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Did Travolta

Snub Cruise?

11/22/2006 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood is buzzing about a very notable no-show at last weekend's TomKat wedding -- John Travolta -- and there's persistent speculation that Travolta's absence might have to do with the guest-list snubbing of Travolta's close pal, Oprah Winfrey.
Snub Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding last weekend was wall-to-wall celebrities -- Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Brooke Shields and on and on. But Travolta's absence was as prominent as all those attendees combined. Travolta is a longtime friend of Cruise, a fellow super-Scientologist, one of the first stars to see baby Suri during her prolonged seclusion, and was consistently reported to be set to ferry Cruise and friends to the Italian wedding in his John's own private jet.

So what happened? Sources say that the answer might be in the Big O -- as in Oprah. Winfrey is one of Travolta's closest friends -- she threw his 50th birthday party and has called him her "soul mate." Likewise, Kirstie Alley -- another bosom buddy of Oprah's and an avowed and public Scientologist -- also skipped the trip to Italy, even though other, more minor Scientologists, like Leah Remini and Jenna Elfman, made it. And just to prove how Scientology-centered the ceremony was, Cruise's best man was David Miscavige, the head of the Church of Scientology.

All of this makes Travolta's absence all the more mysterious, a circumstance not helped by the response of Travolta's reps to TMZ's inquiries: "We weren't privy to the invite list," was their mystifying reply, though what we really wanted to know was whether their client had gone to Italy or not. John's reps then explained that they could not get in touch with him until after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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Mad Balls    

Often Imatated ..never payed ...ITS" ANOTHER BADASS LIST FROM KEVINBGOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2857 days ago


Maybe John Travolta doesn't like midgets.

2857 days ago

Mad Balls    

John is Making " Battle Field Earth -- The Kramer affair " in the lowlands of Darfur . With all that Free Blood flowing its' cheap on the special effects . No ... No .. John is not pissed at Tom a matter of fact he has included several lines in his new Movie as tribute to Tom and his Guests !! Enjoy !!
1. " I Maximus Platiplus of vetral 7 do flush the Vectral urinal I dubbed " TOM"
2. Do not step in that ...The Vesperian HogDogs often leave Tomkates after they eat heavy
3. The Mighty Goddess OPrah shall rise up and slay the evil Mind Grog named Cruise
4. We are now leaving the Orbit of the great planet Kristialley
5. No that is not a broomstick ...that is Noewoman Beckham
6. We are one with the forehead of the Brooke of the Sheilds ...Attack !!!
7. The romour of the close liason Of Godess Oprah and Galiant Gail is False !!
8. I just blew a " TOM" out my arse ...excuse me !
9. Will WHO ????
10 . We have gone back through a time warp ... Back ... Back ....back to when we were stars !!!!!!

2857 days ago


Miacoppa, thanks for the links! People interested in learning more about scientology should read them! Of interest, one of the articles talked about how the cult (and the author did refer to it as a cult) encouraged people to spend their money and go into debt. I wonder if this has something to do with why we hear about all the money Katie is spending? I don't understand the reasons for scientology encouraging members to mismanage their money, except as a means of mind control. It is really wacky! Seriously I don't know how people can fall for this load of crap!!

2857 days ago


Interesting how of all places Tom chose Rome for his "wedding", seeing as how it's the home of the Catholic church. Nice of him to rub it in the faces of the Holmes family. I just don't think his career will ever recover and I find that hilarious. I think his ranting backfired- doing massive damage to him and Co$.

2857 days ago


What's the matter with you people? Do you honestly think Oprah is at home boo hooing about whether or not she was invited to Tom Cruise's wedding? It's so ridiculous. I wish that everyone can see all the great things she is doing. (ie. building a school for the girls in south africa). The angel network. Helping others through her show. Come on people, it's not that serious....

2857 days ago


Rock on Wise on..I love your posts too!!

Right on 36………Check out this article on Travolta and his Jets rumored Autism

37: You should ask the press who crowned Whorelina the saint of our times and Tori spelling the gloried Hollywierd brat...but yeah you are old fashioned...people are doing worse than having babies out of wedlock..:)(So I know there are some avid Jolie fans on here who are ever ready to attack me from my vicious postings on her issues But Frankly when did they start handing out sainthoods for serial homewrecking…..only in Hollywierd .)LOL

I did think Brooke sounded a little weird, but I assumed she really didn’t have anything to say, she must have just been baffled as the rest of us as to why she was there..LOL

Katie must have had some serious issues that made her cast everything aside in just 16 days..she obviously still has them….because the constant shopping before and after the pregnancy is a bit much..not even Paris does that amount of retail therapy.


Not because they have the world cup which I think they dont deserve,,,,. but because the goverment has come down really hard on SCn in that country..jail fines etc..they are tougher than the other Europeans.

Coming to Italia in full force is to make a point to the government that they ar stars and have a lot of money..Miscaviage also did turn up

In short it will be something to watch.l.the battle for ROMA..Vatican or SCN.
It is rumored that at OT8 , L RON reveals that he is akin to the that alone should get the Pope twisting his red Prada clad toes.

The Wedding was a muiltipurpose event
1: For Scn to show how much clout they command...not as much as they think..the uneducated miscaviage needs to read up on the Catholic mafia

2: To find Celeb quarry in the form of JLO and Skeletor.

3: To safeguard Midget fools secrets and non existent reputation..He will never get an oscar

FINALLY: If you are a Tom Cruise fan and you truly love the midget the best you can do is not go it his movies..the less bankable he is the quicker the SCN will let him go.............

2857 days ago


I'm so over all of these guys,O included. Move on to something else more interesting.

2857 days ago


I found this tidbit rather interesting. Katie once stated that she had a poster on her bedroom wall of Tom when he was in the movie "Top Gun". I believe she was 8 years old at the time. I think her excuse for getting involved with him was his popularity, schoolgirl crush, whatever dumbass reason, but I think he got involved with her because she was his "beard" just like Mimi and Nicole were. And if that baby is his, I'm the next Mrs. Trump.

2857 days ago


Unfortunately, this utterly idiotic specualtion will not cease when we all find out Cruise wasn't snubbing anyone, Travolta's not mad at Cruise and simply couldn't go because of schedule conflicts, and there's not a single thing that's mysterious or suspect about any of it. No, the slimy, disgusting media will simply make up some more worthless garbage for you suckers to get upset about and comment on. (yawn) The Cruise wedding was completely uncontroversial, yet the media gropes and scrambles to make up SOMETHING that can cover the space on a page. And it's usually lies. Pathetic. "Sources say" - yeah, right. Tom, Oprah, John and Kirstie would all say "Your sources can kiss my ass."

2857 days ago


To #1, #4, #20: I do't think the cake bit is funny. Do you know why Oprah was not invited or if she was invited but didn't go? It seems a bit foolish and I'd say stupid on your part to include a joke about cake.

She's got serious things to do, like build schools, help others, etc with her money. I don't see you doing that with your salary. Your joke is in poor taste but as it's said, you are entitled to your opinion. I only wish it wasn't soooo narrow-minded.

As for tom and katie, time will tell whether his 'love' is true or he was just puttin on an act, as usual. A word to Tom: Slow down a are getting OLD.

2857 days ago


Who really cares?? I am so tired of hearing about Tom freaking Kat.

Oprah can buy and sell them both.

And maybe John didnt feel like flying around the world for a freak wedding that will probably last less than a year.

2857 days ago


First of all really need to get your facts straight. Oprah had nothing to do with Travolta's 50th B-day celebration. It was reported in several entertainment reports that his wife Kelly Preston had planned it for a year. Oprah was an invited guest. It just so happened that his party was a couple of weeks after Oprah's party.
Second of all, I don't very seriously believe that they were not influenced by anything other their making their own personal decisions not to show up to this circus. John Travolta has always conducted himself as gentleman, and positive celebrity unlike Cruise.

2857 days ago

Dick Johnson    

Love the cake joke! Hate "O"! Can't for the life of me understand how anyone with half a brain can find value or talent in the broad. As for half brain crowd, TomKat are the President and First Lady. Why in the world does the American public place such eminence on the useless individuals in the entertainment industry. The actors and actresses create nothing of value. No products, no services, no jobs, yet they are paid obscene amounts of money. Most have no real level of higher education, yet back crooked politicians with endorsements and support in fundraising, with no clue as to the effects their legislation will have on the middle and lower classes. One day we will have a true leader who will stand up and take charge of the counrty. They will declare martial law, envoke the enemy combatants provision of the Patriot Act and have every democratic and republican porl barrel A$$hole confined without legal counsel, arrest the immoral entertainers who do drugs, break up each others marriages, and support the destruction of the moral fabric of this great nation. OK my rant is over, so I will just offer that Oprah, Tom, Katie, and all the rest of the celebretards aren't worth being PI$$ED on if they were on fire!

PS Travolta is one the real talents of the industry, Look at the variety of characters he has played and how he has evloved from Vinnie Barbarino to become a real actor! Cruise and Oprah should be shoveling out horse stalls so as to utilize their true talents.

2857 days ago


I don't know which of the 3 or the most SICKENING, Oprah, Katie or Tom...''Oop'',, Sorry I forgot to mention Gail King. They are all PUBLICITY SEEKERS. They LOVE Flauntiung Their Wealth....

2857 days ago
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