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Britney Spears -- Butthead

11/27/2006 11:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney is Smokin'!Britney Spears took out the trash when she filed for divorce earlier this month, now she's gotten just plain sloppy and it's crossed the legal line.

TMZ cameras caught the newly hot Britney leaving Hyde nightclub in West Hollywood Friday night with new BFF Paris Hilton. Brit took a drag off of a cigarette and and then cavalierly flicked it out of a car window.

Hey Britney, in case you need to bone up on the law: throwing a lit cigarette from a moving vehicle is criminal misdemeanor, punishable by a $1000 fine.


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Give her a break. Anyone not been yourself for a while? Not being accepted for who you are. Is it really neccesary to call her white trash? Is it really neccesary to be so harsh. Instead of worrying about all her mistakes, start worrying about your own life and evaluate and analyze that.

2849 days ago


ahhhh, man you people are funny. Why is everyone judging the girl and hating big time on her? its like damn, lets the woman breathe! I'm not a fan of hers or anything, but i couldnt care less about what shes doing. If i was that rich and famous, i know for one, i'll be having the time of my life. people, listen to what you're saying! you're being extremely judgemental! isn't it that what everyone complains about? people not minding their own business but everyone else's?? jeez get a damn life and just shut up! thanks posts 102, 3 and 4, u guys seem sane.
yea, britney may not be the best role model, but really, who the hell gives a sh*t?

2849 days ago


i see nothing wrong with britney partying and hanging out with who ever she wants to. she spent a big majority of her time taking care of her kids while kevin was being a jack ass. not once did she put her fame first before her kids. so god forbid she actually wants to spend sometime to herself. at least she went out with her child and paris for a night. not like most hollywood moms that dont spend time with their kids at all. so britney, you have my suport and screw what everyone else says, they are most likely jealous that they cant get a way with what you can. just please dont get too caught up in the whole "it" scene.

2849 days ago


Britney is out of controll, you would think she would try to be a good mom to both of the children. But instead she's spending time with Paris! Brit shouldn't have kids if she is going to be a bad role model.

2849 days ago


The picture of her coming out of Paris' house at 7am looked like a typical Britney picture. She couldn't even brush the straw she's wearing now. At least Paris looked like took a shower.
She is a disappointment to me. And I do not believe Kevin is that bad. It takes 2!
Bad news for Britney.

2846 days ago


Big deal if tha bitch wans ta par-tay! Don't you dumb f***s ever do that???!!! You morons are SOOOOO uncool. Leave the bitch alone. She ain't hurtin no-one. Her kids got nannies. You losers always call a female a bitch or ho if she don't Follow. Why don't you all goo follow, follow..... f***in SHEEP!!!!

2841 days ago


well well well lesbia...leslie. it's nice girls like you that give these smegma-producing vaginal holders the $$$ they need to piss off the rest of civilized world. why don't you go find yourself a nice welfare office and get you some $$$ to buy her next CD, "Queefed"?

muchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuch saracsm (look up the word),
Brit's OBGYN

ps -- anyone get hold of CPS yet?

2839 days ago

Christina Andra    

I saw a woman flick her lit cigarette a few feet when she was pumping gas at the gas station. Such idiots - they are the same type who start forest fires by flicking their cig out the car window.

2837 days ago
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