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Richards' Rant -- What You Didn't See

11/22/2006 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Laugh Factory patrons Kyle Doss and Frank McBride appeared on the "Today" show this morning, and gave their account of what you didn't see on the now infamous tape of Michael Richards' racist rant.

According to the two men, they were out for a night on the town to celebrate a friend's birthday. They arrived at the Laugh Factory at the beginning of Richards' act. They ordered drinks and acknowledged they probably disrupted Richards' act with their talking. What they got next was outrageous. Doss says Richards made a racial comment and gave him the finger -- and then launched into the tirade caught on tape by TMZ.

The two are now represented by omnipresent publicity hound Gloria Allred, who says a retired judge should decide what monetary compensation these two should receive.

How very "People's Court" of her!


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Ummm, Curiousity killed the cat, you wrote "believes the spelled the "N" word".
I hate to point this out but "the" should have been "they". Are you ignorant too????? Let this be a lesson, not everyone you claim is a racist is uneducated, as much as you would like to believe that. Until you have YOUR PhD perhaps you should stop throwing stones.

2899 days ago


To: not impressed with you

Realize that within himself he will never realize how wrong he was or how much hate he has until he is faced with writing a check whether it's 5 dollars or 50,000 dollars, paying will make you look in the mirror. And about him never having a career again, please!!! Look at all the idiots who place their comments that are just as hateful as he is. Let's face it, when you do something bad in hollywood, it only advances your career.

2899 days ago


Wow-you people are psychos...where do you live that this type of response is considered acceptable?? It is amazing the type of beliefs that you have in the privacy of your home (or in this case fake name on a website) that you would never say in public. That is what is so amazing about what happened at the Laugh Factory-he obviously believes those horrible things-just like you crazies that have posted on this site.
BTW, I signed my real name-

2899 days ago


compensation my a$$. does everything come down to sueing someone? that is ridiculous. maybe a refund on the ticket price, but that's about it.

2899 days ago


Normally I don't support frivolous lawsuits but in this case I say give them the money if that's what they want simply to make an example out of that idiot Richards by sending the message that despite what happened we do NOT react with such racist vitriol in 2006. Yep, hit him where it hurts - right in the old pocketbook!

BTW - I live in Mississippi and some of the postings on this board are worse than anything I've heard around here.

2899 days ago


Racism is alive and doing very well..

2899 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#11 Bradley26

Why don't you go for a nice walk it the woods behind your house, find a quiet place and suck on the business end of your #30-06 and BLOW YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT!

You cracker eating honkey ass pasty faced OFAY!
Feel better?
Good...tell your wife to clean up next time before I come over!

2899 days ago

What's this?    

One word comes to mind ~ PREDICTABLE!!!!

2899 days ago


O.K. The way this guy went off was wrong BUT, You have comedians like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Cedric The Entertainer, Blast white people mexican people and don't forget the Asians on a steady basis are the then racist?

2899 days ago

Gonna Give It 35%    

This whole situation is absurd.

If there was no camera then these 2 guys would have nothing more than a story to tell of the time they got yelled at by the racist guy from Seinfeld. It would have ended there. Possibly there would have been a rumor, things might have been said but Michael Richards career (as bad as it is right now) and the lives of these 2 men would have continued as normal.

But since there was a camera recording it all (at least the most nasty part of it, the before and after haven't been seen) everything is different. These 2 men now think that they can live on easy street because they pissed some one off enough to say something utterly stupid. Whether Richards is actually racist or not is not the point, it is entirely stupid to make those comments in today's society especially for someone in the public eye.

Now just because these guys want to make money off this it is inspiring a large amount of other ignorant jackasses to express their racist ideas (or just very bad attempts at jokes). These guys aren't greedy because of their skin color, they're greedy because they're humans and our society rewards behavior like this. If they were really offended they should just take solace in the fact that this will effectively end Richard's career. It's over for him, he's now an out cast. There's really no hope for him... at least Gibson was drunk.

I will say that the use of racism in comedy is a huge double standard however. Not that Richards was using his words in jest. But as other pointed out, minority comedians get rich for being racist and white comedians get banished from comedy clubs and get sued. It's a sad state of affairs but trolling message boards and spouting off hate filled messages using the "N word" is not going to solve the problem.

Incidents like this just keep racial division in place in this country. Not just for Richards remarks, but for the reactions of nearly everyone involved. It's really just sad.

2899 days ago


Sticks and stones will break your bones but words well never hurt you! Get over it! Put your self in Kramer's shoes, thats probably not the first time it happend. He blew up, it just happend to be those couple of guys showing disrespect. They pissed Kramer off, He wanted to piss them off. He probably thoguht that using the word "nigger" would it. Well in this interview they didn't seem to mad...So i guess Kramer failed at making them mad. If that wasn't Richards, it was somebody that wasn't famous, there wouldn't be all Controversy. My main point is GET OVER IT!!!! like goes on. Quit acting like little kids, waaaa waaaaa. GET OVER IT, GET OVER IT. Woop De frickend Do.

2899 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

To by ME,

I wasn't the one stating that I SPELLED and or TYPED everything correctly... And Bitch I've got MY PHD in psychology...... When on types they may make errors, even I... I am not stating that I don't . And most bigots are uneducated, based on the negative and untrue statements most of them make regarding another race or ethnic group outside of their own ...JMHO

2899 days ago


There was no camera rolling prior to the racial outburst and therefore no way to verify who started what and what led up to Richard's is amazing to me that no one came forward prior to this saying that Richards made a racial comment and then gave them the finger prior to the much do you want to bet that someone will come forward now just to get their five minutes of fame?!?!

This country is falling to shit and it is people like Gloria Allred who are allowing it to happen. The very same people who want to make money off of their Constitutinal rights are the very same ones who are denying the rest of America theirs. If a group of American hating Baptists can protest at our fallen soldiers funerals spouting words such as "God hates the USA", "God invented IED's", and "God is killing our soldiers for supporting a country that supports homosexuality" and still be protected from prosecution then Michael Richards can sure as hell say the things he says....I will be outraged if he is forced to pay even one cent to these guys.

By law he owes nothing to these guys...on an ethical level he owed them an apology and he has done that. Regardless of whether they choose to accept that apology is up to them. Morally it was uncalled for but there is no law against it...and he is certainly protected under his first amendment rights whether anyone likes it or not.

2899 days ago

U Know Who    

Like I had said yesterday it is in fact the front groups that claim to be for equality. That continue to perpetuate racism, they are the REAL RACISTS!.


These types of groups are the TRUE racists in this picture. This is just sick and sad. And yes like someone said Jesse HiJackson and The "reverend"(pfffft)Al Blimpton will most DEFINITELY be weighing in on this. And "demanding" justice, they will go on about how this proves racism is alive and well. They will make the case that ONE STUPID MANS stupid statements are the sentiment of ALL WHITES in America today. They will use the old "he just said what everyone else is thinking" rationale. >>>-----------> MARK MY WORDS.


2899 days ago


Gloria even gives attorneys a bad name.
It sickened me to see her spew her nonsense on TV.
I think that if we accept Mr Seinfeld as credible, then Mr Richards had a very bad day and just "snapped".
What do we all hear about these days as a no-no to say? Even though it is apparently okay to say if you are Black? Well he said it! And isn't the notion that you cannot say that unless you are Black racist in and of itself? of course it is. It is making an exception for a certain group from another. This is called hipocrasy... Ageneration of greedy money grubbing idiots were represented on the Today show this morning. We, as a society should be ashamed.
Keep in mind that there were no cameras on the two individuals that disrupted the show... We have only their word and the word of a very worried Mr. Richards that is afraid to even say if they did anything provocative to set him off... even though his derogatory statements were in poor taste. The likes of Ms. Alred would no doubt chastize him for saying anything.
Next time someone acts idiotic, mouthy, rude, disrespectful and just plain annoying around me that just happens to be Black, I will not call them the "N" word, I'll call them white trash.
I believe that it was the stereotypical behavior that Mr. Richards was upset about, not the color.
Kevin Federline is a good example... Call him the "N" word or white trash... it conveys the same meaning.
By the way, shouldn't "Cracker" be the "C" word? Or white trash be the "W" refuse word. C'mon let's stick up for all races!
Sticks and stones... Grow up and get over it America!

2899 days ago
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