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Paris To Brit: Go Ahead, Let It All Hang Out

11/26/2006 12:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsIt seems little miss Brit is hanging out – literally -- with Paris Hilton a bit too much these days. On Friday, Spears was spotted once again with the heiress, and without underwear.

While partying at L.A.'s trendy Hyde nightclub, Britney looked a lot like Paris' on-again, off-again nemesis Lindsay Lohan, donning hair extensions, a white T-shirt and black mini-skirt. Then, according to the New York Daily News, the pop princess flashed the paparazzi while getting into a car. Stunts like these could be why she's having a hard time finding a new publicist. "She is kind of a mess," a source tells Page 6.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Sheds Her Stylist

It looks like spring came early for Nicole Richie, who has been doing some house cleaning. The stick-thin "Simple Life" star fired stylist Rachel Zoe because she "wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences," a source tells US. Apparently, Richie feels Zoe, whose clients also include waifs Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan, has a knack for promoting unhealthy body images. Nicole has replaced her with Cristina Ehrlich, who has dressed Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz.


J.Lo Mesmerized By Beckham's Big Hat

It seems the TomKat union brought together another powerful pair -- Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham. According to Page 6, the fashionistas traded tips during the wedding weekend and have been BFF ever since. In fact, they've already discussed starting a clothing line together, which J.Lo thinks will be "seriously sexy." Let's just hope that bringing oversize hats back into style wasn't the main topic of conversation.

Party Favors: Michael Richards Talks to Jesse Jackson ... A Concert for Princess Di ... Singer JoJo Stops By Bar to Get Some Cookies

Michael Richards will appear on Jesse Jackson's national radio show, "Keep Hope Alive," today to discuss his recent racist rant. Jackson says it's a chance for the former "Seinfeld" star to reach out and apologize to the black community ... Princess Diana's sons, William and Harry, are planning a celeb-filled charity concert in honor of their late mother. It is scheduled for next summer on July 1, which would have been Di's 46th birthday ... Fifteen-year-old pop singer JoJo raised some eyebrows after being spotted at L.A. hot spot Hyde. But the teen says, "I didn't know it was 21 and over. I had milk and cookies! I wasn't drinking alcohol."

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No Avatar


Britney is becoming Courtney Love...How sad. Paris can party to the cows come home, she doesn't have kids. No judge in their right mind would give Britney custody of those kids. She needs some serious help. I love to read post from people saying well she's young, blah, blah , blah Well she should have thought about that two kids ago. The woman just gave birth two months ago and now she's out there flashing photographers...COME ON! She's only hurting herself. Can't blame this one on K-Fed.

2826 days ago


Hey J-LO, can you get your husband to wash his hair and
go easy hair products? He always looks like he puts lard on his head.

2826 days ago

Lenn K    

I was one of the people who thought Britney would do alot better after she got away from K-gone. Boy was I wrong. The gal started acting like some kind tramp and slut. Never see her with the kids, hanging out with Paris Hilton which is the kiss of death. Britney better get her head out of her ASS, start acting like a mother with children. Paris has no kids and she will burnout soon we can only hope.

2826 days ago


A clothing line between J.Lo and Beckham? Oh great, looks like more defenseless animals will be brutally totured so people can look as ridiculous as these 2 sluts.

2826 days ago


There is no way in hell a California court will give Federline custody. As for Brit, she can afford the best nannies, including her own mother and family. You can bet the kids are well taken care of.

This young lady has been preggers for two years and I don't blame her for wanting something different at age 24.. She can treat herself to anything she wants,so can Paris. It's much more likely they're friends.

Paris Hilton and Britney are looking GREAT, are you beotches blind or just jealous.

2826 days ago


Roger- have you hit puberty yet? I'm guessing no

2826 days ago


It doesn't matter one bit that she has been pregnant for two years and married to a jerk. She willingly brought two children into this world and they should be her top priority. I see no problem with her going out and having a good time once a week, but this is getting ridiculous! She's out partying and her babies are at home waking up in the middle of the night and in the morning only to be cared for by someone other than their mother. Sure, she'll still get custody, but that doesn't automatically mean she's being the best parent she can be. No one is perfect when it comes to parenting, but Britney definitely has room for improvement.

2826 days ago


S true CRPN kid. But not to fear, she can pay for the best NANNIES!!!! How touching. I'm sure that will be of great solace to the boys when they get a bit older and realizae their mother is a whore. That does wonders for the male psyche.
Just when you think Britney can't possibly sink any lower she drains a little more from the pond and starts hangin with Herpes Hilton.

2826 days ago


The people talking this crap that "there is no way a judge will give custody to Federline his children" tell me 2 things...1 There are not parents and 2. They work for Britney and came up with this lame-o way to change Britney's image.

Well Britney started the war by taking the children and filing divorce papers on the day of Kevin CD release and asking for sole custody, not joint...then doing the Britney's revenge crap p.r....WTF!

All that did was raise Kevin image and make him a sympathetic figure...nobody can tell Ms. Spears what to do...and to blame all her mistakes on Kevin was very lame and to take away his children and treat him and let other people treat him with contempt after going on national TV saying "I'm standing by my man and is there for him" shows Britney to be nothing but a liar.

All Britney needed to do was to get herself into shape, stop acting like she never saw a junk food she couldn't resist and change her image to sexy woman...from little lolita. There is a big difference...she should have never went the way of Paris or Lohan. She was above that she looking toward them for guidance.

All people wanted from Britney is her sexy self and by showing that she had matured and did that without slutting up her image was doable...Britney here's a clue. One you should have went back yourself in shape and did the p.r. thing by going to one of those Stripper exercise class, belly dancing...less is more should have been your plan...until the big reveal of the new Britney,

Another thing...this idea that Kevin contaminated you was ridiculous and beneath you to should've taken full responsiblity and accountability of all your choices and actions and stop blaming other people.

2826 days ago


Two examples of movie/tv stars who went on to be good, attentive moms, in my opinion, are Gwynneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker. There are others but those two come to mind first. More times than not you seem them in photos with their children. Yes, these two women are older. Britney is just another example of someone who probably had children when they were much too young for the responsibility and commitment that goes along with that choice.

2826 days ago


#20 I can't believe you actually said mothers should only go out once a week. Putting the whole Britney thing aside, that is the most assanine statement I think I've ever read.

As for the panties thing, it was x17 that actually took those shots and posted them and unless Britney was an alien from outerspace with non woman parts, she is wearing pink or flesh colored underwear. I agree the skirt was way too short if you can't even get out of a car without flashing your goods, but in this case the report of it being bare skin was not truthful.
This kind of carp makes me wonder what else is being reported that is not the whole truth!

2826 days ago


I don't think we really have to worry about this whole Brit and Paris thing. Everyone knows Paris only keeps friends for a month anyways.

If anything we should be worried about JoJo. I don't care if she didn't drink or not. According to Lindsay Lohan, when she was around that age, she only drank red bull. But the truth is it doesn't matter what you're doing there it's just not a good environment for these young girls.

2826 days ago

just keeping it real    

#26 Kudos to you:

So What??????????if Richards HATE Blacks so do I...................

2826 days ago


Hey Candace and keeping it real,
are you a$$holes in real life or do you just play one online??

2826 days ago


#25 I hope you aren't thinking that I meant mothers should be home 24/6 other than the day they go out. That would be stupid. They're most definitely entitled to having sitters and going to lunch, shopping, a movie etc., but partying "til daylight more than one night a week is plain irresponsible. You're entitled to your opinion, (obviously) but kids need a parent that is awake and coherent.
If what I said is the most "assanine" thing you have ever read, then you obviously haven't done much reading.
FYI It's spelled asinine.

2826 days ago
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