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Richards' Rant -- What You Didn't See

11/22/2006 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Laugh Factory patrons Kyle Doss and Frank McBride appeared on the "Today" show this morning, and gave their account of what you didn't see on the now infamous tape of Michael Richards' racist rant.

According to the two men, they were out for a night on the town to celebrate a friend's birthday. They arrived at the Laugh Factory at the beginning of Richards' act. They ordered drinks and acknowledged they probably disrupted Richards' act with their talking. What they got next was outrageous. Doss says Richards made a racial comment and gave him the finger -- and then launched into the tirade caught on tape by TMZ.

The two are now represented by omnipresent publicity hound Gloria Allred, who says a retired judge should decide what monetary compensation these two should receive.

How very "People's Court" of her!


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funny thing, if its on Judge Alex? the blacks would lose because he looks at facts.

If its on Judge Judy? probably lose, she wont take bs

On Judge Mathis? they would win since he is a black panther sympathizer, black racist

the other judge show with the black woman judge?? they probably win because she is black and biased

2801 days ago

Yeah Right    

Some of you idiots are really brave to call blacks the N word in protected settings (i.e. message boards, comedy clubs), if you have real balls and that's how you feel do it to someones face......................................sure you have, sure you have, scary bitch!!!!

2801 days ago


This is SOOOO pathetic that it makes me sick!! How ridiculous are these two black guys!?!?!? I am not condoning what Richards said, but then again they also called him a white cracker mother f****r.. So he should sue them too!!! GET REAL!!! if we were to all sue everytime someone calls us a name, everyone would be rich! get a life and stop being money grubbing thieves!!! PATHETIC!!! I hope they get a slap in the face for their stupidity!!!

2801 days ago


Oh my God, I knew, I knew it!! This is what this has always been about. The ususal for a large majority of blacks in this country-MONEY, the easy way. Can anyone give me a legal theory under which these 2 should recover? They weren't physically harmed and typically a person cannot receive damages unless "emotional distress" is accompanied by actual physical harm. As for Allred, I'm sorry to hear that she has stooped so low. Can't you just hear the brothers now: Yo, nigga, Ize think weze can axe fo some money.....

2801 days ago


gloria allred is a despicable human being

2801 days ago


Are you f*cking kidding me??!!!! Money for what?
This is the craziest thing ever. C'mon like either of these two need money for what? If any money is won it should be donated to something serious.
This is the most ridiculous thing.

2801 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

It's sad to see that bigoted people are fanning the flames even more by their rude and racist comments. I too agree that these two men should not get money for supposed pain and suffering, I agree with the poster that they should have gotten the money they paid to get into the club and to have been given an apology . To continue to spew hatred because you do not agree with what these guys and Gloria Alred are trying to do, is just an excuse for you to express things that you keep to yourselves. I too would be offended if I was treated the way these men were, if they did indeed call Richards a cracker that was wrong as well. Two wrongs do not make a right, and for the poster who thinks he/she believes the spelled the "N" word correctly has been proven to be uneducated an ignorant because the word was NOT spelled correctly... Go back to school BIGOT!

2801 days ago


Wow. All I want to ask is - do they have lost wages and medical bills that need to be paid? Are they going to a shrink that needs to be paid for? Give me a fucking BREAK! I have a black boyfriend, so I am the furthest from prejudice - however - if everyone who received racial slashings were to sue, many people would be broke. Because he is famous and he did this, they think they can get some money. Please, stop talking about this subject before I really get pissed. That is fucking nuts

2801 days ago

Patrick F    

Other races have been called names for all of time. How many different names for italians, irish, jews, germans, etc. have been used for many many years? CAn you imagine an irishman reacting with a 'poor me' lawsuit? His own Irishmen would kick his ass for being such a sissy. If black people want respect, earn it by not acting like lil sissies over a freaking word. every other race takes it like men and either gives a punch, ignores it, or gives a better insult back. suing is for lil touchy feely girlymen. better get them on opra quick.

2801 days ago


They should get NO money!! Richards was way outta line, but if you listen to the video, they called him a "cracker" and "white boy" too, maybe they should go on Letterman and apologize for those racial words.

How come blacks can make movies called "White Men Can't Jump" and "White Chicks", and nobody bats an eye, maybe that kind of racism towards whites is some sort of reperations from the slavery era.

2801 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Bradley, you are racist... WHy is it that you can't just say you disagree with what those two guys are trying to do... Make a profit from an unfortunate and demeaning incident. I guess you couldn't wait for something like this to happen... You are an ignorant SOB.

2801 days ago

Sherrie Correll    

What a couple of cry babies, now they want money cause someone called them a name!

2801 days ago


They disrupted his act. They were the ones being fucking jackasses. And now they want everyone to feel sorry for them? Fuck that! I have many black friends but these 2 are being nothing but money hungry niggers! Go back and collect food stamps from the ghetto you came from. If you heckle a comedian have the balls to take what he throws out. Quit crying you two dark skinned cry babies. Lol you got Owned by kramer...get over it.

2801 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

what happened to fighting for equality and NOT money? they said he was insulting latinos and blacks.......whats up with that? if u dont like blacks and latinos go back to the south

2801 days ago


I'm SICK! SICK! SICK! SICK! of hearing people say "I WAS OFFENDED!" SCREW YOU!!!!! In this country, you don't have the RIGHT to not be offended. There's not some bill or line in the constitution that says "and have the right to get money if someone offends you." I don't give a crap if you're black, white, red, purple or any other color! What the hell gives people the right to think they can sue because they didn't like something that someone said? Yes, what Richards said was WAAAY out of line but to think they can hire one of the best Attorney's in LA to sue someone because some washed up actor said some things they didn't like. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

2801 days ago
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