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Brit Crashes Paris' Pad, Cops Respond

11/22/2006 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris might be a wild child, but it took the newly out-and-about Britney Spears to really get her in hot water.

Police were called to Hilton's Hollywood home after the heiress and new pal Britney Spears allegedly blasted music a little too loud for folks on the block.

The neighbors were already on edge after word leaked to paparazzi that the two blondes were planning on kickin' it at Paris' place after the American Music Awards. As the ladies arrived, a swarm of paparazzi unleashed a blinding flashbulb frenzy that lit up the whole neighborhood.

The police incident comes just days after Paris and a pantsless Britney were photographed in Vegas during a crazy girls night out.


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two pieces of what garbage they both are! ewwww....they even look like they smell like garbage. yuck!

2867 days ago


I am glad that Britney is finally separating from that Kevin thing! I´m sad she is not taking it so good though not much for her but for her 2 kids! Everytime i read a tabloid reporting about her being partying in La or Vegas or wherever all i can think about are her babies... i don´t expect her to be with them 24/7 but now that the kids need her the most even though they are babies they must feel that something´s wrong in the house, she should be slowing down a little bit and partying a little bit less! She must also consider that Kevin is asking for custody of the boys and her giving a party girl image and being the new BFF of Paris won´t help her if Kevin decides to go to court and battle for the kids custody! I think that is time for her to take more care of her personal issues and then start again a fun life when she is more settled down, to me all this party party looks more like a revenge of a broken heart woman to call her ex´s attention... unfortunately the only ones losing here are the kids.

2867 days ago


i agree on giving Brit a break... she has been holed up with that sad excuse for a man K-Fed.. wannabe rapper who will never make it. hes not eminem and sure as hell is worst than Vanilla Ice and thats pretty bad :) but if brit wants to keep her children she better keep some pants on and act right at least until this whole thing is over. but GO GIRL! have some fun. i would if i was her. i dont think paris would ruin her chances. you cant blame other people for your own actions and cannot judge people based on who they hang out with. i was connected with a group in highschool and everyone hated them, but once tney got to know me they were like "wow your nothing like the losers you hang out with so why do you do it?"

2866 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

Don't play that music so loud!
James L. Crum

2865 days ago


ok im not one ot make fun of celebs, but one BRITNEY, you were on the rite road, u were on the rite track, peoples views were changing of you, and u have a shot of the biggest comeback of the century, but with this act, idk wats gonna happen, but EVEN THO U R ACTING A TAD BIT on the paris side, i think that it will go away, you r going thru a hard time , and these stupid pics r just to make u look like a horrible person, i dot get it, THE MORE YOU DO THIS TO BRITNEY, THE MORE IMPORTANT YOU MAKE HER, THE MORE POPLUAR SHE BECOMES... she IS SOMETHIGN TO TALK ABOUT, shes a great artists and these pics r bullsh*t

2862 days ago

Young mom    

#14 I totaly agree with you. I too am I mom a young single mom at that. I've never been married. But I don't go out and party every night. So what if she is going through a dirvorce the woman needs to grow up and be a mom. She is in a custody battle HELLO!!!! Partying every night and with Paris (or as some call her Parisite) is not a good way to show you are a good mom .. neither is dancing with no pants on. Wake up people Brit needs no break she needs to be a better mom instead of white trash.

2861 days ago


i wonder how much dope they did

2861 days ago


let the girls party, i wish i could party with paris, not brit, but paris, and whats the diferance if brit is with her kids or not rich and famouse people do not raise there kids anyways

2861 days ago


How "trashy" can these two get?

2858 days ago

presley neubarth    

BRITNEY ROX! im so sick of people talkin s**t about her.she does have two kids and she loves them but sometimes she wants to have fun with friends. she is gettin over a divorce and is goin through alot. britney is sweet i have been a britney fan i was little and i love her . you rock britney

2858 days ago


brittany is nasty...thats all im going to say!

2849 days ago
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