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Court Orders Anna Nicole To Scram

11/29/2006 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A court in the Bahamas has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to vacate the house she's living in -- STAT.
Smith docs

TMZ has obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Marshall). G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her. Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday, November 27, but failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith out of the house.

TMZ obtained a letter that Thompson's lawyer sent to Smith after the default judgment was entered, demanding that she vacate within 48 hours.

Thompson was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.


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If she was a gold digger or not to her 80 something year old wealthy deceased husband, we will never know, they weren't together long b4 he died.
With that being said, since everyone wants to live by mans law and have no morals to even think about what should be really happening in this situation, give the girl a break someone!

I wish the experience of Birth and Death of your children at the same time to no one.

Let this girl get her mind together, although it seems clogged up right now and even lightheaded for the past 4 or 5 years, but give her a chance to go through this.

1)She's been fighting for a long time to at least get something for her time spent with her deceased husband, and she should.
2)She has had to pay for her way for her daily living, after his death the best way she could. There were a few big breaks, but that is not happening now when she needs monetary assistance.
3)This young lady has been humiliated enough and with her life.

I have followed her career for the most part, because she is from Mexia, Texas and I live not to far away in a city named Dallas. (lol) Overall, I think she is a nice girl. Stop hating, Have a heart u guys!

2854 days ago

Valley Girl    

This is what happens when you lie to a man about being your baby's daddy

2854 days ago


She brings the hurt on herself. Instead of holding up in the Bahamas she should be at Betty Ford or Promises. For God sake, she is an unfit mother! No mother should be allowed to cared for her childern when she is pilled out, and she always is. We have been watching her all drugged out on ET for the last month. She can't speak a sentance without almost druling.

2854 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I wonder why she dont buy her own place,she can find another old geeser to screw and make some cold dead cash,you know ,the same path the she took before,maybe shes scared

2854 days ago


She's bringing all this bad karma on herself...
If she wasn't a junkie may be Daniel wouldn't have been exposed to her drugs and if she paid her rent ~ duh, she wouln't be being evicted!

It's NOT brain surgery!

2854 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I wonder why she dont buy her own place? all she has to do is find some old fart to screw,ka-ching,old farts are a dime a dozen

2854 days ago


I think Howard knows exactly where Daniel got the drugs, I think Anna was sleeping though , she worshipped her son, but Stern on the other wouldn't have wanted to have to fight for that attention, or Daniel telling his mom to dump him.

Now he has nothing in his convenient.

2854 days ago


Well what is Anna and Howie doing now? Packing I bet but who knows they may decide the court was wrong to and their Lawyer Wayne Munroe seen the papers but for got to tell the court, so they will , Get a court order to keep everyone off the property...

2854 days ago


Sandra, she's already received $6,000,000.00 from the Marshall estate. That's $2,000,000.00 per year during the time that she knew Marshall. That sounds like a lot of money, especially in the early 1990's. Maybe that was all the money she was going to receive. Maybe Marshall was telling her to save her pennies for a reason. He said she would have enough to live on for the rest of her life if she didn't squander it. I don't think anyone has any guarantees, unless the check is cashed and the money is in your hands.

2854 days ago


Thank you Pokahontas, at least we are on ANS side. I don't know if she does drugs or what she does. I do know I'm a mother and so is ANS. I don't know how I would feel if I lost a child. I would be devistated. Please people, put your opinions to your self and think of a mother who just lost her child!

2854 days ago


This woman is pathetic! She really thought that she had everyone fooled...Let's see...

Anna's life in a nutshell:

Trailer-Trash / Stripper Whore / Mom ---> Marries billionaire ---> Playboy Playmate / Model / Crappy Actress (livin' the good life) ---> Billionaire dies ---> Fights with billionaire's son for $$$ ---> Get's fat (life ain't so good for Vickie Lynn - fat humbles her, a little) ---> Reality show star (super coked up) ---> Trimspa spokeswoman / Loses weight (life is good again) ---> Makes several appearances all drugged up / Bitchy ---> Gets pregnant (uh-oh!) ---> Baby is born (life is great!) ---> Son dies (goes crazy) ---> Ex-bf wants custody of baby (ignores it) ---> "Marries" attention seeking lawyer and drugdealer ---> Pneuomonia ---> Ex-bf REALLY wants custody and is taking further action for paternity test ---> AND NOW!!! She gets evicted from her home.

Aww, poor Anna, always the victim, lol.

What I want to know is, who the hell did she piss off upstairs?

She needs prayers =p

2854 days ago


LAUGHING!!!!!! YAY!!!! Hiya, haven't seen you in a bit!

I'm SO happy for Ben Thompson right now I could scream. Thank God that he's listened to everyone's prayers for Ben, Daniel and Dannielynn. Maybe now Anna will get rehab and the help she needs, and Howard will get the help HE needs, and Larry will see the daughter HE needs. I'm happy for them all!

2854 days ago


What kind of attorney is Howard K. Stern??? Has he ever had any other clients besides ANS? Seems to me he should be able to figure out a basic real estate contract and know if you don't make payments you get evicted. On the other hand those two look like they are heavily medicated and probably don't give a sh*t...Also I have a vague memory that years ago ANS overdosed on drugs and had a stroke and that's why she slurs her words in more pronounced manner than when she first became famous. Well, now it's hard to tell...

2854 days ago


Ummm, Pokahontas and beachmoores.........unless you've lived under a rock for ohhhhhhh, the past few months, her FIRST BORN SON DIED because of HER METH STASH. And there were only 3 people in the room when he died, ANS, HKS, and Daniel. Unless of course you'd like to blame his death on Dannielynn. God, do you have any sense? Do you have any compassion for the little baby? Have you not seen that ANS has not paid the funeral bill, paid for the home she promised to pay for to the guy she slept with and lied to him about his paternity of the child (he's shooting blanks, sorry), then told him the truth about who the father was, ran to the Bahamas to escape DNA and drug testing, and have you noticed reports that the Islanders themselves want her and her lazy *ss fake husband OUT of their country. Just in case you missed it, those are just a few of the facts. Oh......and then she faces eviction, deportation, child neglect charges, birth certificate fraudulency, possession of a controlled substance, and ......oh yeah....possible homicide charges.

She's a keeper that Anna, isn't she? (eyeroll)

2854 days ago


I'm kinda thinking they could take away her kid and give custody to someone with real parenting skills. Britney would be a good candidate. rofl

2854 days ago
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