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Court Orders Anna Nicole To Scram

11/29/2006 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A court in the Bahamas has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to vacate the house she's living in -- STAT.
Smith docs

TMZ has obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Marshall). G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her. Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday, November 27, but failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith out of the house.

TMZ obtained a letter that Thompson's lawyer sent to Smith after the default judgment was entered, demanding that she vacate within 48 hours.

Thompson was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.


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Get a grip. Do you have to tash other's lives to fullfill your own? So ANS has made her share of mistake, who of us here have not. They have a beautiful baby girl and she has just lost a son. She does not need to be loosing her home at this time to boot.
Anna, if by chance you are reading this, may God be with you and Howard and DanniLynn this holiday season.

2863 days ago


A defendant can have a default judgment vacated, or set aside, by filing a motion, after the judgement is entered, by showing of a proper excuse.

Yeah, but the key here is "proper excuse". "I was too busy sitting on my ass taking drugs" is not a proper excuse. She is represented by counsel. He doesn't have a proper excuse either.

2863 days ago


On an interview on ET this week with Anna Nicole she is moving to a new house she/they have bought.
I know of someone who had a vasectomy which didn't take the first time so that didn't put that guy in the clear. I think he acted pretty nasty and he has a woman in his life who is a friend of Birkhead.

2863 days ago

Georgia Peach    

To Pochohontas & Beechmoores (if you aren't Anna and Howard) I am completely surprised that you could or would defend the actions of these con-artists, thieves, and quite possibley murderers. Seriously, have you paid any attention to the facts surrounding ANS's legal problems??? Let's recap, shall we? First, ANS and HKS have most likely committed fraud by stating that HKS is the father of Danielynn. The whole reason ANS and HKS are in the Bahamas is to try and avoid LB's claim of paternity. He told ANS in March (before she ran BTW) that he knew the baby was his, and he wanted to establish paternity. That's why she left. She also tried to pin the pregnancy on Ben Thompson, but couldn't get that done because he informed her of his vasectomy some years prior to sleeping with her. Once she could not make Ben believe he was the father, she and HKS cooked up this scheme to claim him as the father to try and keep LB out of the picture - she did this knowing full well that she had NEVER slept with HKS and even stated she found the whole idea sickening. Why do you think she chose to give birth in the Bahamas - away from family and friends?

Then Daniel visited 3 days after the birth, and somehow ended up dying with what is most likely her methadone found in his system. The methadone was actually listed as the cause of his death, as it was combined with other non-compatible drugs at what appears to be 8 times the normal dosage. The poor child died in the hospital, and she could be heard screaming at HKS "This is your fault - you did this!" Not only that, but she cried hysterically at the funeral, saying how sorry she was to Daniel. Makes it seem that one or both of them were complicit in Daniel's death. Since she apparently took Methadone (even during her pregnancy), and Daniel was never prescribed Methadone, the fact that he died from this shortly after arriving for a visit with her does seem quite suspicious, don't you think? I believe that the authorities in the Bahamas will be making a big announcement about this very thing soon, and I would not be surprised if one or both of them are charged for his death. Regardless, it seems quite apparent that her lifestyle at least contributed to poor Daniel's demise.

Let's add to that the fact that she has been trying to steal this $950,000 home from Ben, who so graciously helped her when she needed it. Her thanks to him was to claim this home as a "gift" and refuse to pay. Get real, people. There is no way he gifted that house to her. He bought the home and prepared the deed, with the agreement that she had to pay for the home. She used said "ownership" of that home to gain citizenship in the Bahamas, which the authorities now know was fraudulent. She did not technically own the home even at the time she made application for citizenship, as no deed had been recorded. Fraud, fraud, fraud.

Now, let's talk again about Daniel. She took the time to have that ridiculous "commitment ceremony" with HKS, which means absolutely nothing, in a feeble attempt to give credibility to his paternity claim on Danielynn, but took 39 days to bury Daniel, whose body remained sitting in a refrigerator at the morgue while she perpetrated that ridiculous fraud on the world. It is so evident that those two are NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN lovers or "in love". She couldn't take the time to properly bury her son or give him the funeral he deserved until she and HKS had their little fake wedding. Makes me sick thinking about it.

She has yet to pay for the autopsy SHE had done, the house, the electric bills, the hospital bills, the funeral, and the list keeps growing. She is a con-artist and a thief.

It is all about to catch up to both of them. Paternity will soon be determined, and I am sure LB will be the father. They are now being kicked out of the home they tried to steal, and I guarantee you the authorities are just about to announce something huge (maybe even arrests) in the death of Daniel. Not to mention all of their fraud. Their house of cards is tumbling down, and they do NOT have my sympathy. I only feel sorry for Danielynn and LB, who have been denied each other during a crucial bonding period, Daniel, whose death I am sure will be tied into his own mother's Meth stash, and Ben Thompson, who I am sure has suffered some financial loss as a reward for his kindness. Those people are the victims and they are the ones deserving of your sympathetic words. Not ANS or HKS.

The clock is ticking......tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.....

2863 days ago

Ticked off    

I have read the comments about feeling sorry for her loss and I agree she has lost her son and that is tragic. Yet, she is still with that blood sucking so-called husband that keeps her on drugs and unable to recognize he may have had something to do with her sons death. I think he is slime. ANS needs to focus on making a better life for her baby. If not I think once she returns to the states, the court should take he baby away from her until she can prove she can be a fit mother and gets rid of he loser so-called husband. I think their marriage is a sham. He is controlling her with drugs or false promises of greatness that he will never be able to provide. Or he is just after the money she got from her first husband. America just think back to how much attention was put on her when her first husband died. The media didn't focus on that did they. ANS is a sad excuse for a mother.

2863 days ago

Diego Chick    

Kathy and Georgia Peach: You're exactly right. GP, thank you for that recap. Anyone (e.g.: Traci) who tries to rally sympathy for a child endangerer (women who drug their babies in utero are child endangerers) and accessory to homicide of her own child, is a complete moron and reprehensible being! How dare you suggest that WE are the cold-hearted ones? You want to view an innocent, defenseless baby as the "consolation" for someone who killed their own child - and who continues to use SERIOUS DRUGS! Let's say ANS DIDN'T kill Daniel; you STILL want to use the baby as her consolation. Who's sick, you or us? Parents who see their children as little appendages are NARCISSISTIC and entirely self-motivated: Get that straight. Children are not your "entitlement," just because you were their route into this world! Shame on anyone who suggests "compassion" for an egg-donor who has and will contiue to put children in danger - not to mention: defraud, steal and alienate her daughter's father. A mother is NOT what Anna Nicole/Vickie Lynn is. If she were a mother, she would get her child out of her own hands until she is, at least, SOBER! She's a junkie and willful accomplice to the homicide of her firstborn; there is no suffering on Earth great enough for the likes of her and her lawyer/commitment partner.

2863 days ago


Today is the day! Moving day! I could care less about the situation ANS and HKS are in, but I pray Dannielynn is safe throughout today and the days that follow. She didn't ask to be put in this at all. Poor little girl.

2863 days ago


chicawhyte, I think LB as well as ANS and HKS read these boards (as a matter of fact, I know they do) so Larry knows who's behind him and who's not, so do ANS and HKS. I'm sure ANS is wondering how she can make any money with the 5-10 fans she's got left in this world. She needs rehab, isolation from the leech HKS, parenting classes, reuniting with her parents (how can she be mad at her mother for telling about the drugs when she herself admitted to them?), and getting back to the roots she started from. She doesn't stand a chance if she doesn't.

2863 days ago


Jack, right on! My thoughts exactly! Great post!

2863 days ago

Theresa from SC    

I wish someone would give them peace and let them live thier lives, isn't that what we all want for ourselves? I consider them friends of mine and believe everyone is judging them on wrongful statements that the media of course like always has stretched too far. Anna just lost her first born and no one except friends have given her space and time to grieve. There are too many busy bodies trying to get into her personal business and it's no one's business but Anna's. Let her deal with it in her own way and don't pay attention to all the stupid media monsters trying to make her look like a bad Mother and gold digger. It's all a bunch of crap if you ask me.

2863 days ago

blah blah blah    

It's about FREAKING time!
I have been waiting for this to come to a head. ANS and her howie shadow have indulged on their freebie life style long enough.
Hello to those who I have shared opinions with on the topic of ANNA NICOLE SMITH. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE
To comment #5 are so right! I wonder when Entertainment Tonight is going to get with the real picture and present ANS and howie the shadow for what they really are!!!!!!!
HOOTERS.......................... have you tripped and blackened both your eyes sweetie? for surely you are not aware of "EVERYTHING" these 2 sleeeeeeeez bags have done and brought upon themselves. GOOD GIGGLY WIGGLY WILL YOU GO BACK FROM THE GET GO AND DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU MAKE SUCH IDIOTIC REMARKS.
And please take your defense jacket off because it will not help you here honey.
LearyLover.................................get a reality check will you?

Can hardly wait for the update or even a clip while they are being vacated

Everybody have a great day

2863 days ago


# 55- wise old owl. Who are you and what makes you think that you know so much? Are you male or female? Or had any children? I have, 1natural and 2 via c-section. A woman is supposed to abstain from sexual activity for 6-8 weeks following giving birth, whether the birth is vaginal or c-section, not the 12 weeks that you say. Also a woman is in fact more fertile after having a child due to fluctuations in hormone levels, even more so if she is nursing. And a lot of women are now having chilren right on into their 50's. Unless she's hit menopause she can in fact get pregnant again in such a short period of time. Unless you have acurate info to post get a life and save yourself from sounding ignorant. Spare us.

2863 days ago


Thank you patty, Did anyone else notice that when ever ANS was with LB baby there was always someone at hands length to get the baby right away, like they were afraid she was gonna drop her, I noticed it when she was laying the baby down to put her bonnet on and when she stood up holding her there was a women right on ANS tail, to get the baby, didnt seem anyone there had any confident in ANS mother ing (SP)skills either cause they all kmow like we do shes too high to take care of LB baby, like I said before thank God this is all on tape cause LB can prove in court she cant even put a bonnet on his daughte rwithout slurring, one more thing how can she be on a chocolate diet for trimspa and be pregnant again, what a nut case ,

2863 days ago


I could care less about Anna Nicole Smith and her life. But one thing I want to know from all of the people who post on here demanding justice and claiming they "know what is going on with her" - How do you know this stuff? Is it because you read it on a trashy website like TMZ or hear it on Extra?

I think the speculation on this board is overwhelming - Don't you know the media as a whole (especially anything tabloid) spins things whatever way they want to? I am certaintly not defending Anna Nicole or her odd antics, but it seems ridiculous that you people are "demanding jusitce" or whatever for some person with whom you propably don't even know half of the story.

2863 days ago


Have watched her on tv and she is a phony. Maybe she crying because she is guilty for not being a better mother. Seems by the way she is acting she is on drugs. I feel sorry for the baby she doesn't have a real mother. Leaving her son on a slab for such a long time because she is sad or depressed that is not excuse. She was wanting symthpy and didn't care what it cost.
She keeps saying that people are out to get her the way she is acting I wouldn't blame them .I don't think if the truth hit her in the face she would know it. She needs to clean up her act or get a life. she is getting what she deserves.

2863 days ago
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