to grow the f*** up and realize you have NO RIGHT IN HELL to sit her and specualte about someone elses life (whihc you know NOTHING about, except what losers likeTMZ and other media bullsh*t sites post. Get minds of your own. Your all so ignorant....Its not even funny. THIS SH*T PISSES ME OFF I WANT TO....uggg burst.

1 F***ING NIGHT and you all are acting as it...and not to mention well nevermind you all are so f***ing moronic Icant stand you!

2857 days ago


Plus, I can just see her Mom telling her to go out and have some fun with her friends and let Grnadma baby-sit! Totally!~ Can't you just see that. Go out and make yourself happy Brit baby, grandma will watch the boys, you need to go out, make yourself feel pretty and have some fun!", That's what my mom would do. I do not think she would want me smoking with no pants on halfway through the night.... But then again, she is young and dumb :-) and Britney, through and through!

2857 days ago


I think everyone is being to hard on Britney. She is entitled to hang out w/her friends and partying it up. That does not make her a bad parent. For the last two years she has been a mother. Most of the time pregnant while her husband is out spending her money, and living it up as Mr. Britney Spears. She is allowed to have fun and enjoy her money too, since all she has been doing is sitting home and crying about her man. That does not make her an unfit mother. Regular people do this all the time.....we don't know, but maybe her mom wants grandma time and is watching her kids while she let's lose and enjoy her week of freedom. Give her a break, she finally stop taking his crap and kicked him to the curb. It is sad to know that this jerk is using his own flesh and blood to extort money from her. What a loser!! What I want to know is why he decided not to file for sole custody of his kids w/Shar Jackson? This tells me that his only agenda is MONEY, MONEY AND MORE MONEY! What a Loser!! What comes around, goes around.

2857 days ago


Since when are moms not allowed to party occasionally? And don't say she parties all the time--none of us knows her; we only know what we see in the tabloids. Sometimes I think even if she became a nun or a preacher's wife people would still find something to criticize. People should worry more about whether they are good people doing the right thing, not if some celebrity is.

2857 days ago

Flying with the Dog    

Wow...look how angry all of you people are. I can only hope Child Protective Services takes away all of your children, because you're a bunch of bitter, angry "parents" who probably beat your kids and act as if you've never made mistakes in your lives. We should all be as perfect as you...sitting in a dark room, unemployed, being "brave" in front of the computer and crucifying a dumb little 20 year old girl who lives a life you can only dream of.

2857 days ago

tmz is fat    

does anyone realize how much money britney has? she can afford a good babysitter.... i dont see whats the big deal about her having fun... the kids are asleep at that time anyways. if anything its a smart move to hang out with pairs.. shes alway in the gossip... what better way to get even more attention... thats what she wants... so that when her album comes out she makes even more money...

2857 days ago


Kevin needs to GROW UP! That hedonistic lifestyle he's having must stop! He seemed more into that lifestyle than those two kids he had with Britney. Britney has been with her kids and Kevin hasn't as much. He seemed more concerned about his concert dates and hyping his new album.

2857 days ago
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