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Richards' Rant -- Not The First Time

11/22/2006 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael RichardsDid Michael Richards attack the Jews? Two Los Angeles residents have come forward and said that's exactly what happened last Spring at L.A. comedy club, The Improv.

Carol Oschin and J.P. Fillet say they were at The Improv on April 22 when Richards took the stage. They say that in the middle of Richards' skit, a man in the audience said something to the comedian, when Richards allegedly launched into an anti-Semitic rant. According to Oschin, Richards screamed at the audience member, "You f***ing Jew. You people are the cause of Jesus dying."
Offended couple - click to play

Oschin says the rant continued and Richards stormed off the stage. Oschin and Fillet say that, at first, they thought Richards' tirade was part of his act, but claim that it quickly became apparent it was not.

Richards' publicist, Howard Rubenstein, confirmed to TMZ that Richards did make derogatory comments about Jews, but says it was part of his act. Rubenstein says Richards told him, "I'm not anti-Semitic. I was playing a role and poking fun at the rednecks."


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How typical that there were pages and pages of "Michael Richards is a racist JEW" posts here -- and then everyone shut the hell up when his publicist came forward and admitted his first statement was wrong and that Richards is not, in fact, a Jew. That's right, he isn't Jewish. He lied. Racists do a lot of that. And every moron on the Internet -- including many on sites like TMZ -- created an atmosphere that almost let him get away with it. Why? Because people thought he "looked" Jewish. (He looks Italian. His mother -- his Catholic mother -- was named Nardozzi!) Because he was on a Jewish show. Because he's a comic and all comics are Jewish! He wasn't, it turns out, the only racist unmasked in all of this.

2874 days ago


Years ago African Americans were literally called Niggers as a way to put them down and show white supremacy. Thanks to the Civil Rights movement, the word Nigger (coming a white person) is suppose to be taboo.

Years ago African Americans were literally hung and killed by whites for sport. Thanks to the Civil Rights Movement, it now considered murder. the mention of hangings of African Americans should NEVER even be discussed as a comedian's remark of humor nor as a show of anger. These were painful events that have shaped the lives of African Americans. It not something you just get over, because these things ACTUALLY happened and they happened because whites allowed them too. I am not a racist because I am a christian BUT how can we (African Americans) get to the point of forgiveness and moving on if we still have Racist that insist on putting salt into wounds. THEY WILL NEVER HEAL.

2871 days ago

terry stringer    

geez people come on he just said what the rest of the population has always wanted to say to them. if they acted like human beings this wouldnt have happened. they should check themselves before getting all pissed off.

2868 days ago


Wow, now I know what to do on my next vacation. I think I will travel around the country and look for black, hispanic or other ethnically based comedy shows. And as soon as someone makes a comment about a white person, I will have CNN, FOX news and my lawyer on speed dial and implement my new baby boomer retirement plan!

2867 days ago

Alvin Barrenston    

And as far as ugly goes, Is Adrien Brody an alien? Why are so many in Hollywood, aka: Angelina Jolie and JLo, among others getting botox injections for larger lips and hips, when Beyonces are natural? These people are making money and laughing all the way to the bank! Can you haters say you are doing the same? Grow up and stop hating. You have nothing close to Beyonce and JayZ and nobody is paying for or giving a damn about your comments.

2866 days ago

ed medrano    

Enough of this! Let's be realistic here and ask yourself this once you read this.
I being a Hispanic observe my own race and can honestly say some are equivelant to trash being for their ignorance but that can be blamed for their upbringing. The same with blacks, whites, asians, or any other race. We all are not perfect and observe each other like we deserve to judge each other. Yes there are bad apples in every race. I can have friends that are black at my house for dinner and there are those that I feel have no place on this earth except for jail and I feel the same for some in my race. It does not make me a racist! It's being part of living in a society where some are educated and civil and the other part undeducated and do not know how to act, commit crime, live on welfare and the list goes on and on. It's frustrating because we all share this place called earth but we continue to step on each others toes and live at different levels of the so called food chain! Was it correct for Richards to make these remarks? No. Does he have the right to express himself and his anger? Yes. He should have done it in a room by himself and screamed until he was blue in the face. One final thing. The people that get offended by this should look at themselves in the mirror and ask the haunting question: Why do so many people hate my race? They may not be the individual causing the trouble but look at the news and statistics on the crime area. I was robbed at gunpoint by BLACKS! Do I hate all of them? NO!

2866 days ago


Your right Miami girl, Richards is a comedian, he's one big joke

2865 days ago

Mark B    

TMZ is run by losers who couldn't make it to a respectable publishing corporation. Hence, I don't expect much other than the content of articles such as this one.

953 days ago
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