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Like Father, Like Son

11/25/2006 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Having a famous father definitely has its perks. These are the kids who get to go to movie premieres, travel to exotic locations for film shoots, and can even be spotted on the red carpet during awards season.
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But the best thing these kids get -- their daddy's good genes. Will Smith's kids could pass for a mini-version of the superstar, and while Maddox Jolie-Pitt may not look like adoptive dad Brad, it's hard to deny there's a family resemblance.

Take a look at some of the luckiest kids in Hollywood and their proud papas ... and here's hoping Barron Trump doesn't inherit his dad's unfortunate coif.


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Doesn't Brad know that it is rude to stick out your tongue?

2891 days ago


I refuse to say "african american". the term is BLACK. get over it, if you're so proud to be black stop giving yourselves ridiculous monikers that dance around the black word.

2891 days ago


#60 teeks: Kids will be kids! Why on Earth would you be "humiliated" if your child was caught sticking their tongue out at someone??!! I think it's cute and Maddox doesn't look like he's doing it to be mean. He actually looks happy and is smiling (for once). Maybe you should rephrase your sentence. The word "humiliated" seems a little much, don't ya think?!

2891 days ago


I agree with others on here, I have rarely seen maddox smile, he usually looks mad as hell, and I have never seen Zahara smile, I have never seen her walk either, someone is always holding her..I wonder if she can walk on her own? And whorelina and Arm Pitt. never look happy to me, they look miserable, maybe they stay together for the kids, I think Brad looks really bad lately, he used to look so handsome, but not anymore, and Vagalina looks like shes anorexic, or a crack addict...IMO

2891 days ago


This year (2006) I found an old pic of my now adult son and my ex-hubby , that I took in 1985. Its was a sweet look at what I thought was going to be a man that would not only be a good husband but also a great dad. In 1986 we had our daughter and I felt no matter what he would remain a good( notice;no longer great) dad. After our 1990 divorce he took an extended vacation from child care duties, with the exception of showing them off to ALL new girlfriends to show what a great guy he was. Our children are now young adults , he ( my ex ) is 20 thousand plus in back child support, and he is still as self centered as ever. However, I was so lucky to have my Father-in Law , Brother-in-law, and good male friends to guide my son to be a man I am proud to call my son. I say all of this to say: dont knock the adoptive dad, the rapper dads, the out of state dads, etc. Father is only a word unless you prove to be more that a spern doner. You never know how wonderful people are until you need help. But I must say that pic of Brad and Maddox shows that some clowning around is going on in that family , and laughs and love doesnt need to be blood to be family. Now please stop the hate, go outside and be happy that the sun is out, you are not helpless in a third world country , and laugh just for the hell of it........Peace and Love to all :)

2891 days ago

abby kadabby    

Stupid post! Brad isn't the biological father and even though you say that, the photo alone implies he is his father. Gag. Leaving your wife to set up and play house with your mistress - very classy. Let's see what kind of father he will be in 5 years. He will only ever claim Shiloh to be his. Once he is done with Angelina he will forget those two adopted kids. Very sad but true. His past speaks volumes.

2891 days ago


It would be nice if they lasted especially since he has adopted her kids.
Getting your pic in the mags with your children does not make you a good father (or a bad one).Pitt will have to father these 3 children longer than one year to be a real father. how about until they are 21???
Just getting your pic in a tabloid holding a child does not make you a father.

Or is everyone on this board 12 years old?

2891 days ago


#57 Jamie. I hate to break it to you Jamie, but your pride filled post about not being a racist revealed your own personal bigotry......regarding Christians. It is no more acceptable for you to assume that the hate-filled posts are made by Christians than the other bigots can assume things about THEIR chosen targets. I too was raised in a home with intelligent people who taught me not to hate. As for judging people (Jolie/Pitts?) everyone get off your high horse. We are all less than perfect. If you' ve led a PERFECT life then you'll be qualified to judge others (but not ONE of us has led a perfect life). All the kids are precious in my eyes. My personal favorite is the beautiful Will Smith family. Time will tell about the Jolie/Pitts, although relationships started in adultery most often fail I'm afraid. I hope not for the childrens' sakes. She seemed troubled in her earlier years, but many young people are and then they hold a steady course once they mature. Quit calling her "mentally ill".

2891 days ago


#68. Good luck to you and well done for raising those kids successfully sans daddy. My ex also is taking the "extended vacation from child care" but my kids are doing fine, after an initial difficult time, and I am so proud of them. He did put on an elaborate show of being a "loving hands on dad" to impress the new girlfriend at the start, but the kids are old enough to choose not to be part of that charade any more. God bless you from someone who's been there. Posters don't knock any genuine man who is willing to be a father FIGURE to a kid who needs a dad, even tho' he may not be the actual biological father. There are many excellent adoptive dads around, and my guess is that Brad Pitt is one of them.
As for Maddox sticking out his big deal. Get a grip. He's just a little kid.

2891 days ago


wow, some of this is really ugly.

but really, i think all the pics are cute. i don't have kids, but pics of fathers with their kids def. add points to the fathers atractive scale. except if they're dangling their kid over a balcony.

2891 days ago


I don't consider Brad a cheater...and although he met Angelina while married to Jennifer...the fact remains he had been with Jennifer a number of years and he wasn't happy. He separated and divorced and is with Angelina. I think they are a much better match, and I think considering what they've been through and having a family, which is growing, they will stay together. I think they are in it for the long haul. I bet they know happiness as most of you will never know. I wish them all the best.

You people need to leave them alone...jealousy is not becoming on any of you.

Peace to all

2891 days ago


To posters #18 (THUG), #25 (SONG OF SOUTH), #32 (MONKEY BOY) and #31 and #35 (AS ABOVE) -- your posts do a disservice to all the intelligent postings from your fellow blacks. Your pent up anger and vulgar postings prove how illiterate and depraved you really are. I agree that TMZ is a very racist board, and you posters mentioned above are major contributors. Get an education children --it's never too late.

2891 days ago

What the Heck!!!!!    

I hope you truly find a proffession one day that belongs to you , it truly saddens me every thing that occurs minoritys are put to association,the dynamics of this society needs some curing , and people that need love need people with love , and truly there is beautiful and not so attractive in every race and if people know about culture and understand human reaction and see differences with culture you would also know in general native indians that are now majority extinct and people wonder where the native population went will its all of us that have it in are genes ,also there was some defortmity that native tribes had including overbites with teeth overcrowding which was commen in some native tribes which if you had braces and there probably is someone in your family that could have an overbite and chances are there mixed with indian, including many blacks in this country also are mixed with indian and its quite unfair for people to suggest its the other way around,and us Europeans do have deformitys ourselves also with are nose with sometimes long and patruding bump, sometimes jaw line makes teeth go inward or thin lips, but if you think about all of this its only a deformaty if you make it one even though all cultures have beautiful people outward the most important thing is within and i am talking about this for people to see wake up , we do have problems ourselves and to know we are human beings we have problems we need to love and care for one another and if you cannot then my friend you need a change of heart , I hope we all can love not hate .

2891 days ago


This whole send you back to Africa sh*t is old # 75! You can come up with something a bit more original for your racist little rants! Or maybe not seeing as you sound like the uneducated one! Spend your time doing something besides being a mindless idiot!

2891 days ago

someone you don't consider Brad a cheater, even tho he was still married to Jen, and sleeping with whorelina? I guess you have no morals either..If a man is unhappy, leave your wife, get a divorce, and then bed all the hos you want..when you do it backwards..sleep with vagalina, and knock her up before the divorce is final..thats a CHEATER,,,from everything that I have read, Brad checked out of the marriage emotionally when he started filming MAMS..the rest is cheating history IMO..,,,Now they are both lunatics in my book...I feel really bad for those children.

2891 days ago
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