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Catwoman and Dog

11/22/2006 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Surgery-crazed socialite Jocelyne Wildenstein was at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on Monday with a four-legged friend. Fancy feast.
jocelyn wildenstein
The knife-altered Wildenstein is known for her bizarre transformation into a cat-like creature. When seen next to her pooch, we have to say that Jocelyn looks a little like a dog too. Yes, the cat looks like a dog. Arf. Meow. Arf. Meow.


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Why do they keep taking pictures of this ugly bitch. What does she do? No one gives a 3 hr shit about her.

2830 days ago


She's a rich socialite with FAR more money than Paris Hilton. YOU do the math as to why these women should (or should not) be photographed. She was once a very pretty, normal looking lady.

There is so much fucking human bile and bitterness in these forums. I swear.

It's one thing to come up with a witty comment, but the big secret is out...Americans are becoming hateful bastards.

This cat-woman is clearly mentally ill, to some degree, and that's a shame for anyone.

The bigger shame (and crime) is any medical doctor or surgeon who would sink SO ethically low as to agree to perform such disfiguring surgeries on another human being, for any reason, or amount of money. Doctors and plastic surgeons who do this kind of shit should be stripped of their license to practice. Period.

Her face has been butchered to such horrendous levels that one almost hopes she had some hack doctor in Mexico perform it...(hoping that an American surgeon would NEVER do such a thing). But don't count on it. Michael Jackson's surgeon works right in Beverly Hills.

That's extra proof that American plastic surgeons are often the scum of the SCUM of the earth.

2830 days ago


I don't think she's that ugly...maybe she has a cool personality. There are some really beautiful people out there but their personalities suck and suddenly they seem less attractive. Not everything is in the looks.

2830 days ago


My eyes,,,,,,my eyes!!!!!!!

2830 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Now I remember where I saw her, she gave me an alien anal probe when I was a trucker passing through Area 51. The truth is out there.

2830 days ago


I've seen pictures of her before all of the surgery, she was really quite pretty. It's very sad, she is one of the most unattractive people I have ever seen. Trust me, with her money this was not the job of a Mexican hack who works out of his house. This was Beverly Hills as well. The surgeon who did this is to medicine what Gloria Allred is to the legal profession.

2830 days ago


Why are you being so mean??? Why dont you just stick to news reporting? Your commentary is not funny and it definitely isn't clever. HARVEY, please act like an Edior and clean this site up so it can recognise its potential. This is crap.

2830 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#20 BJ and the Bear
Me too...but I got a reach-a-round! And a sammach!

2830 days ago


She looks terrible!!! Just horrible!!! Good God!!!

2830 days ago


Let the cute dog live, but take her to the Vet and have her put to sleep.

2830 days ago


Oh my God, what a sicko

2830 days ago


cat woman? I thought that was the Elephant Man!

2829 days ago


#7 -- I agree with your post, but just for the record, "FIRST DO NO HARM" is not IN the Hippocratic Oath. It's widely known to be and quoted as such, but it's not there. Yes, the action of first doing no harm is implied, but that quote does not exist.

And it certainly doesn't say, "First do no harm unless you have a client who will pay you up the wazoo to do so!"

2829 days ago

jeff carter    

i think she isvery exotic lokking like a tiger woman very sexy in my view its all in the eye of the beholder you small minded haters need to watch more than regis and kelly grow up kids

2829 days ago


Catwoman, Joan Rivers, Loretta Swit, Priscilla(sp) Presley, Bruice Jenner,. Victoria Principal, Kenny Rogers, Hunter Tylo, Nicolette Sheridan, David Hasselhoff, Mary Tyler Moore, that crazy bitch on all the talk shows who used to be pretty but can't even breathe now, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Grey, ........Ewwww!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather look like Whistler's Mother than a manufactured plastic wannabe Barbie or Ken. UGH!!!!!! When will people realize that physical beauty will never define the beauty that lies within the soul and that with age comes wisdom, therefore TRUE beauty. Look at Paul Newman. Look at Shirley McLaine. Look at Jessica Lange. They are examples of true beauty that youth can never compete with nor age can ever destroy.

2829 days ago
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