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Seinfeld on "Kramer" Tirade: "I Am Sick"

11/20/2006 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Seinfeld and Michael RichardsThe jerk store called. They ran out of Michael Richards.

Just hours after TMZ exposed "Kramer's" vile and racially-charged diatribe at a Hollywood comedy club, the actor's former "Seinfeld" co-stars are weighing in.

In a statement released by Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian said, "I am sick over this. I'm sure Michael is also sick over this horrible, horrible mistake. It is so extremely offensive. I feel terrible for all the people who have been hurt."


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Puh der Baer    

Tell it like it is, Kramer. Tell it like it is.

2901 days ago


is there a hint of continued support for michael in this statement???

2901 days ago


Puh der Baer, you're an idiot just like "Kramer"

2901 days ago


Good for Jerry, Michael must be off his medication. That's just went too far. NO MATTER WHO STARTED IT!!!!!

2901 days ago



It's comedy, and besides that...maybe they were disrupting his act with their rudeness. They are just words....people attach crazy meanings to everything cod dang thing.

2901 days ago


So Cari, Seinfeld should turn his back on a friend of 30 years? I'm sure you're perfect and have never made any mistake, right? Shut the fu&k up and leave Seinfeld out of this ,PC moron.

2901 days ago


I wonder how he feels about jews? Jerry included.

2901 days ago


Let the spin control begin. I'm sure the obligatory rehab will follow.

2901 days ago

Tawny Canales    

Everyone has to be 'politically correct' and 'say the right thing'..who really cares! Perhaps the hecklers pushed HIS buttons and he reacted emotionally - I am so sick of having to defend any actions that blacks find offensive..but yet having to tolerate TONS of offensive behavior. It's everywhere. I had someone call me a racist because I aked them to give me a definition to a word they used!

2901 days ago


To Jerry Seinfeld: Jerry, I am sorry but Michael Richards tirade was not just a "mistake" as you say, but a sickness that goes right to the core of a person. It is racism and all about hate, and those people rarely change, no matter what they say afterward to try to cover it up. I hope he knows the seriousness of what he said. Hate is hate.

2901 days ago


Clearly, Cosmo Kramer was misquoted.
Btw, what dumbass PAYS to get into a comedy club and THEN harasses the performer??

2901 days ago


"I'm sure Michael is also sick over this horrible, horrible mistake."

Why do fellow celebs feel that they need to explain the actions of their peers when they're only being asked to voice their own opinions? Seinfeld should not attempt to speak for Michael; that's Michael's responsibility, anyway. I suspect the only reason that Michael would be so "sick" over his "mistake" is the career damage this incident has caused. I'm truly shocked and sickened by that video clip. How can anyone even TRY to justify that hateful rant? I don't know what the heckler said (it's not heard in the clip prior to MR's rant). It may have been inappropriate as well but Michael's response was over the top. It was not a humorous deflection; it was an aggressive attack. Two wrongs don't make a right.

2901 days ago


Wow Lilly such an intelligent statement. Really helps your cause. Kind of makes you look pathetic in the process. At least someone apologizing for these unacceptable remarks. Good for Jerry. Michael Richard just wrote his own ending.

2901 days ago


You know, I for one get pretty tired of ethnic groups saying what they want about others but crying foul when the same thing happens to them. A case in point -

I recently read Oppenheimer's shallow book on the Hiltons, in which he accuses them of being money-hungry and bashes them for being Catholic and wearing crosses. But I suppose Oppenheimer, the Jew, had no ulterior motives in writing his book.Right? You don't suppose he meant to make money off the Hilton name,do you????

The funniest part in the book is when he accuses Paris of being racist and anti-Jewish,just because bigmouth Brandon Davis once said so when - he tried to get back at her for dumping him. LOL.

Brandon doesn't care what he says. Gimme a break.!

Paris is 25 and interested in nice clothes, cute guys,and making money. Her publicist is the courtly Elliott Mintz, her friends in the business all have different ethnic back grounds. I don't believe for one minute that she knows or even cares about the intricacies of anyone's heritage.

My point is, everyone shut the fuck up already about white people supposedly insulting other groups. There are plenty of insults and prejudices coming from members of ethnic groups themselves.

2901 days ago

coco puff    

Screw these racist Jews. This asshole Mike should of got his ass beat and would have if not for security. He looked like a pussy ass white boy up there and had to run away like the bitch he is. Some homeys gonna give him a beat down!

2901 days ago
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