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Catwoman and Dog

11/22/2006 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Surgery-crazed socialite Jocelyne Wildenstein was at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on Monday with a four-legged friend. Fancy feast.
jocelyn wildenstein
The knife-altered Wildenstein is known for her bizarre transformation into a cat-like creature. When seen next to her pooch, we have to say that Jocelyn looks a little like a dog too. Yes, the cat looks like a dog. Arf. Meow. Arf. Meow.


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She looks more like an alien. LMAO. Nevermind a cat or dog.

2869 days ago


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WTF, why would you go out in public.????? no dinner for me tonight....blahhhhhhhh

2869 days ago


It amazes me that so many women I know think that they're ugly when they're very beautiful, and this woman, who looks like she's been Photoshopped with a distortion effect (and beyond), thinks that she looks good.

It is sickening that SOME plastic surgeon$ will do what they should never be doing and continue to work on people like this. Hi Jacko!

This woman is frightening beyond words. She truly doesn't look human.

2869 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Which one was the dog? I hope thay are both spaded or neutered, in order to help control our pet population.

2869 days ago


Only a dog could look at her straight away in the face. Probably thinks he's just sniffing another @hole.

2869 days ago


I'm not sure I could ever go out in public again if I looked like that, she's either very brave or really doesn't have any clue of what she really looks like.

2869 days ago

U Know Who    

Wow Rocky Dennis is aging pretty well IMO.

2869 days ago


I saw her in person once in NYC. I was waiting for a cab, and I saw these legs emerging from the back of a Bentley. I was curious, until the rest of it emerged. She is Fugly! She looks like an alien, and her face has this realy shiny, plastic sheen to it. Very creepy. I think it's unethical for a plastic surgeon, a doctor, who took an oath to "first, do no harm", to go anywhere near that woman's face unless it's to correct all the damage done.

2869 days ago


Do u guys remember "Spittin Image"? It was a show which portrayed grotesque puppets in the likeness of celebrities. Phil Collins also made a video with these ugly things. She looks like one of those- nasty!

2869 days ago


She and Michael Jackson are the poster people for what having too much plastic surgery can do.

2869 days ago


Poor thing! She probably thinks they wanted her picture because she looks good, but in reality she looks horrible and they wanted the picture becasue her surgery is a fricken train wreck!

I agree that her surgeon should have had a bit more morals and decliend to do this to another human being!

I googled her and the old pics of her she looked a lot prettier than this mess!

2869 days ago


Love the dog. No not her..the dog!

2869 days ago


Is that Micky Rourke's twin? Anybody got any mice to scare away! SSSSSSHHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!

2869 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Just who is this D-lister anyway? Did she steal one of Parasite's bf's if not -- get her off this website.

2869 days ago


Absolutely hideous.... And they said that monsters don't exist, damn liars!!

Oh well, if you go in for plastic surgery these days, expect to come out of it looking like a freak!!

2869 days ago
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