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Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

11/20/2006 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry SeinfeldWith pal Jerry Seinfeld already Letterman's scheduled guest on Monday's "The Late Show," Michael Richards appeared via satellite to apologize for the shocking incident at the Laugh Factory on Friday night. TMZ obtained the horrifying video of Richards in a bigoted tirade against a heckler.

According to a source, Richards was close to tears during the apology.

Our cameras caught Seinfeld leaving the Ed Sullivan Theatre after taping his Letterman appearance. He told us, "It's all on the show tonight."

Seinfeld's reps confirmed to TMZ that "Michael appeared via satellite and apologized."


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Heather Dawn    

Cleo? Please don't speak for anyone but yourself. If you have issues with race, leave the rest of us out of it. Being African American or Caucasian, I wouldn't want you on either side. You appear to be a bit moronic, in which case no race wins.

2859 days ago

Bruce Clark    

I am a 51 year old caucasion male and have the peace of knowing that I would have been one of the first ones to walk out during this so-called "stand-up" routine.
Why do I know this? As a Bible believing pastor of a small, but diverse, church in the town in which I live, I was offended watching the tape and I know that God was greived while listening.
I do have one question to ask because my church family and my immediate family have been struggling with a problem.
If this was Bill Maher making jokes about "Jesus being an imaginary friend," and saying that "adults should leave their little imaginary friends to the children," would anybody have walked out?
Even high profile politicains and celebrities get away with mocking Christians without any fear of recourse.
One more question. If this "comedian" Michael Richards went on a rampage about born again believers, would this heckler have my back covered as I would have covered his?
Richards should be banned from ever working that club again. If that was done, word would get around, nobody would want to be the "club that let the racist perform," and Richards would be hit where it hurts the most - in his wallet.

2859 days ago


The damage is done!!!!

So whatever!

Why are so many people surprised???

Racism still exists.


2859 days ago


I know there are many different opinions, and others who will definitely disagree with me, but I just have to add in my thoughts.

This is really shocking in my opinion (as well as many others), but Richards wasn't the only one at fault. The two african amercians who interrupted him should have known better in the first place. Second, I know that he wanted to get back at them for interrupting him, but this was not the way to go, because:

1. The "N" word is an offensive word to many, (even some whites, so don't even try to make it seem like a black thing).

2. Even if there wasn't a video of this, do you understand a little thing called paparazzi and news reporters? They'll get anything they can, especially if someone messes up like this.

So, yes, Richards wasn't right in saying that, but that doesn't mean the black people who triggered this outburst should walk away with no blame on their part.

And then there's the "if they were white and a black guy said something...." blah blah blah.

First of all, I'm black as well, but I don't think like this. Racism is racism, regardless of what race it is. Racism is just made to seem like it's mostly toward black people, which is probably why people get so "riled up" when someone says something like this. There are many people (like me) who think, that regardless of who is being racist against who, that any kind of racism towards anyone because of something as superficial as their race is stupid. Period. I have white friends myself, and if one of them had been the target of a racial slur, I would have reacted the same way. It's uncalled for. Our race shows our personality, and where we come from.

That's just my two cents, and I'm sure somebody out here is going to find a way to completely rule out my opinion....

2859 days ago


As a white american I am embarrased that some of us still have such hatred and fear in our hearts. It only took a comment from the audience for this so called professional actor to show his true colors. He really set the club up for a racial brawl. What is sad is that many of us still feel that way and can not see that it is really because we hate oursevles for the evil that we have done to African Americans, Native Americans and anyone else who we see as a threat. I for one am ashamed by his comments. I apologize for him because it makes us all look like bad!

2859 days ago


Any white person who uses that word should be ashamed of themselves! Kramer is a disgusting racist pig. I would also like to say that any black person who uses the word in any form is a disgrace to their entire community, and the people who fought so hard for their rights. In particular, I am speaking to you, hip hop rappers, comedians and movie stars. No, it's not okay. Would Martin Luther King and Malcom X want you to say the word? THINK ABOUT IT! Think about the people who fought for your rights. White people and black people, just don't use the word, period.

2859 days ago


You've got to be kidding; does any caucasian person in American think they can call an African American the n word and get away with it? His career is over forever. BTW, ANYONE'S career is over if they chose to publicly try the same thing. If you are prejudice, keep it to yourself. In America in 2006 and beyond, this dog won't fly anymore.

2859 days ago

Pam Anderson    

#60: Cheryl, did it take you a long time or a really long time to come up with that little zinger?

2859 days ago


#44, Harrell, who are you talking too? and why are you being so threatening? People have a right to their opinion and should not have their life at risk for speaking it. You are the HATER, by saying "......It will be your last day or night" You sound like a little angry boy who needs to grow up. What are you going to run around trying to kill everyone who has an opinion that runs contrary to yours? This is a public forum where people can speak freely. If you do not like our constitutional right of Freedom Of Speech, than get out of the USA! I respect each and every persons right to speak whether I agree with it or not. I am what you call and AMERICAN! Get over yourself dude!

2859 days ago



You said:

"...The two african amercians who interrupted him should have known better in the first place..."

But regardless, two wrongs don't make a right.

2859 days ago


We can only hope that in a few days, the Drudge right wing racist crowd who have invaded this site will slowly disappear and we can return to the audience who normally consumes celebrity gossip... A plea to all the bigots new to TMZ: go back to FreeRepublic, turn Michael Savage back on, return to Drudge, turn Fox News back on and get the hell out of here.

2859 days ago


All white people are racist any way and all of these posts just prove it. It's true they know it and so do we. We should not be surprised when a white person shows their true color. It is in their blood they are all RACISTS!!!! You better believe it too no white person is un-racist. And yes, I do like fried chicken.

2859 days ago


What the hecklers said to Mr. Richards to invoke such a response is a moot point. If you want to be a stand up comic, hecklers are part of the territory. Deal with it. Comedians are expected to respond to hecklers - that's a given. Conedians being offensive isn't the problem, we expect comics to be irreverant and offensive, while at the same time being funny. That's their job. But what he did was so far beyond offensive. I heard a comedian say today that people can't heckle you if they're laughing. So clearly, he wasn't funny either.

It's been said that there is a grain of truth in everything we say. That said, Mr. Richards is behaved like a racist. He's not a stand up comic - or not a very good one anyway. He's an actor who's done improv and comedic ACTING. And, by the way, when was the last time you actually saw him acting in anything other than Seinfeld lately? Evidently, stand up isn't his strong suit and his ego couldn't handle being heckled, thus his racist tirade. He should just go back to the small screen or live off his residuals, but if he can't take the heat stay off the stage and let the real stand up comedians handle the funny.

2859 days ago


From my experience, the bottom line is:

As much as something hurts you, you have to take that shit with a grain of salt and move on...and just pray for those individuals.

There will ALWAYS be prejudice, biggotry, and racism....but you know what? We can't prevent that. The best answer is to ignore them...and don't contribute attention or sales to their worth.

And please don't associate an entire race or population with the actions of an individual.

We are all born out of a twat...we all breathe, eat, and shit just the same. We all have the same feelings...we all laugh, cry, and love. So why would someone allow skin pigmentation get in between us???

While I'm not going for the Miss America pagaent...LOL...I'm simply voicing my own inspirational stuff towards ya.

2859 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Racism is just dumb people's way of feeling better about themselves. Whites hate latinos and blacks, mexicans hate puerto ricans, 'real' Americans (lol) hate immigrants, catholics hate jews, Israel hates Palestine and the silly imaginary hierachy goes on. I have a novel idea, lets just hate people for who they are on the inside, how does that sound?

2859 days ago
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