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Did Travolta

Snub Cruise?

11/22/2006 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood is buzzing about a very notable no-show at last weekend's TomKat wedding -- John Travolta -- and there's persistent speculation that Travolta's absence might have to do with the guest-list snubbing of Travolta's close pal, Oprah Winfrey.
Snub Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding last weekend was wall-to-wall celebrities -- Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Brooke Shields and on and on. But Travolta's absence was as prominent as all those attendees combined. Travolta is a longtime friend of Cruise, a fellow super-Scientologist, one of the first stars to see baby Suri during her prolonged seclusion, and was consistently reported to be set to ferry Cruise and friends to the Italian wedding in his John's own private jet.

So what happened? Sources say that the answer might be in the Big O -- as in Oprah. Winfrey is one of Travolta's closest friends -- she threw his 50th birthday party and has called him her "soul mate." Likewise, Kirstie Alley -- another bosom buddy of Oprah's and an avowed and public Scientologist -- also skipped the trip to Italy, even though other, more minor Scientologists, like Leah Remini and Jenna Elfman, made it. And just to prove how Scientology-centered the ceremony was, Cruise's best man was David Miscavige, the head of the Church of Scientology.

All of this makes Travolta's absence all the more mysterious, a circumstance not helped by the response of Travolta's reps to TMZ's inquiries: "We weren't privy to the invite list," was their mystifying reply, though what we really wanted to know was whether their client had gone to Italy or not. John's reps then explained that they could not get in touch with him until after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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maria aragon    

Why should Tom and Katie invite Oprah to their wedding, she is not their close friend. If this is the reason Travolta did not attend the wedding, he is wrong, I did not know he was such a shallow person. I have to add that Travolta's choice in the movies he has been making suck.

2859 days ago


Come on John Travolta, you can win a lot of support fleeing the cult and telling the world how much of a congame it really is... In fact, you will make a massive turnaround. I know you tried to get out a few times already. Tom Cruise is too brainwashed to bail right now but you, John, have been thinking about leaving on several occasions.

Don't you want to get away from the scrunity of David Miscavige? Don't you want to stop the blackmail that goes on by Scientology? You can be a cog in the machine, John. You have been in for a long time, and have been exposed to so much shit.

Think about Jett... Scientology has had no cures or real aid for his Autism... Do you really think the Church is looking out for you? (Or their own pockets...)

2859 days ago


Tom has ruined Katies life.
He plucked her out of her life and now dictates her every move.
Her career is ruined and has driven a wedge in the Holmes family.
Way to go Tom.

2859 days ago



2859 days ago


My take on the absense of some big name celebrities is that Tom Cruise, the consummate & ultimate control freak, did not want the competition for attention. As stated in #8's comments, Tom is a ringmaster, a planner. He strategically plans appearances, announcements, photo ops, engagements, babies, weddings, all major events around his career & movie premiers. That's sad for Katie (his numb robotic wife/baby-mama) cuz all her life she'll have to deal with that & always be a non-entity in the background, forcing the smiles & slouching to his height.

Anyone notice how numb robotic Nicole Kidman came to life, got a life, made movies & won awards AFTER parting ways with Tom?

Anyone notice how Katie Holmes' identity became moot/mute & blended with her new boyfriend & a newly designated BFF Scientology drone? Her career is now done since Tom is in full control of her & it. Her every move will be monitored by him & his legions of church followers. She'll only be allowed to do TV or movies that HE approves, based on what his church will allow.

I feel he "chose" her as his sacrificial lamb to his church & its "god" leader. He's given time, attention, publicity & loads of bucks to that church. His ultimate "gift" now is a woman, his wife, & any offspring he can get her to pop out - to be consumed by/into the church.

I hope her family can stage an intervention for her before she's beyond hope.

2859 days ago


Okay okay,..Happy Thankgiving to y'all...Cant wait to eat but before the feast begins................

Interview with L Rons son on sceintology...shocking!!!

Oprah was not invited sh e mentioned on enews that if she had been invited she would have gone

I cant wait for Travolta to get out of that Cult. He will defintely get a lot of support, they will defintely try to ruin him, but I wouldnt care wether or not he was gay as long as he can leave and become normal

The Holmes folk..I have no idea if they are actually sitting up and taking notice and reading up on this cult...I really hope they are, because the girl was dragged in too fast and deep to come out easily. The best they can do is help discourage any other wedding ceremonies, then at least she can still cut and run without a whole lot of legal threats from Cruise..

Oprah Oprah Oprah...she doesnt bother me much..the cake joke is still funny...if you change your vantage point.......

2859 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 51 Miacoppa : Thanks again for providing yet another link that sheds more light on what a despicable organization " Scientology " is. What ever evil I thought they possesed before.........PALES in comparrison to what I have learned from reading this board the last couple days.

The picture of Lisa McPherson as a healthy beautiful and vibrant woman before she got into the '"GRIP " of Scientology ........tells it all. They spread death and promote tatics to treat sick people that defies Human logic. THe picture of that beautiful woman who " wasted away " after being denied psyciatric treatment told the whole story. That is no less than " murder " as far as I am concerned. That picture will forever be inbedded in my mind. What a waste of a precious life.She deserved better.

As far as John Travolta extreme denial of his son Jetts autisum because of the irrational beliefs of this CULT . It is just shamful. Let's all pray that he "wakes up " before we have another death incur because of these bizzare practices this " devil club ". enforses.

My God. I am begining to question the sanity of anyone that is involved in " Scietology " How sick can one get ? Thanks again. I really feel like a " Informed blogger " after you shared that information. With bloggers like you enlightning others to "facts' that are out there. Perhaps that will help PUT THE SPOT LIGHT ON THIS DERANGED AND DISCUSTING CULT .

So far they have managed to "keep in under wraps" to some degree. But now...........I have a feeling the top is going to blow right off and EXPOSE them to the masses. Tom Cruise doesn't realize it........but he is Helping to bring unfavorable attention to " Scientology " Becasue of peaked my interest to find out more about it. As I am sure it did for others as well. Good JOB!!

2859 days ago


This is in response to comment #18:
Bring USC on! OSU is way better than the so. cal "pretty boys". All you hear about is how the team would have been with matt leinert and reggie bush. Too bad their gone!

College football is way more interesting than the crazy cruise.

2858 days ago

Mary Ann Capps    

I LOVE IT WHEN WIERDOS LOOSE IT!!! I don't know what makes people who achieve fame go off the shallow end in a deep water dive, but they do! The TomKat made a FAUX PAS in not inviting Queen O. He will NEVER get to step all over her couch again! Scientologists believe what? The basic beliefs of Scientology are that you are a spiritual being; that you can become much more able spiritually and therefore a happier and more decent human being, through the use of Scientology spiritual procedures. Scientology is adamantly against psychiatry, and scientologists believe that people can and do become much worse off by relying on shrinks' drugs and barbaric methods. Well Tom, can you call yourself a more spiritual being and a more decenthuman being after snubbing Queen O? NOPE. Therefore, I think you need to have your head examined~LMAO.

2858 days ago


Take a gooood look at that baby. She is the baby of Chris Klein. Why do you think Katie Holmes looked very pregnant one day and very small the next? She gave birth sooner than was publicized and was wearing fake 'baby bumps..'

2857 days ago


What is the big deal anyway? Can't a bride and groom invite who they want?
After what Oprah said to Diane Sawyer, maybe Katie said "Oprah's not getting near my wedding!"
maybe Oprah should ask herself why , Tom who has always been a friend, suddenly isn't anymore...
Oprah going on a national news program and claiming to not "buy" into Tom Cruise's relationship was not only rude, but dumb as well. I find it to be very hurtful to someone she claimed to be friends with.

Frankly, I think Tom's career will survive O not going to the wedding. Her career will survive whether he comes on her show or not. gimme a break.

The truth is Oprah's so called friendship with Tom Cruise was based on one thing...he was a movie star and she wanted to be in his circle.
he was a star whether or not she had him on the show. Get it?

When everyone else in the media thought he was over the top by jumping on the couch she did not defend her friend. She dissed him...It was rude.
if she had really considered him a friend she would have been supportive but she wanted to be like everyone else and say it was all an "act".
I think her relationship with Stedman might be an "act" as well.

if Oprah ever gets married and she won't--she can snub whoever.
Frankly I don't think she has been invited to very many weddings. Dr Phil didn't invite her to his son's wedding.
Makes you wonder why people who used to be her friends would suddenly not invite her to a big day like a wedding.
What's going on, Oprah?

2857 days ago


Hey BJ..... Oprah was the one looking tom straight in the eye the day he jumped on the couch. She looked katie in the eye that day too.
GET IT? SHE LOOKED THEM IN THE EYES! They did not return that look. They could NOT look her straight in the eyes and tell her they were in love and this was for real.

Tom and katie HAVE NO SOUL! It is GONE.

Oprah made her up her own mind about tom and katie based on their actions right in front of her. NOT based on what some person writes on a blog.

She did NOT get to be one of the worlds most successful and richest woman by waiting to see what someone blogs about. She thinks for herself.

Oprah does NOT need to be in toms itty bitty teeny tiny circle of cult worshippers.
Actor or not, Tom does NOT have any friends.
Think about it, he slams Brooke, but then he has to go crawling back to her, BEG her forgiveness, and BEG her to come to his wedding.

And if you will notice some of the names that were SUPPOSED to be at the wedding, but now have come out to say they were NOT there.

Do the names John Travolta, Kirstie Allie, Jamie Foxx ring a bell?
Jamie Foxx ditched the wedding to do an interview with Oprah.
hmmm, now why would you possibly shun the tom in favor of THE "O" ?

Oh, maybe, POWER? That's right, the POWER OF OPRAH!
Let's see who's career tanks faster,
Jamie Fox or Jim Carey
John Travolta or Mark Anthony
Kirstie Allie or Jennie McCarthy
Tom and katie have alread tanked. That is why they through this sham.

Look how many films Tom has made over the last twenty years, How many of those co stars came to the wedding? ZERO

And what about Katie, how many of HER former costars were there? Or YET, how many of her friends/costars were INVITED??

easy answer ZERO! that's right, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. Katie no longer has any friends, per tom.

And why did Oprah not go to Dr. Phil SON'S wedding? She is a friend of the father NOT the son. My son's friends will be invited to his wedding, NOT my friends.

so get over tom. he is busy giving his BFF david the BJ.

2857 days ago


to Miapocca thanks for all of the info!!!!

and of course wise owl, love your posts too!

2857 days ago


All celebs are over-rated including Cruise, Travolta and most especially all talk show hosts--including Oprah. If Oprah has anymore of those furniture rearranging shows I will throw up or if she does another "this is a picture of my day..."
good grief.
I can't stand her show anymore.

I like Travolta better than Cruise. At least his personality on screen is enjoyable no matter what he is doing. Cruise has always blown hot and cold.

Oprah will do whatever it takes to make her ratings a big splash-ola. She is no saint. Did anyone see how she acted on her cross country road trip with Gayle? Man if it wasn't a great hotel, she was griping and carrying on.
I like Gayle, she is the real deal--but Oprah--yikes!! get outa the way of that woman. when she crashed those weddings, well excuse me but that was really bad manners.

A year ago Tom probably would have come on the show with Suri.
Now he figures Oprah will just call Diane Sawyer and criticize him on national television.

And since when is John Travolta's son autistic? I never heard that or heard him say it. I don't think anyone should be saying things they are not positive are true.

I think Tom Cruise and MGM/UA will survive without Oprah "screening" his movies.

2857 days ago


#70 "BJ" - First of all, Tom Cruise is not a man that takes true responsibility for his own actions. If he had, then he would go door-to-door all around the world and single-handedly and personally appologize to every women with Post Partum Depression, women whom he has very much insulted. Appologizing to Brooke Shields OVER A YEAR LATER and knowing full well that she was going to appear on Jay Leno THE DAY AFTER only substantiates the fact that he has selfishly used her to satisfy his need to rectify the very bad publicity he himself made happen. He would also have to go door-to-door and personally appologize to every person suffering from some kind of psychiatric mental illness and retract what he said about them only needing "vitamins and exercise". If none of the above is possible, a world-wide televised appology might suffice.

No, this man whom you defend is nothing more than an egotistical, charismatic, and manipulative control freak with only a crapload of money and a brainwashing cult to keep some people's allegiance.

Secondly, he and Oprah have claimed they are "really close friends". True friends are NOT AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH about each other, even if it means that the truth hurts, which it always does. If they were really close friends, then Oprah simply exercised her right to opinion. It didn't agree with Tom Cruise's egomania, so he cut her off. If I had an entire organization like Scientology massaging my ego and available at every beck and call, I guess I too might also become a psychopathic egotist as well.

Tom Cruise has shown the world that he can't handle the truth. If most people decide it is best not to go along with his charade, he cuts them off. He wants EVERYONE to AGREE WITH HIM as if he had the answer to everything and that those who don't agree with him don't deserve to be in his circle. He is nothing more than an Emperor in his own clothes. A man with (currently) a lot of money, but a fool and a coward in every sense.

He will have no place in my future for attaining any of my money.

2857 days ago
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