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Britney Divorce Gets Really Ugly

11/21/2006 9:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's Evolution: Click to launch galleryWe ain't seen nuthin' yet in the divorce battle between Britney and K-Fed. Sources say that K-Fed's strategy is simple – make Britney's life such a hassle it will be a bargain to pay him to permanently exit her life.

We're told he's given his lawyer the green light to turn the courthouse into a revolving door, with the endgame making it difficult for Britney to stage a comeback while the custody fight lingers. Britney can afford the expense, but it may not be worth the hassle, though she will never give up custody and she's already resigned herself to the fact that he'll be incidental in lives of their two kids.

There is, however, a glimmer of civility. TMZ has learned that Britney is flying into L.A. today for the American Music Awards, and she is working out a plan so that K-Fed can see the kids. We're told he's missing them. Baby steps.

Reese Witherspoon: Click to LaunchReese Finds Celeb Shoulders to Cry on

A downtrodden Reese Witherspoon turned to some big Hollywood shoulders, Renee Zellweger and Bruce Willis, for some solace last Friday night. A TMZ spy spotted Reese dining – or, rather, stabbing disaffectedly at a salad – at Wolfgang Puck's latest celebriteria CUT in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

Reese looked groggy and sad, says our eyes on the scene, and Renee patted her on the shoulders and consoled her, while trying to keep things as uplifting as possible. Then, Bruce ditched his dinner companions to come over and talk to the two southern belles for about 45 minutes. Even Wolfgang himself got in on the lovefest, sauntering over to gladhand the trio. Curiously, after the meal, Renee took the chance to catwalk her way through the middle of the restaurant with hips in full swing, and left, as our cameras observed, with Willis.

Pamela Anderson photo gallery: Click to launchPam to Mom-in-Law: No Fur for You!

Pamela Anderson is furious that her mother-in-law wore fur to her July 29 wedding to Kid Rock. "Pam knew it was a slap in the face," says a source to Star magazine (via MSNBC), given Anderson's extensive work with PETA and other animal-rights organizations. (Of course, no one explained why Mrs. Kid Rock's Mom was wearing fur in the middle of the summer.) But what might really be concerning the erstwhile "Baywatch" babe is that her pet Chihuahua Luca is missing. The pooch was last spotted with Anderson's parents on a private beach in Vancouver, but, says Anderson, the dog has been "on medication" and may not "be himself."

Donald Trump: click to launchParty Favors: Trump Gets His Own Song ... Sacha Makes Honest Jew of Isla ... Mary McCormack Preggers With Second Child

Donald Trump has memorialized himself in just about every way imaginable – water bottles, buildings, shirts, you name it. But now, rocker Bruce Hornsby has provided the ultimate, um, tribute – a song about the straw-haired mogul. Hornsby's tune elegizes the Donald with such lyrics as, "You know who I am, I'm Don Trump ... let's all pay homage to me" ... Sacha "Borat" Baron Cohen will tie the knot with galpal Isla Fisher (the crazy girl in "Wedding Crashers") – now that she's converted to Judaism. She has studied Hebrew and learned to cook traditional recipes, says Us Weekly (via Ben Widdicombe) ... E! Online's Mark Malkin reports that former "West Wing" star Mary McCormack is pregnant with her second child. McCormack and husband Michael Morris already have two-year-old daughter together.

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No Avatar


If you are reading this Kevin Federline (that is, if you can read), I think you are a slimy piece of trash. You are just trying to get back at Britney for opening her eyes. Once she saw that she couldn't trust you (she should have saw that from the beginning), she Fed-Ex'd your ass right out the door and now you live in a cramped little apartment trying to figure out your next move. Do you HONESTLY THINK that a judge would give you custody of those two little boys when you walked away from the first two? I even think you are mad because promoters had to give the tickets away for your sorry concerts that they couldn't sell. I pray that your sleeping brain cells kick into hard drive because you are just sitting around deluding yourself about this entire divorce thing. You should just tuck your tail between your legs and leave well enough alone.

2891 days ago


The comment from Nellie that Fed isn't a bad man made me choke. Have you READ any of the stuff about him? How much time has he spent with those kids he says he loves? He's out partying all the time. He said he partied to take his mind off missing the kids? Oh, please. This guy is a pure ass, who played Brit, and now wants to get money from her. Yes, this is a real man, a real nice guy.

2891 days ago


The comment from Nellie that Fed isn't a bad man made me choke. Have you READ any of the stuff about him? How much time has he spent with those kids he says he loves? He's out partying all the time. He said he partied to take his mind off missing the kids? Oh, please. This guy is a pure ass, who played Brit, and now wants to get money from her. Yes, this is a real man, a real nice guy.

2891 days ago


I've never liked Britney and she just proved what an idiot she is when she married that loser.

But, where are the LA authorities when it's so blatently and publicly obvious that she's being extorted. Saying I'll sell our sex tape unless you give me X millions of dollars is flat out black mail... which happens to be ILLEGAL.

2891 days ago

ALFIE L.    


2891 days ago

Toby R    

I only hope the Children will be OK, Britt, please make sure whatever you do, you raise your Children properly.

2891 days ago


Who really cares? Seriously is this all we have to discuss nowdays? Forget the fact that Americans are dying from war, poverty, disease, and the likes.....lets spend hours discussing the fact that Brittney is divorcing. Seriously folks if more of us put out there in the world some concern for the real problems we face maybe our society wouldnt be so horribly disinegrated. Let's wake up and take a look at ourselves and figure out why all we care about is celebrity baby mama drama, and why not do some thinking about how we can make our world a little better? This is disgusting.

2891 days ago



2891 days ago


look people do make mistakes, and maybe this was one for Britt, butt yall dont have to bash her like that, it does take two.Oh and dont forget so called k-fed cant even get a gig let alone an album, did he do good on the cop show ? Darn i must have missed that one .Oh another thing why should she give him any money ? Is he not suppose to be the mannnnnnn.Dammmmm did i say that?

2891 days ago


What was Britany thinking? She took the slug away from a woman with two babies in the first place, Karma, Britany, Karma.

2891 days ago


I don't think anyone should judge Brittany's ability to be a good parent because she went out and had fun. That is what is wrong with this world today. If everyone focused on the starving, abused and homeless children in the United States who doesn't have parents who really care, we might have a brighter future.

2891 days ago


i cannot help, but laugh.

britney - "Be as careful of the books you read, as of the company you keep, for your habits and character will be as much influenced by the former as the latter." - Paxton Hood

k-fed - "Don't measure your wealth by how much money you have. Measure your wealth by how many things you have that you wouldn't take money for." - Myrlie Evers Williams.

you both have some serious thinking to do...

those kids deserve better than a father that cares more about fistful of greenbacks than teaching them to ride a bike... they deserve better than a father that would willingly flush a future with his children down the proverbial sh*tter if the profit margin looked high enough. it's disgusting.

those kids deserve better than a mother that who, not even 2 months after giving birth, would prefer to spend her spare time drinking liberally while simultaneously rubbing her snatch all over anything that will stand still than with her kids! in the middle of a custody battle, no less! hear the applause now, britney?

putting it nicely... i'd say you two are about as sharp as the edge of friggen town. wake up. you got kids.

2891 days ago


I've been with a loser and had three kids by him and trust me, it's hard to get out or figure how to get out or figure out if you're doing the right thing. Despite what people tell you and how they judge you, you have all these thoughts running through your head and they don't really know or understand your situation. It took me 10 years to finally put my foot down and say enough is enough and to realize how much time I wasted with the loser. Now, I have full custody of my kids, their dad is still a loser, and I support them. It was hard at first, mostly because of how people talk and gossip and the lies that spread around, also mostly from haters. Now, I stand my ground, and now people know who I am and they respect me. I am finally in a happy place with my three kids and dating a much younger man who does everything for them, unlike their father. Losers' have all the right words, the right motives and they always seem to have a way to threaten you and beat you down. They know how to use you and manipulate you to where you feel helpless despite your situation. Despite the fact that I envy Britney and her money, I wish her luck and would like to tell her to keep her head up and stand her ground. I would also like to tell her that scum can be removed if you use the right formula. Good luck Britney, I say that from myself as a mentally and physically abused woman who found the right path and the right man and who is free and clear headed now! All it takes is time and the right state of mind!

2891 days ago


Ok, so I don't agree with K-ASS cheating on his ex w/ Britney, and who knows what kind of "BULL" he was feeding Britney just to pacify her into doing things his way...BUT there is no reason to come down on her so are all being so judgemental. Why don't you all stop with your "better than thou" attitudes, look at your own choices in life, and leave Britney alone. I bet everyone that has commented has made a bad/wrong choice that has blown up in their face at one point or another in their life. (and i don't exclude myself fromt that last sentence) "SH*T" happens. And yes what goes around does come around, but everyone seems to know that and it doesn't stop people from making the decisions they make. Just let her be, let her figure it out and stop being so critical. Know one knows why things happen in life, they just do, its part of it. And every person has to find their own rythm to being a parent. Britney has hers. I mean GEEZ....they're just babies, at least wait till they grow up and see if they turn out to be "F*CK UPS" and then criticize, in the meantime, you should all stop giving her "mommy" advise. Every mother and child and circumstance are different. You know, there are true bad people in the world we could be criticizing and judging other than Britney Spears. Give her a break, she's going through a rough time. Keep your head up Britney. And don't let ANYONE bring you down. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Have a great everyone!!!


2891 days ago


Britney, if you want to be taken seriously, first, clean up your act. We have all seen enough of that white hat now. Secondly, quit chewing gum like a cow. You are a mature woman now and the mother and father of two beautiful babies. Always put your babies first. Third, there is no reason why you have to hang out with Paris and her group of cheap sluts. Do not get a reputation of being a slut like Paris and Lindsey. Remember, motherhood first. Fourth, no more picture of you without your pants off..

That being said, I have no idea what you saw in that looser. But I too married someone my mother did not approve of. Even the priest told me not to marry him, but I thought I knew better. We were married 4 weeks and I threw his ass out. I was 23 at the time. So you see Britney, Mom's do know best. And take it from me, I lost my Mom last year and what I would not do to have her back. Love your Mother with everything you have. No more telling her Fuck You Momma. You never know when she might not be around any longer.

Regarding the Looser, did not fold to his demands. Let him drag this thing out. He will wind up the looser, not you. Just go on taking care of your boys, do your album, and show the looser who has the talent.

Stick to your guns, don't give him anything he is not entitled to. I guarantee you he will meet some rich bimbo and want to marry her and then come beggin you for a divorce. STAY STRONG AND STICK TO YOUR GUNS. Let him stay the looser he is. If you give into him anymore, he is the winner and you yet again lost.

Send him ass packing with what he had before he met you, NOTHING. Look what happened when Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman. She went on to win an Academy Award, something Tom has never done.

Take pride in yourself. Do not stoop to his pond scum maggot level.

Remember, You Are Britney Spears. That meant something before you hooked up with the looser. And Britney, no more tongue kissing Madonna. Remember you are a Mother, you have to set a good example for your boys, because you are going to be the only good example in their lives.

Listen to your Mother, manager, and anyone else who you will take good advice from. Just keep telling yourself, I am Britney Spears, I am Beautiful, No One is ever going to bring me down to trash level again. I'm A STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2890 days ago
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