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K-Fed -- Still V.I.Pimpin'

11/27/2006 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Once-aspiring rapper Kevin Federline trotted out family -- and some rather impressive family jewels -- for yet another release party for his album "Playing with Fire," which has sold less than 2,000 copies.

The recently un-Speared Fed-Ex graced Las Vegas hotspot TAO with an an entourage of ten, including his brother, his bodyguard, Leor the Jeweler (the Jacob of Vegas, as it were). Sources tell TMZ that the studiously un-thugged-out Federline had some dinner, then headed upstairs to a VIP lounge where he seemed to take in the atmosphere (i.e., pensively surveying a soon-to-be lost world?).

His family was there to lend support -- handsome brother Chris gave him an affectionate hug for the snappers. Perhaps he was just making sure nothing happened to the astonishingly large four-karat diamond studs Kev had in each ear. The Feds and their followers ended up in the casino, and who knows...maybe even playin' craps for bus fare. Watch for these earrings soon at a Vegas pawnshop.


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Response to # 32
1.If Kevin left his pregnant girlfriend, Britney was just as guilty for going after a man that was in that situation IN THE FIRST PLACE. If I met a guy who has a pregnant girlfriend, I would just walk away.
2. Haven’t you read his statement….there is no video! So he is not trying to get any money out of that.
3. I just don’t understand why people seem to feel so much compassion and empathy for Britney when they are both in the same boat. They are both so concerned about their careers that they don’t really care about what is happening with their kids. They should have never had then in the first place if this is how they were going to act. Neither of them were ready to have kids. I’m just glad Justin got away from Britney because he really seems like a sensible guy and she is just an AIRHEAD.

2823 days ago


There is no video because the "hush" money has been delivered................DUH

You think he is supporting himself with his good looks...........not likely...........Even looking like a loser costs money when you continue to go out night after night........

Brit Brit....................I realize you are young and have spent a good part of your youth churning out babies but GEEZ....................GET A STYLIST for all of our are looking scarier by the minute.................all females have an ass and boobs..............we don't need to see yours .............You are turning into a walking Glamour "Don't". A better choice of friends would be good as well.......................nothing proves that $$ does not buy class like Paris Hilton...........................

2823 days ago


To #47 -

We'd what a loser, no talent waste of a ton of money he is...........kinda like we say that about Paris

2823 days ago

U Know Who    

Margie, uh yeah actually his "good looks" are supporting him to some extent.
He still has his modeling deal. Do you? Does your boyfriend husband or significant other? No, hmm you sound jealous...
I love your line about the "hush" money, your truly clueless. But sure sounds good doesn't it..a Hollywood sextape conspiracy shocker! Funny..but HIGHLY unlikely no matter what your Mid-Western tunnel vision tells you.

Fred Divis - I implore you to PLEASE sell 10,000 copies of ANYTHING - I wish you luck, it aint that easy. When is your record due to release? Oh it's not, well at least K-Fed had the balls to put it down and put it out there. Unlike yourself, your balls are purely for internet blog hating.

And last but not least this guy is here to stay. Hope pray and wish for him to fade into obscurity all you like, it aint gonna happen.
If a FAT UGLY BABY HUEY TWIN "Internet Blogger", the ADOPTED DAUGHTER OF A WASHED UP R&B SINGER, And a third generation HOTEL WHOREISS can manage to "stay famous". I'm sure Kevin Federline can as well.

2823 days ago



2823 days ago

Mad Balls    

I hate to say this ...the way it is going K-fed may have a good chance at having full parental rights . K-fed is dressing right and saying the right things while Brit is acting like a ho . Maybe its' better for them to be with loser Dad than Stank skank Mom-- at least Dad doesn't take his pants off in the Club . Dickhead .

2822 days ago

Craps Dealer    

As a dealer at the Venetian let me tell you....Kevin is very nice. He doesn't act like some uppity "celebrity" and he never has......even when he and Britney were together. In fact, there's one dealer that he absolutely loves to have at his game. He asks for her by name every time he's there. How many "celebrities" remember a worker's name when they see them 4 or 5 times a year? This guy has been dragged through the mud long enough. Like a previous poster said, he's probably here to stay so just get over it.

2822 days ago


From the comment on his good loook, no wonder the loser is getting into the pants of all these foolish girls

Crap dealer, people who live on their charm are actually very good at making others feel important...thats how they make their money, by running a con.

I for one find something wrong with someone who marries simply to live off thier partners money, man or women ...if Brit was the primary earner in the family, the Loser should have been doing the househusband duties..too busy living la vida loca with Brits money.

He deserves nothing. There is seriously somethign worng with a court system that pays such a loser for being married and living off the kid all this time. All expenses during the marriage shoudl be subtracted from the prenup

What a piece of ****

2822 days ago
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