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Richards' Rant -- Not The First Time

11/22/2006 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael RichardsDid Michael Richards attack the Jews? Two Los Angeles residents have come forward and said that's exactly what happened last Spring at L.A. comedy club, The Improv.

Carol Oschin and J.P. Fillet say they were at The Improv on April 22 when Richards took the stage. They say that in the middle of Richards' skit, a man in the audience said something to the comedian, when Richards allegedly launched into an anti-Semitic rant. According to Oschin, Richards screamed at the audience member, "You f***ing Jew. You people are the cause of Jesus dying."
Offended couple - click to play

Oschin says the rant continued and Richards stormed off the stage. Oschin and Fillet say that, at first, they thought Richards' tirade was part of his act, but claim that it quickly became apparent it was not.

Richards' publicist, Howard Rubenstein, confirmed to TMZ that Richards did make derogatory comments about Jews, but says it was part of his act. Rubenstein says Richards told him, "I'm not anti-Semitic. I was playing a role and poking fun at the rednecks."


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What's in your heart will come out of your mouth (in a protective environment ofcourse). It doesn't upset me that there are racist people in America. It only stops me from supporting their shows or buying any of their products. I could only wish that more racist would let the world know if they hated a certain people. It would make life easier.

2871 days ago


I guess I am dumb but I thought he was Jewish? Guy totally ruined his career regardless.

2871 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

To proudly agree with racist comments is so saddening...

2871 days ago


I thought he IS Jewish????

2871 days ago


Isn't Michael Richards Jewish????

2871 days ago


Once again, we see that REAL racism is alive and well. It's the kind of racism that we all know happens in our private living rooms, but we just know better than to say at work. Growing up, my family did it. I hated it. I will not raise my kids like that.

But most of America knows that the black jokes happen in their private conversations. And of course, in our minds. This guy flipped out, and said what a lot of Americans really think.

2871 days ago

Fast Forward    

Racial stories get a lot of attention because there are a small number of white people with nothing going on in their lives and want to blame it on Black people, or Asian people, or hispanics, or goldfish, or high gas prices. Didn't get a PS3? Must be because of Black people. Overweight? Must be because of outsourcing to the Indians.

so what if these people are trying to get fame or money for no work. That's America. What do you think interest on money is? what do you think happens when you buy something at retail? People don't like Americans because Americans don't understand the very systems they themselves have designed and put in place. America is known around the world as a land mass of lazy and uncultured people who try to get something for nothing. Now here are two people who say they were also insulted by Michael Richards, and the #1 criticism is..."they're just trying to cash in on this". Yes. Because that's how it works.

2871 days ago


i'm glad to see most people agree that this is bullshit.
The jew couple that came forward are looking for their 2 minutes of fame...i'm sure there will be others that have nothing better to do.
I agree that is remarks at the laugh factory were out of line, and in bad taste..but at the end of the day...who really cares.....they're just words..not actions...
If he's a racist..then so be it...hes entitled to his opinion...
Thats the problem in todays society...everyone needs to lighten up

2871 days ago


First of...just for the ignorant....JEW is a religion...not a race...and to poster LIZ...clearly you are an idiot, so addressing the validity of your remarks is pointless. I will say, however, that it is certainly easier to overlook third party commentary when you are a member of the privileged class. I think everyone should be able to make whatever remarks they want because our Constitution guarantees that right. The reason Richards is being persecuted is because, in true and typical form, he quickly rescinded the commentary and apologized instead of staying true to what he believes. Much like, I am sure, you would quickly rescind your commentary about "niggas and jews" if I was in your presence for fear that the "crazy minority" would beat your ass...Funny thing is...your comments didn't make me angry either, they made me pity mustn’t be easy to get through the day being so stupid.

2871 days ago


I'm so amazed at how white people are now feeling like they are being mistreated after being the perpetuators of the mistreatment blacks for centuries. now, you feel you're getting a little of it back and you can't deal with it....hmmmm. i don't understand how you all are comparing comics poking fun in stand up routines to what michael richards did at this comedy club. his tirade was a personal attack not part of his act...and this is the ONLY reason this is getting the way, it's the white media making the fuss not the black men that were denegrated at the club..

p.s. Miami Girl and Liz - i feel sorry for you caucasians that expell your bigotry(Liz) and ignorance(Miami Girl) on blogs because it's the only place that you have a voice...whites with a real life REALLY have better things to do than spread venom on blogs like this... PLEASE GET A LIFE!!!

2871 days ago


If they were so offended by his remarks, why didn't they come forward and say something at the time? And gee, let me guess, they think they should be awarded monetary damages too...

2871 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Right on, # 22 (Roger) and # 27 (Amy).

2871 days ago


attention whores

2871 days ago


Soooo True 32. Also, so many Americans think that, if somebody sues and get's money that it's taken from their pockets. In reality, no matter how much someone else gets, your pockets are still empty if you sit on your lazy butt complaining about who is getting paid.

2871 days ago


Even if he's not Jewish (I thought so myself), the guy was surrounded by Jews for 9 years on Seinfeld; even his manager is Jewish... He works in Hollywood!

Say what you want about the "n word" remarks, but let's remember there was a lot of tape cut out before and in the middle of his "tirade" -- we're without knowledge of any of his performance up to that point. He could have, for all we know, had multiple jewish/black/"n word"/stereotyping jokes leading up to that point, but when directed at an actual person people reacted harshly... Who knows? He's definitely feeling bad about it; he sure is taking enough heat to feel bad. But, man... judge by the facts that you know personally, not the media.

2871 days ago
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