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Brit Crashes Paris' Pad, Cops Respond

11/22/2006 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris might be a wild child, but it took the newly out-and-about Britney Spears to really get her in hot water.

Police were called to Hilton's Hollywood home after the heiress and new pal Britney Spears allegedly blasted music a little too loud for folks on the block.

The neighbors were already on edge after word leaked to paparazzi that the two blondes were planning on kickin' it at Paris' place after the American Music Awards. As the ladies arrived, a swarm of paparazzi unleashed a blinding flashbulb frenzy that lit up the whole neighborhood.

The police incident comes just days after Paris and a pantsless Britney were photographed in Vegas during a crazy girls night out.


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Blondes do have more fun!

2857 days ago


#27 and #31. Preach on, you guys! Now, that's what I'm talking about.

Why are so many "haters" worried about two kids, and a singer that they don't even know? Britney is in Vegas working on her new album. From what I've heard, she takes breaks, and goes for a night on the town. Stop worrying about Britney's fucking kids, and get a life already. Britney has friends and family who can watch out for Jayden, and James. Get off of TMZ and get some fresh air already. Maybe if all of you haters had a life like Brit, and Paris, and knew how to party you would have you fat out of shape asses out partying, instead of spending 24/7 a day on a website discussing a singer you all claim you can't stand. looks like Britney and Paris have become pretty close. For the record, I don't understand why people are acting as if hanging with Paris is gonna hurt Britney's career. Lets keep in mind that this is a woman who will face a nasty divorce, and custody battle in the upcoming months. She deserves to get out, and have some fun.

Go Brit and Paris!
I look forward to seeing more of you two!:-)

2857 days ago


Britney can reclaim her image but she needs to get away from Parasite Hilton, fast!

2857 days ago


Shouldn't she be home with her rugrats?

2857 days ago



Why do you care that we care if Brit's kids are o.k? The fact is that neither her mom nor the nany f***ed Kevin to make those babies and if she keeps this silly sh*t up her sons are going to be calling Lynn 'mom' and Brit, 'that lady that comes by sometimes'. I don't care who or how many people you have to watch your kids the fact of the matter is that its not HER. How would she feel if she got a call at 1a.m after a night of partying and someone told her that there was a fire or that one of her boys died of SIDS? How sobering would that be for her? I can't believe all of the braindead people posting that 'oh... she should go out and have fun and it's her life.' People saying this crap either don't have kids, act just like this stupid ass or are teenage parents that are constantly trying to push their responsiblity onto their parents. No...when she decided to have kids its not about her anymore.

It seems to me that she only had those kids to compete with Shar and Kevin's two kids and now that she hates the dad, she don't want to be bothered with the kids.
Shar should get custody!

She was crying on the Today Show but NOW the paparazzi are her friends. She cannot pull off the caring and concerned mom routine anymore because people (smart people) can see through all of her fakeness.

Hillary your a f***ing joke!

2857 days ago


FYI I live in a nice home, I and my husband are both well educated. You don't know me or Britney from Adam! Yet, you come on here defending her actions, simply because you're a Britney fanatic! I sure as hell hope you don't have kids, because you have no clue as to what being a responsible, moral human being is.

The majority of the people who responded to this topic can see that Britney is wrong, but you're blinded by your star obsession for her. It's time to grown up! I use to admire Michael Jackson, but I out grew that long ago, I suggest you do the same.
Britney is behaving like a selfish irresponsible child. Kids need their mother not a nanny, grandma or babysitter. I don't admire her, but I do admire women who have kids and put them first. Too bad you're kids come last ...Just like Britney's. You seem to know a little to much about drugs and drug lingo...HMM.

2857 days ago


La75, Great post I agree one 100 percent.

2857 days ago


Too bad Britney is a washed up- has been! This is the only way for her to keep her name in the spotlight. You know sluts roll together right Hilary??

2857 days ago


Paris Hilton is a Papparazzi Whore.....she becomes BFF with whomever is popular at the present moment. There's no denying THAT by ANY Paris fan. She'll move on to someone else when the hype about Britney is dies down. Paris Hilton is a disgusting, shallow person, just look at her engagement; it wasn't about loving the man, it was about getting a huge ring and flashing it to the world.

2857 days ago


#48 India: If you love Britney so much why don't you get the names of her sons straight?! It's Jayden and Sean; not Jayden and James. You seem to be a little clueless sweetie!

2856 days ago


Hey India!! Are you a single teenage mom?? You sure sound like it!! All you can comment on is how Britney should party like there's no tomorrow!!! I agree with La75!!
I feel sorry for you!!!!

2856 days ago


Hey India #48, If you support either Britney or Craby crotch, then you must be even more skanky than they are combined.... GUWAHAHAH........ OM*G.. BLURG!!!!!!!!!!!!

2856 days ago


Aw, the girls are 24 and 25 respectively, give them a break! Now is the time in their lives when they SHOULD be having a little fun.
I think both Paris and Brit work hard and they play hard in their off time,but that's how it should be at that age.
Both of them had very bad luck in trusting guys who were out to use them, and they both got hurt badly. Let them enjoy their lives now, they're fortunate they can afford to do so in style.

2856 days ago


The people who call everyone else a whore are usually the biggest whores themselves.

2856 days ago


Britney should take that horrible weave off her head, put some pants on and run screaming from Paris Hilton before K-Freak gets her kids. She is not making herself look any better than him. All the things she complained about him doing are now what she is doing. How is that going to help her keep her kids?

And anyone associated with Paris Hilton ends up looking as stupid and trashy as her. Come on Britney, get it together! Spit out that damn gum, tuck in your milk jugs and get some class.

2856 days ago
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