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Snoop Dog

Arrested Outside 'The Tonight Show'

11/29/2006 1:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop Screen GrabRapper Snoop Dogg was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly possessing drugs and a firearm.

Detectives from the Burbank Police Department served a search warrant on Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, outside NBC studios in Burbank at approximately 7:30 p.m. this evening. Police say they found the rapper in possession of cocaine, a firearm and a large amount of marijuana. He was also cited for allegedly having a false compartment in his vehicle.

The rapper had just performed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and was leaving the studio when police pulled his car over on Bob Hope Drive and placed him under arrest. Bail has been set at $60,000, and TMZ is told that the lawyer for the rap star expects him to be released sometime this evening.

During the performance, Snoop clutched a microphone with a large marijuana leaf symbol displayed across his hand.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ the search warrant was conducted as part of an ongoing investigation into the Dogg's arrest earlier this month at the Burbank Airport, after he allegedly tried carrying a gun in a carry-on bag onto a plane.


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Is this what "keeping it real" means?....smoke the weed, carry the heat, skip the school, go to the joint, insult the women, mumble and slouch around?

Sorry ass role model...all he has done has been to collect the dough, throw a few pennys around as charity, and take young black youth along a pied piper route to nowhere....he's taken some dumb ass white youth too but they generally have an out when they tire of it..whereas black youth dont and if they tire or grow out of it are left with no place to escape to...Mr Broadus has done an injustice with his "talent" to Black Youth. Wake up people read the Black Author, Juan Williams book "Enough" and get educated on the whole problem here.

Anyone care to debate this topic, come prepared first ok? By reading and learning instead of opinions based on intimidation, outright anger or an excuse to belittle others.


2885 days ago


And this is a shock to who???? I am just amazed that they finally arrested him. He has been carrying firearms, drugs and hoes for years now. I want to know who had the balls to actually arrest this well connected individual and will the officer be alive to testify when the court date comes? It was a brave sole to take on Snoop and his crew. Let's hope it doesn't get tossed out for some "illegal search and seizure" violation and that the officers involved crossed all their "t's" and dotted all their "i's". Best of luck to ya!

2885 days ago

sexy slim    

Hey Ms. Flojo are you a racist ? for the simple fact what kramer said was not cool and Snoop getting caught with weed is no comparison that was irelevant to this blog so you must feel Kramer you and whoever else feel like Kramer was okay is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, and people everyday all day do the same thing Snoop do and it's not seen becasue there not a star let Snoop do Snoop wether he smokes, sell or whatever that is that man's business

2885 days ago

Mad Balls    

Pass it , friend , ' cause your wasting it ! Dickhead .

2885 days ago

the wise old owl    

POst # 15 Uncle Tommie : Thanks for noticing. Right back at you. It takes one to know one ....................... xoxox

To post # 116 your mama : Rachel may become one of your supportors as you continue to made an effort to improve your blogs and post your OPINIONS. I have seen many under dogs being commended by past adversaries who in the end up earning their respect. Are you kidding me. If I ran away from people who attacked me because I wrote someting they didn't want to hear. I would have been gone after my 1st Blog. But those same people who dissed me ....are now my " peeps' I have learned a lot about human nature from blogging on TMZ.

It's evident you are making an effort and even Rachel can appeciate that I'm sure. Hang in there. EVERYONE DESERVES A 2ND CHANCE. I believe you mean well. You just have to find a way to express it so that everyone can RELATE to. To command respect have to EARN it. So far so good. I've got everyone's back whose comments come from the heart. If they're jaded or screwed know I will let you know ........ha

2885 days ago


To Post #5 Tina,

Snoop WAS arrested on Oct. 26th at the Bob Hope Airport for reportedly possessing a firearm and for having marijuana in his vehicle. TMZ DOES have their facts straight, so maybe you should check your facts before opening your big mouth.

He is ALSO facing a Dec. 4th arraignment court date in Orange County for his Sept. 27th arrest involving carrying a deadly weapon at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. The charges are from when airport security officers discovered a collapsible baton in Snoop’s carry-on luggage. At the time of his arrest, he informed the officers the baton was a prop for a movie that he was getting ready to film.

Not to mention he was convicted in 1990 of cocaine possession.

And was acquitted of murder in 1996 after being charged in the death of an alleged street gang member.

Yup, a fine upstanding citizen.

2885 days ago


This is shocking. I had no idea his name was Calvin. I had no idea he was black.
I had no........never mind.....Why would anyone actually spend money on anything that came out of his mouth-seriously?

2885 days ago

Damian Dare    

Do any of you guys think that this is just a set up? Because his fans etc are into the whole "gangster" thing, him being busted for drugs is just another ploy to cement his reputation?

I believe half of these "busts" are purposely done (by the famous people, not the police odviously) to cement their bullsh*t steryotype reputation to prove that they are a real "gangster".

2885 days ago


Rasheem you say cracker... I say you N*GGER!

2885 days ago

Puh der Baer    

"Why the h*ll would I be ashamed of him? Just because we're both Black?" "Are you ashamed of white people because Jeffrey Dahmer cut up and ate teen-age boys?"
Well, here's part of the problem. White people don't identify with people like Dahmer, Gacy, Gilmore, any psychotics, just because they're white. In fact, we distance ourselves from the insane freaks. Every color has a bad representation...and every group, every color, has it's fair share of idiots and yes, racists. Whites have some nasty racists, and some real fn'g losers. But the "mainstream" whites will turn their backs on them...we believe they have nothing in common with the decent qualities of the vast majority of white people. We don't appologize between the good and bad...and just believe the bad are just as worse as the bad black people. We don't stand behind and find some reason to justify horrendous behaviour. I've used the word "n*gger" when describing white people who fit the description.
The difference is, blacks will rally around any fellow black no matter what they've done. Case in point; Marion Barry. As the mayor of a prominent U.S. city, you're always under scrutiny. I don't care if he was "set up". Any setting up had NOTHING to do with him KNOWINGLY going to a motel, KNOWING he'd be smoking crack with a known prostitute. No suprises, except finding out he was busted. And what do blacks do? The unbelivebly RE-ELECT this guy!!!!! Yes, he was a VICTIM!!! If Mayor Daley in Chicago had been in that situation, no white person would've stood by him. "Our mayor, doing crack with a hooker??? Get him the f**k out!!! No doubt. His family wouldn't even push for him to stay in office, they'd understandably state that they want to get him help, as family have to stick together to a point. But retained as mayor??? Blacks wouldn't even have to get involved, whites' would oust him pronto. We don't stand by insane, ludicrous behaviour, just because a man is "our color".
But no...blacks will keep somebody like this....because he's black, and therefore it's nobody's fault but the White man.
So unbelievably pathetic. Back to my point, you simply have NO SHAME. Yes, because you're both black. That makes up for everything. White people despise other whites who disgrace the race, blacks find excuse after excuse, and will let anything go, just so a black "man" doesn't make the rest of you sorry excuses for even the primates.
Somebody please tell me if at least my facts are wrong, let alone my opinion.
Good luck.

2885 days ago


Puh # 124. You have seen the light and your comments are correct. Another prime example that proves your theroy that comes to mind is yes, the slasher Orenthal James Simpson. Who in civilized America will forget how black America guffawed and cheered at his not guilty verdict?

2885 days ago


Your right,

I live in SA, let me tell you that it is no "fun" being white here, here they also do not stand together, they would rather hang you than have an excuse!!!

But the blacks, well - what can I say one excuse after the other when one of them are caught with their fingers in the cookie jar.

I'm no racist - I have lots of black friends, but there is always a fight about who is right or wrong!! The white are still racists according to blacks, although if you are white in this country you can't get a job, because your skin isn't dark enough, yet we whites are still racist??? The racism in this country is from all sides of the table, and it will never end! Even with TEN years of democracy.

Oh, by the way, if I walk down the street, I keep a close look at anyone who looks suspicious (Black or white or coloured) it doesn't matter, you get bad in all colours.

Man, I have people watch me suspiciously just because I shave my head and look different, it doesn't make me a criminal! But have a white stand by me - no way.

2885 days ago

king of the priceps beiatch    

album going to be released soon. and movie. nice publicity stunt. who cares,ooops mtv generation. now snoop has new younger audience who knows he in gangster! smart move, if he doesnt do time. any news is good news! congrats snoop for keeping it real! lay off the pirico though, herb and guns are tolerated though---its america baby--- and to the snow flakes who use prescription drugs like rest of eminem generation, keep being hypocrites but buy my record first, lol

2884 days ago


Snoop is a role model for our youth? Yeah a very bad role model. Also, he wasn't arrested for being in possession of weed only, he was also carrying cocaine. The guy is a loser and he's getting off on a technicality and calling the cops racists. Just mark my words!

2884 days ago


what is the point of this? if you people have a problem with him then why are you spending so much time bashing him? just skip on by and find a story about someone you care about about then go and expend your time and energy talking about them. it doesnt make sense at all to sit there and hide behind your computer and make comments about people you dont know. i highly doubt that this man gives a damn about what anyone says about him or else he wouldnt do things like this. isnt there a war in iraq? isnt there starving children in this country? shouldnt you kids be in school or in bed or whatever it is that you do? please tell me you are children! because i cannot picture any adult sitting there writing comments like this. if you are adults, damn we are in big trouble. and please tell me why when a story is about black people all the racists come out of the woodwork? is this the secret hideout? i mean seriously! whenever britney or paris is on do you read black or hispanics or whoever going on and on and on about their race and thats why they did this and that and blah blah blah? wow so white people are really classless right? thats the stereotype that you are setting. it is in poor taste to make comments about people based on their race religion etc. it shows lack of class, tact, education. but then again what do you expect right? this is tmz after all. it does not matter what color you are. jesus christ is coming back sooner than you think and when he does the majority of you are going to hell. read revelations. thats in the bible kids. read it really slow, but no offense based on most of these comments that will be damn near impossible. and one more thing. if you really want to prove you are a big man (or woman) you need to go to a ghetto in south central or wherever they are and state your opinions there. seriously, that is what a racist does right? i wouldnt know. but you dont sit on your little computer and hide and make dumb comments like that. if you have something to say you say it to someones face. does anyone want my address? no not my email address my home address and phone number? i will make it worth your while! promise!

p.s. Jesus is coming back really soon! be warned. you need to start repenting of your sins. if not i pray he will be kind to you!

2884 days ago
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