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Britney Supports Feder-Bashing??

11/22/2006 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has yet to personally bash her soon-to-be-ex-hubby, Kevin Federline, but she's definitely in support of other people doing it.

Federline was the target of a comedic offensive at the start of last night's "American Music Awards," with host Jimmy Kimmel promising, that it would be "his last time appearing on American television." Kimmel then sealed a look-a-like of "the world's first ever no-hit wonder," into a giant shipping crate and dropped it into San Pedro Harbor. The comedian then announced, "a whole school of fish just got pregnant."

Less than five minutes later, Britney took the stage. Introduced as "Bachlorette Britney Spears," she looked amazing in a titillating knee-length cream-colored frock, smiled and waved to the ecstatic crowd before presenting the award for Favorite Soul/Rhythm & Blues to Mary J. Blige.

Brit steered clear of commenting on the Fed-Ex dumping, but didn't seem to mind the idea.


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And lose those cheap extension. You looked so cute 2 weeks ago; now you look like that cheap whore Paris.

2890 days ago

Long Tall Sally    

Britney does not look "amazing." She looks ok. And why is she suddenly a genius, a fantastic mother and at the zenith of her career after dumping K-Fed? She's still the washed up, marginally talented white trash queen she was before filing divorce papers. She married the idiot, and it ended exactly like everyone in the world knew it would except her. She even had children with the moron, which makes her an even worse moron. Everyone's happy to forget that she stole K-Fed from Shar Jackson while she was pregnant with his second child. Britney deserves what she got, and now her best option is to hang out with fellow idiot skanks like Paris Hilton.

2890 days ago




2890 days ago


Iam not sure who wrote this story but I do not think it was accurate. I need not see the skit but I did see Britney being introduced and how quick she was to do what she had to do and then leave the stage. I made the comment she looked very sad and now I see why. After the show, she was visibly upset by what had happened. Regardless of how she feels about Kevin, he is the father of her children and hurting him will hurt them. This could also be why his ex defends him.

2890 days ago


I'm tired of you little girls with image problems hating on britney because she is better than you,ya'll are ugly get over it and if you're not ugly on the outside you're ugly on the inside for bashing this beautiful young lady,how inhumane!

2890 days ago


Layoff britney!If you hate her why are you following everything that she does or say,get a life! Losers!

2890 days ago


im soo disappointed to see that the last bit of compasion left is already vanished from the heart of Americans..after all the slimy catch-phrase from ur president and between urselves I aint see no blessing.. God save ur souls for being soo cruel..Kevin Federline ain't no saint, but what u did and applauded on national television is obviously gross! I agree he has not been in'the best interest of Britney, but lay of Fed-Ex! he has hurt Britney but that's not ur business...I hope when the poor uy feels that the world is against him, he doesn't run off suicidal, and then u f@#%% hypocrytes will mourn and cry with his open caskets.. After all, u get to be appreciated until after u die.. evrybody would be saying how they mis U K-Fed..

And it's surely not fair on Britney..whatever her problems may be, 'K-Fed is her babies father and she still has some kinda respect for him...They were in love once.. let her be remorseful in her own sweet time and in her own privacy-you fools!!

2890 days ago


GOD BLESS AMERICA ????uh, not sure...u should stop using that catch-phrase ain't helping the country...u have become worst...humiliating a fellow citizen on National Television..There are thugs and criminals out there and K-fed i not the worst....GET A LIFE...what a slow day..pooh!

2890 days ago


Why is everyone dogging out k-fed brit knew he didnt have any money when she married him and she knew he had kids from another women and she still had two kids from him brit was not dogging him out a couple of months ago when she was crying on the show about how happy she was that didnt stop her from having a baby from him 12 months later if you ask me brit was trying to buy k-ked and made a lot of promises !!! think about all the things she brought him and trust me if a man with money wants to marry me and im broke you damn right i will marry him are u crazy?????????

2890 days ago

Black Sheep    

And the gum. What about her white-trash obsession with gum!

2890 days ago

Black Sheep    

Hey Tiffany - #35. If you think Spears is a great mother I can only hope you have no children of your own.

2890 days ago

Lady G    

Could someone PLEASE teach her to take her gum out before publicly speaking? I mean, enough is enough. She is an adult with kids now, stop acting like a barnyard pig. My cats have more class.

2890 days ago


Brit! It's your comeback for God's sake....quite with the fricken gum chewing on camera!

2890 days ago


Since her split, who is looking after her children. Does she have to go and party with another loser Paris Hilton. They want to be left alone, but she makes sure cameras are following her every move. I honestly feel sorry for Keven Federline, I think Britney just used him to have children and then throw him away just like he was crap. She probably knew about last night but didn't care.

2890 days ago


Can we keep in mind that none of us would even know Kevin Federline's name if his fat slag wife had any sense at all?

2889 days ago
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