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Britney Divorce Gets Really Ugly

11/21/2006 9:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's Evolution: Click to launch galleryWe ain't seen nuthin' yet in the divorce battle between Britney and K-Fed. Sources say that K-Fed's strategy is simple – make Britney's life such a hassle it will be a bargain to pay him to permanently exit her life.

We're told he's given his lawyer the green light to turn the courthouse into a revolving door, with the endgame making it difficult for Britney to stage a comeback while the custody fight lingers. Britney can afford the expense, but it may not be worth the hassle, though she will never give up custody and she's already resigned herself to the fact that he'll be incidental in lives of their two kids.

There is, however, a glimmer of civility. TMZ has learned that Britney is flying into L.A. today for the American Music Awards, and she is working out a plan so that K-Fed can see the kids. We're told he's missing them. Baby steps.

Reese Witherspoon: Click to LaunchReese Finds Celeb Shoulders to Cry on

A downtrodden Reese Witherspoon turned to some big Hollywood shoulders, Renee Zellweger and Bruce Willis, for some solace last Friday night. A TMZ spy spotted Reese dining – or, rather, stabbing disaffectedly at a salad – at Wolfgang Puck's latest celebriteria CUT in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

Reese looked groggy and sad, says our eyes on the scene, and Renee patted her on the shoulders and consoled her, while trying to keep things as uplifting as possible. Then, Bruce ditched his dinner companions to come over and talk to the two southern belles for about 45 minutes. Even Wolfgang himself got in on the lovefest, sauntering over to gladhand the trio. Curiously, after the meal, Renee took the chance to catwalk her way through the middle of the restaurant with hips in full swing, and left, as our cameras observed, with Willis.

Pamela Anderson photo gallery: Click to launchPam to Mom-in-Law: No Fur for You!

Pamela Anderson is furious that her mother-in-law wore fur to her July 29 wedding to Kid Rock. "Pam knew it was a slap in the face," says a source to Star magazine (via MSNBC), given Anderson's extensive work with PETA and other animal-rights organizations. (Of course, no one explained why Mrs. Kid Rock's Mom was wearing fur in the middle of the summer.) But what might really be concerning the erstwhile "Baywatch" babe is that her pet Chihuahua Luca is missing. The pooch was last spotted with Anderson's parents on a private beach in Vancouver, but, says Anderson, the dog has been "on medication" and may not "be himself."

Donald Trump: click to launchParty Favors: Trump Gets His Own Song ... Sacha Makes Honest Jew of Isla ... Mary McCormack Preggers With Second Child

Donald Trump has memorialized himself in just about every way imaginable – water bottles, buildings, shirts, you name it. But now, rocker Bruce Hornsby has provided the ultimate, um, tribute – a song about the straw-haired mogul. Hornsby's tune elegizes the Donald with such lyrics as, "You know who I am, I'm Don Trump ... let's all pay homage to me" ... Sacha "Borat" Baron Cohen will tie the knot with galpal Isla Fisher (the crazy girl in "Wedding Crashers") – now that she's converted to Judaism. She has studied Hebrew and learned to cook traditional recipes, says Us Weekly (via Ben Widdicombe) ... E! Online's Mark Malkin reports that former "West Wing" star Mary McCormack is pregnant with her second child. McCormack and husband Michael Morris already have two-year-old daughter together.

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2830 days ago


Britney made a mistake, who hasn't in their life... she was young,naive and was infatuated with the though of being inlove and the sex. She didn't think about his lack of morals, his lack of success etc..He should be embrassed for the way he dresses and even more embrassed that he though he could be the next Eminem. He should just stick with dancing and delivering pizza. As for Britney parting up in LA, let her be, gosh, she's going through a hard time in her life right now. Britney is finally opening her eyes to the biggest mistake she has ever made. all her hopes and dream for her marriage was shattered,once she saw ex k-fed true colors.. You people make it seem like she left her sons home alone with no what if someone choose to have 6 kids and decide to not go out and have fun,that does make her a good just makes her a lazy bitch that rather be a baby making machine to use as an excuse not to work and depend on a man.....Britney and Kevin is not to smart. Britney got lucky in the entertaiment industry, she is NOT the greatest singer. Kevin felt he could be so lucky, marrying Britney who is already a star, but it was a slap in his face to realize noone likes him or his lame sad "rap" if you want to call it RAP! He has no TALENT! After Kevin blows all his $ he gets from the divorce(which he will) he will be back in loser Shar Jackson arms delivering pizza as a struggling backup dancer. Both Kevin and Shar have no TALENT and envy Britney's success. Shar Jackson is defending Kevin, if she was soooooooo hurt by him leaving her pregnant ass,then why is she justifying his lact of morals???? Shar has 4 kids, never been married, 2 different baby dads...a classic stupid girl. Ofcouse Shar is jealous, no doubt! She has no values or morals herself, by defending Kevin's action towards her and Britney shows she is just as classless as Kevin,Britney,Paris Hilton as well other Hollywood celebrites...Britney i hope you are wearing an Egyptian chain or something to protect you from those with the evil black eyes....starting with Shar Jackson lol

2830 days ago


I don't know about that. I mean, K-Fed thought he was going to have this crazy new hot VERY WEALTHY celebrity lifestyle and, instead, spent two years with Britney pregnant. Britney admitted that having the babies right away was her idea and that she insisted. I think that she did it thinking it would eliminate the pull/hold that Char J. had over K-Fed. I believe they would still be - what they classify as HAPPY - had it not been for those two back-to-back pregnancies. Heck, he was already in the middle of baby-number TWO with Char J. and I think this guy thought he was going to have a very different life with Britney than he did. I think that part of Britneys lure was that he was NOT ready to settle into full-time family man with Char J. So, somehow Britney just expected him to automatically fall into it with her? I mean picture it, "Okay, K-Fed - you have now gone from an average income of $24K annually to having $100 Million at your disposal. Sooo, stay home and play house full time. She met him hanging out in a club while Char was at home pregnant and raising their other little girl. For Britney to think that someone it would be different with her somehow was arrogance. HOWEVER, I WILL AGREE WITH THE POST ABOVE - AND ADMIT THAT YOUTH DOES AFFORD US SOME REALLY, REALLY STUPID AND DELUSIONAL CHOICES. I CAN'T EXACT THROW STONES - HERE. MADE A FEW WHOPPERS IN MY PAST - MYSELF.

2830 days ago


Brit damn girl I wish you had listened to um just about everyone when we were all chanting Kevin is a mooch nothing but a broke azz punk! Yea k-fed you wanna be rapper and all around crappy father you know the one with the most fame and money is gonna win and since your bum azz got nuttin you will be leavin with nuttin!!!! Take a hike. Any way back to Brit... Keep your chin up keep your wallet closed and air all his dirty laundry. Show the world what we already know... expose his bum azz for the fool he his! The world knows Kevin is a joke and yes we are all LAUGHING.

2830 days ago


We are all entitled to our mistakes, just get rid of him, move on. Be the best mother you can for you children, not just with money, make sure they can share everything with you.... That is what life is about.....

2830 days ago


Wasn't the whole point of the article in the first place talking about how K-Fed was: "going to make Britney's life such a hassle it will be a bargain to pay him to permanently exit her life. "????

Regardless of her parenting skills, his "so-called" rap lack of career, whether she was dumb or he was a loser or whatever else people on here want to gripe about.... the simple fact is, he's wanting to play dirty because his golden ticket got punched. No more being a husband and living the bachelor life... no more customized Ferrari's... no more unlimited supplies of "wife beater" tanks and man-pri's. He's no better than the "trophy wives" out there that marry rich old men (Anna Nicole) and feel that they deserve 1/2 of everything they married into. Bring something of substance to the table, marry out of love and anything you get beyond the Pre-Nup is just icing!!!

K-Fed really should have had something to fall back on - I doubt his back-up dancing skills are good enough to afford him the lifestyle he has become so accustomed too.

2830 days ago


I used to listen to Brittney when I was younger in middle school. I used to think she was so beautiful and a really good entertainer I even went to some of her concerts! Now i'm nineteen and I look at her and know that drinking, smoking, and partying make you look like a really old ugly HAG!!! I guess I can look up to her now and know what not to do.....

2830 days ago


Great this new stupid thing Britney did will be looked as "cute" now. What she did was low down, and childish. She KNEW she didn't like the worthless ass boy from the start...but now they procreated (why I don't know) and are now about to ruin NOT 1 but 2 childrens lives? All because she wanted to get pregnant? or get attention? or away from her looney mother? what the fu__? Nice going...what an ugly attitude she has, no wonder the press whips her ass. lol

2830 days ago


I think that K-Fed is to much of a sociopath to be able to have done anything but run through her money as much and as fast as he can. However, Britney chased him. Britney proposed to him. Britney said she pushed to have the babies right away - despite the fact that he didn't think he wanted any more children for some time to come. Maya Angelou said, "When someone tells you who they are - believe them." K-Fed told (showed) Britney who he was and she refused to believe him. BTW, according to their prenup: K-Fed will walk away with at least 5+Million dollars from the sell of their $13Million (market price) home and he will be given at least another half Million the first year after the divorce - for spousal support - as per prenup AND he will get to keep all the spoils of their marriage . . . including $300K watches and his cars and such. So, even if he gets nothing else - still a pretty HUGE payday for 2-years of partying. Wow!

2830 days ago


I cant think of a bigger loser than Paris than maybe...B

2830 days ago


#7 You said it best! #12 When you say greedy, self-centered, and desperate person - you ARE referring to Britney right? Maybe not desperate for cash, but definitely for the spotlight. Self-centered is an understatement when talking about her.

And #13, you said it great too! But Larry Rudolph isn't the one who should be having a sit down with Britney. I've met him one too many times and he loves to party just like her. He's great friends with George Maloof, the owner of the Palms. So actually, I think he'll be encouraging her to come party in Vegas, especially at the sleazy Palms hotel.

She has no talent, no brains, and no good entourage.

2830 days ago


I understand people have their issues with Ms. Spears but one of the comments made here was uncalled for. This does not have anything to do with her mother her father his mother his father stop the nasty personal attacks. She made her bed.

2830 days ago


What in the hell are these people thinking about?
Till death do us part... or till we loose our minds...
or until I can milk the relationship for whatever...
or I'm tired of it all (after a very short time)... or
or... or... for God's sake get lives!!!

2830 days ago


Brittney and kevin?? I don't think either one of them are parent material.. What kind of mother leaves her little children to go and party big time with people.. Girlfriend get some class... Why is it always the children that have to suffer because their parents are immature... I think their kids should just go and live with another family.. One that will be there for them...

2830 days ago


Britney, don't let anyone take from you that which you have earned. Use Ophra for a mintor. You are a beautiful, talented, caring, loving person. You have not been without sin...nor has anyone else on this blog...Kept Christ in your and your children's lives and he will continue to bless you. Keep smiling thru the tears.Deb

2830 days ago
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