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Richards' Rant -- Not The First Time

11/22/2006 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael RichardsDid Michael Richards attack the Jews? Two Los Angeles residents have come forward and said that's exactly what happened last Spring at L.A. comedy club, The Improv.

Carol Oschin and J.P. Fillet say they were at The Improv on April 22 when Richards took the stage. They say that in the middle of Richards' skit, a man in the audience said something to the comedian, when Richards allegedly launched into an anti-Semitic rant. According to Oschin, Richards screamed at the audience member, "You f***ing Jew. You people are the cause of Jesus dying."
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Oschin says the rant continued and Richards stormed off the stage. Oschin and Fillet say that, at first, they thought Richards' tirade was part of his act, but claim that it quickly became apparent it was not.

Richards' publicist, Howard Rubenstein, confirmed to TMZ that Richards did make derogatory comments about Jews, but says it was part of his act. Rubenstein says Richards told him, "I'm not anti-Semitic. I was playing a role and poking fun at the rednecks."


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While I recognize that many comedians make fun of different ethnic groups as part of their act, and that it does seem that these two phonies are trying to jump on the bandwagon with this one, I do believe that Michael Richards lost his temper at the Laugh Factory because someone said something he didn't want to hear. I think that lots of comedians drink at these late night gigs and sometimes things can get rough. I'ver heard people like D L Hughley and Dice Clay handle hecklers with skill and wit. Yelling N*gger two million times is not clever. He lost it. Whether that's okay with you is your choice. But don't use this scam as a way to trivialize his behavior. Since Seinfeld is Jewish, let's hope he didn't really seek to bite the hand that feeds him. And, I'm sure the only reason we're still hearing about this is that Seinfeld was set to release another box set for the holidays and everyone is worried about sales.

2849 days ago


Micheal needs to hang up his microphone, Due to the fact it was a rant there was no punch line. Comments are made about all racial groups by most comedians however there is a punch line. He needs to retire. He's not funny and the Seinfeld show has come to an end.He just a run down comedian with no jokes.

2849 days ago

chris walcz MRWC    

I AGREE WITH YOU SHELLY,,#393 & #398,,black on white needs to be dealt with in a more positive context..The sooner the better,,and i can assure you that lots of white folks are getting tired of this black and white bullsh*t that keeps rising to the surfice...And as for you "A JEW",,KINDLY PULL YUR NOSE OUT OF BLACK AND WHITE'S ASSES,,so we can deal with it,,,evry time an issue comes up between blks an whts,, you a**holes are rite there to try and "STEAL TH SHOW"...In th last couple of generations,,you people hav done quite well for yourslvs so don't giv me this horse sh*t tht yur being discriminated against...There is no discrimination against Jews,,except for a few derogitory remarks, (which can be delt wth so easily)..The issue here is MICHEAL RICHARDS using th "n" word in a very mean way,,so f***off wth th "WHAT ABOUT ME" tactics cus ther not gonna work here..And wen it comes to renting a home in MANHATTAN??? WHO'S TH RACIST HERE?? evry body knos who owns most of MANHATTAN,,wat hav you got to say for that "JEWBOY"..Make no mistake here,,,if i see an old Jew wth a numberd tattoo on his arm,,i will respect him,,,i will help him across th street,,i will help him wth his groceries if need be because "THIS MAN ACUALLY WENT THRU IT"...So "A JEW" wat hav you evr gone thru?....STOP RIDING ON TH COATTAILS OF THOS WHO ACULLY DID TH SUFFERING-----A**HOLE....And while i'm on th subjct of stealing attn. We all kno what yur trying to pull at "CHRISTMAS" seems evry time we "CHRISTIANS" are trying to enjoy OUR holiday's,,JEWBOY keeps trying to stick his HOLOCAUST reruns up our asses (Shindlers list etc. etc.) as if to say "YOU GET TO CELEBRATE YOUR HOLIDAY",,,"BUT WAT ABOUT US",,,"POOR US",,,"LOOK WAT HAPPEND TO US",,,"DOSN'T ANYBODY CARE ABOUT US"..How wud you like it if "WE CHRISTIANS" started insisting that YOU watch reruns of "PASSION OF TH CHRIST" wen your holiday's come around? If not,,,then stop this INCESSANT WHINING,,STOP TRYING TO STEAL TH ATTN. BLACKMAN and WHITEMAN are having a problem,,we need to deal wth it. we'll get to you later JEWBOY. NUFF SAID.

2849 days ago



2849 days ago




2849 days ago


Enough of this! Why they make such a big deal of a name calling? Would it have been better if he called them a**holes or imbecils instead of n*ggers? I would'nt like it any better if somebody call me any of those names instead of sp*c (I'm from Peru) , besides, if you don't like a comedian get the hell out of the club.
Love you Kramer!

2849 days ago


I have Two things to say nothing else:
Anyone who went to the show went there by choice, no one was forced to attend. Since other comedians have used the same topic and comments for a long priod of time, therfore ,set the standard of what has been acceptable without any complaints and/ or legal actions,It shouldn't surprise any person or persons when such language is used, especially since it is, and has been used towards all people, race, color or ethnic group prior to this particular show.
If anyone shoose to compare same language and comments towards other ethnic groups, one towards white people ( generalized), please listen or read what Kamu Kambon have to say: quote:" All white people are N >>>>, and that the only N>>>>> are white not blk.", he continued by saying, Quote:"Exterminate" white people on the entire planet". He is an author, and well looked upon by many people that represent the african american citizens. He is loud and very vulgar and he speaks out to the media openly about his view. No one ever complain>>> is that because he is not a comedian?? , and have other rights??!! to be able to offend all people without reprecusions..................I don't have the answer....I just observed....

2849 days ago

Just A Girl    


I do agree that there are blacks who spend their time hating the "white man" and complaining. I'm sorry that you have encountered negative people who happened to be black because there truly are a lot of good, hard-working black people out there. I've encountered them but they're not in my circle of friends (or even in my family for that matter) because I find them downright annoying. I have more important things to think about. My black Puerto Rican father became a Navy pilot at a time where people told him that he couldn't do that because there weren't that many pilots of color. He didn't let that stop him and neither do I let my race limit me. I have encountered whites who did blame my race and other minorities for their problems, but fortunately, I haven't run into many of those either. However, while I don't believe racism is the reason behind EVERY obstacle (sometimes it's sheer laziness on a part of an individual), I will not say that it no longer exists period and is completely invalid because there are groups out there who still perpetuate it. But I agree that blacks shouldn't blame everything on it.

I'm not sure what city you live in, but I live in Los Angeles (the origin of the Michael Richards issue) and on the news they interviewed blacks about this issue. The majority of blacks felt that the issue should be dropped and that Michael Richards has apologized umpeteen times and that everyone should just find something else to concentrate on. There was also a meeting of black leaders who want the n-word banned STARTING WITH blacks. They want the word eliminated from every black person (especially the rappers) vocabulary. It probably won't happen, but I at least felt that was progress. :)

Just A Girl

2849 days ago

John Schorr    

How about we remember the words of Christ when he said, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Michael Richards is only human. Everyone of us has fault in this area, whether in thought or deed. We're all human and fall short of perfection.Obviously Richards is sincere in his apology, so can we forgive, too.

2848 days ago


To say that blacks use the "n" word is just an excuse. I don't condone the use of the word by anyone, but clearly there is a difference (IN TONE AND CONTEXT) when 2 African-Americans refer to each other as "my nigga" and when an angry white person yells the "n" word as an insult! Besides, I've even heard young white and hispanic kids, influenced by hip-hop, referring to each other as "my nigga" (along with "dog" and "fool"). Personally, I would like to see the "n" word stricken from the english language. But anyone who says that their is no difference in the way the word is used by those with racist intent versus thoughs without, is just plain STUPID!!!

2848 days ago


I don't feel bad for those guys. In fact if Michael had done his complaint in a more reasonable manor I would applaude him. I don't see any whites rioting because one of the black guyes called him a "Cracker ass mother Fu$#er". He merely stepped foot on some ground that black people have put up barriers around. If you don't want me saying the big N, then stop using as common vernacular and stop acting in a manor that warrents outbursts like that. Mabey it is out there somewhere, but I want to see the initial heckling that lead to Michaels outburst. I'm sure his reaction wasn't unwarrented. I've had to force myself not to get outragged many times in : theaters, burger kings, public functions when groups of "Black Individuals" were obtrusive and unjustifiably loud and vocally offensive. Now, I'm not saying that it is one sided, and in fact I think he may have gone a bit over board, but I am saying that the media is trying to make his defence one sided (He is guilty), when in fact all he did is step into an area where few white people are willing to go because of the expected reaction by the black community. After all, Chappel made a fortune calling people Nig#ers, and we didn't see any riots. And the fact that Chappel is black is no damn excuse. If you don't want the word to be used by Americans and/or Humans, then the muteing needs to begin with the whiners.

2847 days ago

Truth teller    

"Miami Girl" and "mud" and the other ones who do not see the seriousness of what Richards said are clueless. There is a difference between a joke and what Richards said. If you can't tell the difference between the two, you shouldn't post anything on any web site for the rest of your life until you have matured socially and your intelligence has been sharpened. What do you mean "Move on"? Does anything bother you? Should we stop talking about everything that is wrong and pretend that everything everybody says and does is just peachy-keen and freedom of speech? Sweeping it under the rug must be your style. Please all of you, quit using the "15 minutes of fame" line because it is soooo old. If you can't see that what he said was hate and had nothing to do with "joking", then I feel sorry for you. We all know comedians who make fun of people, but you can ALWAYS see that it isn't fueled by hate, you can always see the humor. This was something different. Do us all a favor and stay silent.

2847 days ago

Truth teller    

One other thing... If there are bigger and better issues to discuss, why are you reading and writing about this issue? Go on to the bigger and better things, and quit wasting space with opinions that are, at best, poorly thought out.

2847 days ago


First off Miami Girl, Richards didn't make a joke or just say the N word. Nor did he attempt to use the N word in a playful manner. He referred to lynching as well. That does not make it a joke, making light of lynching isn't a joke... it's racist.

Now although I do agree that Using the slang term of The N word needs to stop being used, by all who use it. It's not just african -americans using it. It has become apart of our hip-hop culture and slang, and we all know that a large amount of the people who purchase and identify to the hip-hop culture are not african-americans. So please don't say that African-Americans are hypocritical, also anytime anyone of any race says something that is not considered PC, they are viewed as a racist. It is not only for caucassians... Al Sharton, Jesse Jackson and Farrakan(even though he is controversial at times) they have expressed their opinons on race relations in the past and those comments were seen as racist, when they all are working towards prosperity and success in the african-american community. So let's just say that we all have some work to do and if we could do it together, we really would be the most successful country in the world.

2847 days ago

Jack M    

Chris Rock can say Cracker, writes a book called "I hate crackers". Why aren't there white extortionists like the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons the blacks have? Comedians have been poking fun at all our differences for years. For you under 35 crowd, Don Rickles, a Jew, used to pick on every race gender and religion, (including his own), and at the end of his shows, the people he picked on in the audience, he'd invite backstage to make sure they weren't offended, and were good sports. He was and still is one of the funniest comedians. There's a little racist in everybody. Lighten up. If it weren't for cameras everwhere. This would never have made the news. One of Richard Pryors funniest recordings was called "That n*gger's crazy!" Lighten up people. Diversity is perversity. If you can't take a joke, don't go to a comedy club.

2847 days ago
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