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Britney Divorce Gets Really Ugly

11/21/2006 9:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's Evolution: Click to launch galleryWe ain't seen nuthin' yet in the divorce battle between Britney and K-Fed. Sources say that K-Fed's strategy is simple – make Britney's life such a hassle it will be a bargain to pay him to permanently exit her life.

We're told he's given his lawyer the green light to turn the courthouse into a revolving door, with the endgame making it difficult for Britney to stage a comeback while the custody fight lingers. Britney can afford the expense, but it may not be worth the hassle, though she will never give up custody and she's already resigned herself to the fact that he'll be incidental in lives of their two kids.

There is, however, a glimmer of civility. TMZ has learned that Britney is flying into L.A. today for the American Music Awards, and she is working out a plan so that K-Fed can see the kids. We're told he's missing them. Baby steps.

Reese Witherspoon: Click to LaunchReese Finds Celeb Shoulders to Cry on

A downtrodden Reese Witherspoon turned to some big Hollywood shoulders, Renee Zellweger and Bruce Willis, for some solace last Friday night. A TMZ spy spotted Reese dining – or, rather, stabbing disaffectedly at a salad – at Wolfgang Puck's latest celebriteria CUT in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

Reese looked groggy and sad, says our eyes on the scene, and Renee patted her on the shoulders and consoled her, while trying to keep things as uplifting as possible. Then, Bruce ditched his dinner companions to come over and talk to the two southern belles for about 45 minutes. Even Wolfgang himself got in on the lovefest, sauntering over to gladhand the trio. Curiously, after the meal, Renee took the chance to catwalk her way through the middle of the restaurant with hips in full swing, and left, as our cameras observed, with Willis.

Pamela Anderson photo gallery: Click to launchPam to Mom-in-Law: No Fur for You!

Pamela Anderson is furious that her mother-in-law wore fur to her July 29 wedding to Kid Rock. "Pam knew it was a slap in the face," says a source to Star magazine (via MSNBC), given Anderson's extensive work with PETA and other animal-rights organizations. (Of course, no one explained why Mrs. Kid Rock's Mom was wearing fur in the middle of the summer.) But what might really be concerning the erstwhile "Baywatch" babe is that her pet Chihuahua Luca is missing. The pooch was last spotted with Anderson's parents on a private beach in Vancouver, but, says Anderson, the dog has been "on medication" and may not "be himself."

Donald Trump: click to launchParty Favors: Trump Gets His Own Song ... Sacha Makes Honest Jew of Isla ... Mary McCormack Preggers With Second Child

Donald Trump has memorialized himself in just about every way imaginable – water bottles, buildings, shirts, you name it. But now, rocker Bruce Hornsby has provided the ultimate, um, tribute – a song about the straw-haired mogul. Hornsby's tune elegizes the Donald with such lyrics as, "You know who I am, I'm Don Trump ... let's all pay homage to me" ... Sacha "Borat" Baron Cohen will tie the knot with galpal Isla Fisher (the crazy girl in "Wedding Crashers") – now that she's converted to Judaism. She has studied Hebrew and learned to cook traditional recipes, says Us Weekly (via Ben Widdicombe) ... E! Online's Mark Malkin reports that former "West Wing" star Mary McCormack is pregnant with her second child. McCormack and husband Michael Morris already have two-year-old daughter together.

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No Avatar


I just hope Brit starts saving her money after she pays off Fed-ex. It might be harder for her to regain her pop crown than she thinks. She should spring a few bucks for a stylist tho.

2788 days ago


I think everyone knows what K-Funk was up to from the beginning. He moved from one celeb to another one with money. There is no reason why Britney should be surprised, the media predicted it. I think that too many celeb's jump into relationships and have the nerve to bring children in to. Personally I think custody should be given to Britney's parents, because Brit is obviously too overwhelmed being a mother and K-Funk's parents should be jailed just for raising a child like him. Hopefully one day they will both realize that children are one of those precious things and unless them to grow up and write a book titled, "Life As Brit & Fed's Seed", they need to both get their acts together!

2788 days ago


First off, Brittany is just being typical LOUSY ANNA TRAILOR TRASH. I am ashamed to be from there, it seems that all these young girls, hook up with some meth head, crack head, or just some plain ole' shit head and have umpteen babies, then divorce. Way to go Brittany you are typical of Louisiana.

BTW, who cares about them. She's so over anyway. Comeback my ass..

2788 days ago


Are all you people crazy!! Who cares about Britney & Kevin. Do u think they are going to read this and take your advice? I say to all get a life and stay out of theirs!

2788 days ago


She may be a fool but K-Fed is such a no talent leech. Stop using hers and grow a pair of your own. Several million isn't enough for ya? Well better get all you can because the people who hated you before see you as even more of a whining, gutless, no talent POS. Couldn't keep her, can't support yourself and can't share custody of the cojones she has and you never did.

Fade F-head.

2788 days ago


tsk tsk tsk. so wutz on t.v.?

2788 days ago

knows how it is    

oh please people!!! when did it make you a bad mother to go out and release a lil steam every now and then? i mean brit is young which i am sure at one time you people were young too and went out and did your partying like everyone else. it does not make you a bad mother to get a babysitter and go out and have a good time... hold your head high BRIT!!! you are better off without that looser... its his loss... and i say don't pay him off.. he is not worth what he has already taken from you.. let him rot in a ditch where he belongs

2788 days ago


what are you thinking britney?????? You made the choice to have sex and to who you had sex with. Time for a life change. Just because you are now in the divorce stage doesn't mean that it's party time. K-fed is going to fight you to the nail for all he can get. You need to wise up and look at the fuel you are giving him. keep your damn panties on!!!! Start dressing like a mother. You can still look hot without your boobs hanging and flopping out of your dresses. be respectful to yourself. focus on your kids. don't let the media and papers get to you. people are drawn to things that bring news and gossip. Calm down and slow down. step out of the light, so when you do come back you SHINE!!!

2788 days ago


KFed and Britney,

This time is not good for either of you and I'm sending some peace, joy, and love your way.

2788 days ago


I feel badly for Pam

The white-trash motherinlaw had to wear the white-trash fur to stick it to her

2788 days ago


I so agree with #7 Donna J. Most people are thinking of Britney as the victim of this relationship, when in fact she was the home-wrecking whore in the first place, for stealing K-Fed from his pregnant girlfriend. The Britney/K-Fed relationship was doomed to fail because of the "man-snatching" way it came about. Glad that someone else noticed that.

2788 days ago


Britney if I was you i'd make sure that kevin never seen those kids another day in his life. After all the things you have done to him and then him turn around and do you this way he deserves everything bad that comes his way he's just trying to hold on to his 15 minutes of fame a little longer but in the end you will come out on top.

2788 days ago


Sex sometimes, actually a lot of the time, gets mistaken for love, there's a big difference. How do you think that dancer who married Jennifer Lopez feels now? Kevin should be a gentleman if he wants to suceed in the business and not try to play bigshot. What's important is once again, two little children will grow up without a father figure they can depend on. I just hope the two of them can be civil. No matter how much money Mr, Federline does manage to get, he will go through it in a few years anyway, given his track record. No woman with any self worth would want him. And Mrs. Federline, she's too young, too rich and too famous to figure anything out except for the filing for divorce.

2788 days ago


I think she made a good choice he was a wast of time and she deserves better then that he should have taken care of her and the kids.

2788 days ago


K-Fed and Britney are cut out of the same mold. K-Fed is creepy because he left his pregnant girlfriend to marry Britney. That's huge, but it's about the only thing I can see that he did wrong. Britney, now that she has filed for divorce has gone back to her old slutty ways, completely ignoring the fact that she now has two children. I guess she is looking for a father for her children, but does she really think she is going to find a decent guy by giving him a lapdance at a nightclub frequented by a bunch of shallow, self-centered drunks? And Britney is not a sexy little Lolita anymore. She's looking like skanky trailer-trash with a bit of cash.

2788 days ago
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