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Like Father, Like Son

11/25/2006 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Having a famous father definitely has its perks. These are the kids who get to go to movie premieres, travel to exotic locations for film shoots, and can even be spotted on the red carpet during awards season.
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But the best thing these kids get -- their daddy's good genes. Will Smith's kids could pass for a mini-version of the superstar, and while Maddox Jolie-Pitt may not look like adoptive dad Brad, it's hard to deny there's a family resemblance.

Take a look at some of the luckiest kids in Hollywood and their proud papas ... and here's hoping Barron Trump doesn't inherit his dad's unfortunate coif.


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#12 & 13... you both sound so IGNORANT...wonder what you and your daddy look you even communicate with him...folks like you is why the world is so messed up today...get over yourselves...damn!

2888 days ago


Maddox sticking out his tongue at a very young age? ...maybe cute....
Brad at 45? Not so much.

2888 days ago


#78 both bp and ja checked out of their marriage long befor MAMS . ja did not even come to the set but maybe 1 or 2 times when he was filming Oceans 12 . he did not come to the farewell filming of friends . they simply were not happily together . there were stories about their mariatl troubles 2-3 years befor MAMS . they did not have the same feeling about their marriage . my goodness who has a nursery fully equiped for 4 years in their perfectly beautiful house with no intentions of starting a family ? if ja is so wonderful she shouldn't have any problems getting a new love . but i don't think that's going to happen . she is shallow as hell and no man who is about anything substantial will find happiness with her . see what happens with v v if you think i'm wrong . not that he seems to be about too much more that her . asand as far as the adoptive parenting issue i believe once one adopts they are the parents for life . i think that this couple is rare and examplary .

2885 days ago


You are so right on, Carolyn Lee!!! Readers, you know something! I'll bet the hot dude Brad Pitt would of left JA along time ago, even before the 4 to 4 1/2 years that they were together. I'll bet that even back after 1 year of marriage with her, that he wanted to get the HELL OUT! But, he stuck around, thinking that it would be and get better, but it didn't, instead it got WORSE. I guess he saw JA for what she was. And, he didn't like what he saw, so he ran like hell, and this is exactly what Vince has done. So, this tells me that this JA is not a woman that any man can live with, much less marry. There must be something terrible wrong with her. She must drive these men crazy with all of her insecurities, and self-centered ways. Boy! Even when you see her with all of those pics with her and Brad, and her and Vince always laughing and acting like they're so in love, and that the two are just sooooo happppy together, I know that I could tell that it was all FAKE AND BIG TIME FAKE. I think that Jen would make sure and act STUPID LIKE THAT; especially when the CAMERAS WERE ROLLING. This Jen to me is sooooo fulllll of herself, and she IS TRYING TO BE SOMETHING THAT SHE IS NOT!! I have seen her act, and I don't like the way she acts, because she can't act, and now she is going around and telling people that she wants OSCAR. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS! HA! HA! HA! Yea Right!!!! This is how STUPID SHE IS, THINKING THAT SHE CAN WIN AN OSCAR! BOY! THIS CRAZY PERSON, NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME WITH HER STUPID, PATHETIC WAYS. YEA RIGHT! LIKE SHE IS CONSIDERED OSCAR MATERIAL!!!! NO WAY, LADY!!! You really need to go back to TV, but I think even now, no one would want to see you there either!!! So, I guess you just need to get lost, OR BETTER YET, GO AND SET YOURSELF UP AS A REGULAR ON THE OPRAH SHOW!!! YEA! THAT RIGHT! THE OPRAH SHOW! You seem to do good there, with all of your lies, and ridiculous, crazy ways that you have. PLEASE, JUST SIMPLY GET LOST, JENNIFER!!!!

2878 days ago
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