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Rosie Rips Kelly for "Homophobic" Remark

11/21/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell started a bitchfight with fellow morning-diva Kelly Ripa when she accused Ripa of making a "homophobic" remark.

The fracas started on "The View" when O'Donnell said that Ripa was "homophobic" for her scolding of Aiken when he co-hosted her show the other day and playfully put his hand over her mouth, prompting Ripa to snap, "I don't know where that hand has been." Rosie suggested that if Aiken had been a "straight guy, a cute guy" or, for instance, Mario Lopez, Ripa wouldn't have made the same remark. (Aiken, of course, has never said anything publicly about his sexuality.)

Ripa was incensed enough to call into the show immediately, firing back that Rosie's accusation was "outrageous" and "irresponsible" and that Ripa made the remark last Friday because it was "cold and flu season" and that Aiken had shaken the hands of the studio audience. Rosie wasn't buying it, and in acknowledging that she admires Ripa, said that "from where I sit" as an openly gay woman, Ripa's response was homophobic.

Kelly, for her part, continued to pile on Aiken as well, saying that his behavior on last week's episode was "disrespectful," including the fact that he never thanked her for the opportunity to co-host. Kelly and the ladies agreed on one thing: guest host Sherri Shepherd's assertion that Clay probably wouldn't have muzzled Regis like he did Kelly.
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Dorothy Rucka    

I think rosie has a big mouth i wouldn't want someone to put their hand over my mouth either who knows what germs these people had on their hands that he shook hands with i say kelly was right i would of said the same thing, maybe someone should put their hand over rosies mouth, i can't believe barbara walters hired that big mouth never lets anybody else get a word in she talks all the time and says nothing. i do not watch the show anymore since she's on there.

2838 days ago


When Rosie is not trying to make everyone gay, she is accusing them of gay bashing. Get your head out of your huge behind idiot! Can't stand this bitch!

2838 days ago


Rosie was way out of line. I love both of them as entertainers and watch them everyday. I have to say I would have been a little harsher with Clay than Kelly was. I wasn't a fan of his before the show and am certainly not a fan now. Rosie has taken his UNPROFESSIONAL actions and turned them in to Kelly's fault. He was a ass from the start of that show, and I chalk Rosie's remarks up to she must have been too jet lagged to be thinking pun intended there.

2838 days ago


Gay or not, DON'T put your hand over my mouth! I used to like Rosie, but now I don't, she needs to concentrate on her own life and shut the hell up while she's doing it. So she's gay--big damn deal! She needs to stop grandstanding about it. WHO CARES? She needs to stop trying to "out" other people who may or may not be gay. I'm sorry, did I miss the part when she became God? Mind your own business Rosie!

2838 days ago


Why does everything have to be about "gays"?? I think Kelly would have disliked anyone putting her hand on her mouth. Rosie needs to get over that not every comment is related to her gay lifestyle. She needs to get on with the show and stop concentrating on her "own" life. The View should be called RGS; Rosie's Gay Soapbox. Listen to the next show and see how many times "gay" comes up in conversation. What is the purpose of the View, anyway??

2838 days ago


Do I think Kelly Ripa is a homophobe? No. Do I think her comment was homophobic? Absolutely, 100% yes! And coming from a person in the mental health field, Ms. Ripa either needs to change her medication or get completely off it! She is not stable!

2838 days ago

Amy Grenader    

I would like every one here to take a look at #1164.....a real gentleman who is gay and thinks Rosie was off her mark too. I think he was very poignant about what he had to say in regards to this fiasco and should be applauded where all Gays or straights are concerned. He isn't taking something that Kelly said personally and saying it was a homophobic attack on Gays because he sees it for what it actually is....... a quip that was said in response to Clay's ill behavior. That's sums it up!

2838 days ago


Now that Rosie has come out of the closet, with her everything is an attack on the Gay community. There has not been a View show since she has been on that has not had some issue or round about comment from her about Homosexuality. Frankly I am tired of it. I have stoped watching the show and will not watch until she is gone. I'm all for everyone being themselves wheather Gay or straight but I'm tired of having it shoved down my throat every weekday! I hope they fire her soon.

2838 days ago


Rosie?...Rosie?...Rosie? Was she that ugly, screechy voiced BITCH that was miscast as hot Betty in the Flintstone movie years ago? What an insult to Barney. "Southpark" outed her best.

2838 days ago


I think Rosie is wrong and I firmly believe she should be removed from the view! she is a trouble maker and totally detracts from an otherwise decent show. Send Rosie packing!
Kelly Ripa is a super intelligent and very sensitive lady who cares , she is an upstanding citizen in her community, and an excellent co-host and a true compliment to Regis. She is a compliment to her TV Network! New Jersey and Philadelphia are very proud of Kelly Ripa. She knows that germs can harm. Washing-and-clean hands in this and age of easily spread germs is vitally important!
Rosie Compliments NOTHING! Delete Rosie and her biggotted remarks from the VIEW. Send Rosie into retirement from Network TV!

2838 days ago


Rosie makes me utterly sick! I am so tired of that huge lump of lesbian has such a public microphone! No I am not a homo-phob. The View needs to invest in some good duct tape! Look Rosie we know you're gay & proud which is great, but not every other gay person wants to share such intimate details for one. Secondly, men--gay or staright--can be nasty! I don't want my husband's hand covering my mouth. You know set aside the germ issue, it is a RESPECT issue! Clay was a guest who showed no respect for one of the hosts. Rosie get a clue--It had NOTHING to do with sexual orientation. Boy, didn't Barbara ruin "The View?"

2838 days ago

C Donahue    

How ANYONE can listen to Rosie O is beyond me. My family cancelled watching the view as soon as she showed up. I don't care what her sexual preference is , she's a loud mouth unentertaining boar. Shame on B.Walters for wanting ratings through garbage like Rosie.

2838 days ago


I saw the show with Co-host Clay Aiken,,,he was completely out of line and was trying to usurp his gueststar designation...he was disrespectful and I for one will never support his CD sales...Rosie O'Donnell your statements regarding Kelly Ripa shows that you are the bigot and I will no longer support your appearances either...

2838 days ago


Rosie is such a moron! Clay has not come out of the closet! He wants to keep his sexuality private! So what does idiot Rosie do? Call him out! Clay should be pissed at Rosie for stirring the pot with her fat, greedy hands!

2838 days ago

Angie Wiggins    

I used to watch The View before the noon news, but no more. Therefore, I usually don't watch the local news on the station that carries The View. Shame on you for airing such trash. I saw the note about the Kella Ripa incident on the AOL news. I stopped watching The View long before that. Rosie is quite pitiful.

2838 days ago
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