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"Michael Richards" Gets His Ass Kicked

11/28/2006 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Still fuming over Michael Richards' tirade, WWE superstars JTG and Shad Gaspard (aka Cryme Tyme) decided to get even with the embattled comic by kicking the living crap out of him ... or at least someone who looks like him.

On last night's "Monday Night Raw," the WWE brutes lampooned the "Seinfeld" star's now infamous rant. In the sketch, the duo confronts a Kramer look-a-like after he calls them both the "n" word.

Let's just say ... it doesn't end with a friendly handshake.


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Puh der Baer    

Black "people": Proof that even god had some really, really bad days.

2854 days ago


chris i'd call you a n*gga to your ugly face. so typical, threaten violence because you sure as f*** could never hurt a white man with your (lack of a brain).

2854 days ago


Holy Jeez, I wonder what Archie Bunker would have to say about all of this.

Seriously though, why oh why can this whole story just die? I fail to see how keeping this alive is helping anybody or anything.

2854 days ago

Matt the wrestling fan    

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most of the people leaving comments are not wrestling fans. No this sketch was not racially sensitive and it certainly didn’t solve anything but it’s the WWE. They’ve never been sensitive to anyone and the ratings are driven solely by instigation not solution. Pro wrestling in general has always been about tackiness and lowbrow humor, and Vince McMahon specifically tends to revel in the offensive. Long story short: If you don’t like violence (worked as it may be) don’t watch wrestling and if you don’t like being offended stay as far away from the McMahon family as you can.

2854 days ago



2854 days ago


KKKelly your ignorance is showing very badly!!

2854 days ago


Most black people don't like white people. The older ones remember how white people used to treat them and have past the stories down to the younger ones. The young women have to fight for their men because white women won't leave them alone and the young men mostly just give up due to the stereotypes put on them. Most are products of their enviroments. Getto born and getto raised. Born in-never out. Sad but true. What color am I???

2854 days ago


Tommie, I thought you were supposed to playing russian roulette. please do us all a favor so we never have to listen to your rants again. remember, you leave ONE chamber empty.

2854 days ago

Joe Dubb    

I am a long time WWE fan so I feel someone should represent us. If you have followed Vince and his company for as long as I have, you will start to pick up on the fact that nothing is sacred. Does anyone remember the Terrell Owens commercial that was soooooooo horrible about a year ago? The E poked fun at that as well. You see, the thing is, when the WWE does little things like this, it usually is on a situation that in the grand scheme of things, really isn't that important. It only gets made important by people who make a huge deal about it. The Cryme Time video isn't made to be taken serious. It is made simply to get a few chuckles at a situation that is already dumb enough. I mean honestly, who really cares what an old washed up actor has to say? Richards has his Seinfeld legacy and thats it. This won't hurt his career, because his career has been over since Seinfeld went off the air. The bottom line is, the video isn't serious (it only took up 5 minutes of the actual show), and a lot of you people need to calm down and focus on important things (like 100 of soldiers recieving a death sentence by fighting a senseless war via our president) And that goes double for Mr. Jackson.

PS. Racist or not, Seinfeld is still funny as sh*t. And i'll have my black ass in line when the next season drops. Sorry Jesse.

2854 days ago

Madonna's a skank ass liberal ho    

Have you heard that the blacks that Michael Richards called the "N" word have hired attorney Gloria Allred and have plans to sue Richards for calling them names?? I guess the next time somebody calls me a name, I will get a lawyer and sue them.

2854 days ago

just keeping it real    


Tired of this Mess do you have a freakin life? 13 of your comments and counting I bet your a LIBERAL tree huging, starbucks, wear birkenstock don't have a job lives on the computer kind of person........YUK.............

2854 days ago

Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV    

I'll admit it: I laughed. That was funny.

2854 days ago


This was freaking classic. Only losers stress the opinion that WWE is for losers. Bet you can't get in there and do it. I dare ya.

2854 days ago


the truth is - a lot of blacks are so angry because they want to be white - wished they were white - think they were dealt a bad deal because they are not white - what's that all about? If they took pride in who they are and stopped looking at themselves as inferior and the underdog then a lot of this garbabe would have been put to rest years ago - they are keeping the merry go round going. BErnie Mac joke I just heard - goes something along the lines of "what does a black sports star get first when he makes the big time? and a white chick." Now that says it all.

2854 days ago

The Prynce    

Its clear most of you have never seen the 'Cryme Tyme' group. The things they do are not meant to be racially offensive.
Well, its meant to be slightly racially offensive but in a comedic way. They're not some sort of black militant group, they're supposed to be clown-ish 'gangsta' types.

But I do agree with many of you about the use of the word... If one group of people can use a word then anyone should be able to.

-=The Prynce

2853 days ago
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