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Court Orders Anna Nicole To Scram

11/29/2006 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A court in the Bahamas has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to vacate the house she's living in -- STAT.
Smith docs

TMZ has obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Marshall). G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her. Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday, November 27, but failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith out of the house.

TMZ obtained a letter that Thompson's lawyer sent to Smith after the default judgment was entered, demanding that she vacate within 48 hours.

Thompson was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.


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Then move over because there's going to be a hell of alot of stones being thrown at Anna. Marshall may have married ANS on his own, but he also gave her monetary gifts, cars, jewelry, and a home - and specifically said that was all she was getting. She got over 7 MILLION dollars - AND spent only approx. 30 days of her entire marriage with him. She also lied on their wedding night, and said she had to go to Greece to model - she flew back to LA. She was very sexual in front of her son, even bragged about the sex she was having TO her son (That's called child abuse where I come from). I have kids, I went through hormonal changes, but it didn't make me steal a home, buy meth because I was an addict, leave her dead child's body on a slab in the morgue for 39 days - go partying all night (remember her son is still on the slab in the frig), then have a non-marriage in the morning, then bury her son (finally) a couple days later - after getting her designer "mourning" outfits done. I didn't live in a home with no electricity with a newborn, use drugs while pregnant, nor would I have ignored court orders from the state of CA, the lawyers, or the Bahamian police. I also wouldn't have gone on ET and gave this tearful interview....without tears. Take off the rose colored glasses Judy, and get a seeing eye dog. Does that make you a better person to stand by a person who lies, steals, manipulates, and deceives people for her own benefit? All her lies started long before the "hormones", so please don't insult our intelligence by actling like her pregnancy made her act this way.


2847 days ago


Watch FOX new "Lineup" - Larry Birkhead , Saturday night 10:30pm ET

2847 days ago


Larry Birkhead and his attorney, Debra Opri on FOX NEWS the "LINEUP", Saturday 1/6/07.

FOX's Kimberly Guilfoyle said that the paternity of Dannielynn will be determined soon because of a court order stating it must be done by Jan. 23rd.. She said the facts of the case were that Laurie Payne filed a sworn declaration stating that ANS told her that Larry Birkhead is the baby's father, and that ANS was taking Xanax and Methadone while pregnant.

Debra Opri said the DNA test WILL happen and that the judge allowed LB to use his lab in California, and ANS will use the Bahamas lab. D.O. said they will make SURE that there is no switching of babies, such as HKS's niece being used for the testing, and they will make SURE it is Dannielynn that is DNA tested. (I think it would be good if they video taped the DNA testing)

R.R. was on the phone and said he just came from LeggoLand -- and LB said maybe his time would be better spent at LeggoLand because he is making a lot of inaccurate statements.

Debra Opri also said that everything R.R. said on the phone was inaccurate.
She said the issues that R.R. brought up will be heard at a later time. They have not been heard yet (they were NOT DENIED as R.R. tries to say).

Debra Opri said that LB must have a standing as the father before he proceeds with custody and visitation motions. D.O. said the motions will be heard, and ANS will have another REALITY CHECK!

Ron Rale tried to get his same old tired, lame blah blah blah in there about other issues that will be handled at a later time, and keeps saying that LB will have to go to the Bahamas to assert custodial rights. Then, Kimberly (FOX woman) told R.R. "yeah, I bet he (LB) WILL go to the Bahamas to do that. And LB said of course he will go to the Bahamas and do whatever he has to do.

FOX's Kimberly said that the baby does NOT look anything like Howard, and that evidence speaks for itself!

Kimberly asked LB if he still talks to Anna and LB said again how he sent Christmas gifts for HIS baby, and Anna called him to say thanks and that they were pretty. He said he maintains communication but she cannot talk when Howard is in the room, she has to go. LB said that one time he called and Howard answered the phone, and thats when Howard figured out what they were doing. LB said that HKS is trying to get attorney Ron Rale to press harassment charges against LB, but that is not accurate.

LB said that he knows, and Anna knows that he is the father. He went to all the doctor appointments with her up to about the 5th month of pregnancy and went through all the motions of planning to be a daddy.

FOX's Kimberly said she knows this is frustrating for LB, and that if he is the daddy, he deserves to have those rights instated.

It was a really GOOD show! I'm glad that Larry and his attorney had a chance to refute the crappola that Ron Rale said on Entertainment Tonight.

For some reason ..... Anna is in Hollywood, Florida at a WBC heavyweight bout between Samuel Peter and James Toney on Saturday night ???? Interesting how she can get out and do something stupid like this ..... but couldn't manage to get herself to California for DNA testing! I guess a boxing match is of more interest to her than her daughter's paternity or an INQUEST into her son's death? I guess she had to have hair and makeup for this public outing too? It really looks like she wants to be "left alone while she is grieving" (NOT!)

2847 days ago


IM, it IS quite interesting that she would leave the Bahamas for a boxing match. She wouldn't leave because of having a newborn and the house having no electricity, wouldn't leave although courts, lawyers and policemen ordered her too, and wouldn't come back to the states even after the death of her son, although she's not a legal resident of the Bahamas.

It's really odd that she's out on "the arms of a bodyguard" and good old Howie nowhere lurking in any of the shots. Could it be that maybe Larry's undying pledge to prove his paternity and his taking the high road of sending presents to the baby in light of all ANS and HKS have said about him, may be showing ANS there's more to life than living under the thumb of someone like Howard? Could it be Howard's not at all paternal with the child (because of course, he's not the father) so he really basically dismisses the baby, and ANS is seeing what kind of father HKS might have been?

I would bet anything that there was no conversation like "Honey, can you keep an eye on the baby, I'm going to FL for a boxing match." HKS doesn't leave her side. Maybe (hopefully LB's persistence is paying off).

Or could it be that ANS is out and about looking for some employment? TrimSpa hasn't officially announced they've dumped ANS, but you never know. And who's minding the stolen house? Haven't heard anything about that for awhile now either.

2846 days ago

Allred Tree    

Patty, I'm LOL and worried about what the neighbors are thinking. Wouldn't you think it would be HOWARD going to the boxing match and ANNA staying home with the baby? But there were some pics of her horseback riding and she did go fishing so she must be pretty athletic and sports minded.
I didn't see Howard in the picture either but on a second look think he is there. It looks to me like part of the top of his head and right eyebrow. He would be at Anna's left, but in the picture appears to be inbetween Anna and the bodyguard.
He's probably afraid to leave Anna alone with the bodyguard. I wonder if this is the same guy she was doing the dirty dancing with in Ben's house to lose the baby weight. I think ET showed her doing that in one of their last drawn-out clips.
I wish they would re-air the whole interview with no interruptions.

2846 days ago


Egads......the troll IS with her. She sure looks grief stricken and devastated. Gotta give her kudos for having the emotional strength to get extensions, veneers, horribly bad fake tan, and tattoos during this time of mourning. What a f'ing loon. And yep, there was Howie, he always follows her like he's got some sort of weird desperation in his eyes. Where have I seen that before?? Ohhh.....just came to's the way my dogs look at me when they have to go out.

2846 days ago


Hands off Anna Nicole Smith's assets
10 hrs ago | MSNBC

Anna Nicole Smith wants to make sure no one gets their hands on her assets. The former Playmate - who for years has been involved in a messy dispute over her late husband's fortune - is looking to set up a ...

By Jeannette Walls
Updated: 1:50 a.m. CT Jan 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith wants to make sure no one gets their hands on her assets.
The former Playmate — who for years has been involved in a messy dispute over her late husband’s fortune — is looking to set up a dummy corporation so that the man who says he’s the father of her daughter can’t get any of the money she might inherit.

“Now that a judge has ordered a paternity suit so that Larry Birkhead can determine if he is, indeed the father, Anna’s scared,” says a source. “Anna’s no legal eagle, but the idea of a dummy or shell corporation is something she learned in her fight over [her late husband] J. Howard Marshall’s estate. And, of course her lawyer [Howard K. Stern, the man Smith says is the baby’s father] explained it to her.”

The insider says that Smith is “still waiting for that money from Marshall’s estate to come through, and she shouldn’t hold her breath.”

Even though her biggest nemesis, Marshall’s son, has died, the estate is prepared to fight it, says the source, adding, “She’s looking to protect assets that she doesn’t really have and from what I hear, isn’t likely to get.”

2845 days ago


Amazing she is out to protect her invisable assets all the while stealing Bens from him.

2845 days ago

Lenn K    

I've always said, It's all about ANS and no one else. The more I watch her the more I'm almost ready to say Daniel just wanted out of the craziness. A mom who's a Playboy centerfold, a mom who's a drug addict, a mom who would sleep with muti-partners, a mom made sex videos that all your friends watched. Also, a mom who never let you get to know your own dad or other family members, a mom who is an attention-seeking media whore, a mom married an 80+ man just for his money, a mom who runs off to the Bahamas and won't return because she's lying about the father of your baby sister. I ask myself how would I handle living with this creature? I really don't know!

2845 days ago


You girls are such hyprocrites! One ohe hand you call Anna a hard-core drug addict, who had some involvment Daniels death. You talk about how "messed-up" she is, and every decesion she makes is awful. If this is true, dont you girls have enough sense to realize that you cant, or shouldnt analyze a drug addicts life? They are not in their right mind. She needs help. How about putting that out there, instead of all the venom?

Daniel worshiped his mother, and any one who ever met him said what a good kid he was, but I am sure you wouldnt givew Anna any credit for this.

I think All the men in her past and present life should be ashamed. They are all and are continuing to use her (fame&money). If you think Birkhead, is doing all this, because he wants to be "daddy of the year" you girls are nuts. I am sure he wants to see his little girl, but he knew what Anna was all about from the start. He could have went through the courts like every other Joe, but NO! he had to hire a high profile attorney, and go on television to state his case. He wants fame too.

Most of us real people have tried drugs, lied, and had sex while not being married. Does this mean we are horrible people and cant raise kids? If so, then most parents would not have their children. Lighten up. You girls are obsessed with Annas life. If most of us had her rough childhood and money we would have experimented with more.

I say have compassion for her (because she is a drug addict), and f*** the men in her life. Who continue to feed her addictions or feed off her fame.

2844 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

re: brenda keifer please quit posting that same thing, it's really starting to creep me out.

2844 days ago



Since we all know who you are, I'll just say this.

Almost everyone on ANY ANS board AGREES that Anna needs help, rehab, intervention, etc. It's been stated several times and YOU know this.

YOU are also well aware that it's been said HUNDREDS of times how much Daniel worshipped his mother. Over and over. YOU know that. That is not something that was "missed" by anyone.

Cut the "Daddy of the Year" crap. YOU know that Larry offered to do all of this privately, and Anna herself refused. YOU know this as well. YOU aren't fooling ANYONE. Anna and Howard brought it out to the public on her own. I know YOU are fully aware of this.

Every person has their trials and tribulations, but there is NO excuse for a drug addicted parent raising a baby. Once again YOU bring up the money issue. YOU don't know how much money any of us has, or what we've experienced, experimented with, or done in our lives. Don't make it sound like ANS is a run of the mill soccer mom with a few issues. Don't insult anyone's intelligence. Once again, as I said, I know EXACTLY who you are - take note of that. And it's becoming clear to many who YOU are as well.

HKS is the current and constant leech who feeds her addiction AND feeds her fame. Go back and look at the pics of ANS at the boxing match, stoned out of her mind, and HKS ONLY letting go of her to get a pic, like a regular paparazzi, to sell. Of his "committed" life partner. That can't walk a straight line.

YOU are aware of all of this. Quit playing games.

2843 days ago

Diego Chick    

Jwls, come on baby, you're almost there . . . to the light side. Finally, we agree on SOMETHING: Anna is a drug addict, and you can't believe/trust a drug addict. Congratulations! That is the most sensible and coherent blog you have written here. Now that we all agree that a drug addict who is currently using is negligent, untrustworthy, and potentially dangerous, can we also agree that she should not have custody of a baby? Or minimally, that someone (preferably someone who "loves" her, like, say YOU), should be petitioning the court for conservatorship over her? Watch, that's exactly what HKS has up his sleeve for down the road - but only if she gets some $$. But why the hell doesn't one of her friends or family do this?? PLEASE answer.

2843 days ago



You have UNDERESTIMATED our intelligence, and our ability to RESEARCH and UNCOVER the BIG and SMALL maneuvers that are swept under the rug...IE...using different names...addresses...personalities!

You are TRANSPARENT...many of us know your act...the TRUTH has been revealed !

WHY would you...HOW could you?? You MUST be mentally ill to do what you have done...we have been watching you for a while now...even though you were able to fool us for a SHORT time...because we TRUSTED CAN NO LONGER KEEP UP THIS CHARADE... USING SEVERAL NAMES AND EMAIL ADDY'S !


You need serious MENTAL help!

This is very SAD!


Have you NO SHAME..have you NO CONSCIOUS?




If you try to publish your STOLEN will be sued from EVERY we have contacted the proper authorities!





2843 days ago

the wise old owl    

POST # 1196 JWLS : Back again with all your jibberish and hogwash. My goodness haven't you tired yet of " being an army of 1. " Even drug addicts have to be held responsible for their actions . You can't just use that as an "excuse ". ANS had plenty times where she was offered help to get into " rehab" She choice the drugs instead.

As far as Daniel being a wonderful boy . YOU are right about that. However that most likely had nothing to do with ANS. Daniel was one of those rare examples who learned " WHAT NOT TO DO " from his mother. NO ONE is buying your " mother of the year award going to ANS ". Personally I am amazed Danial lasted as long as did under her care. It must have killed inside to know his sister was about to meet the same fate he did. My god......imagine having to wittness that all over again ? God rest his soul.

I find your comments an act of " desperation ". We all know about the "men " and " women " in ANS life. It's all the record. The worst one of them all is HKS. He thinks he has fooled the public by playing "kissey face " in public and performing a Mock Commitment " ceremony. But like the previous blogs stated " he has underestimated the intelligence of the general population. NO ONE BELIEVES A WORD OF IT. Anna';s body lauguage toward HKS speaks 1,000 words. He discusts her and she is repulsed by him. It's just a BIG JOKE !!

Who the hell leans back from a " loved one " when he goes to her ? I will tell you who. ANS does that whenever HKS goes near her. Not exactly a " new flash " since it's been showing up in every photo or TV apparance they have been on. They are fooling no one.

I am begining to think that the only reason HKS is there to HOLD ANS up and keep her from falling down when she has some event she has to cover. He also is there to SUCK her $$ and enable her Drug use.

As far LB Patty said " LB wanted to see his child long before ANS took it to the press. When you are offered no options you do what you have to do. You know as well as I do JWLS that LB had to hire a lawyer ....DAHHH.... You make that remark like it was a "bad " thing LB did. Give us all a break here. Like you wouldn't have done the same thing.

We are all onto you JWLS. There is strength in numbers and our group has grown enormously. THE PUBLIC HAS TURNED ON ANS. There are many of us now that are demanding answers from the INQUEST into Daniel's death. We want that drug compound raided where Danielynn is staying and due dillgence regarding the invesigation into Daniel's untimely death. We have made our words heard " All the way to the Bahamas " Take a look at the picketers outside the courthouse on your way back to " Horizons ". I am proud and amazed that our efforts have made it that far.

What do you have to say now ? You laughted at us in earlier blogs. And now it is us that is " laughing at you ". You would have to be " a blind man " not to notice that there are no more ANS supportors. She insults our intelligence and so do you. Once again.....a nice try but " no cigar " The Bahamas may be corrupt but there are many people in the US that will not let Daniel die in vien. If his dismise had happened in the US ANS would be in rehab and a criminal investigation would be going on "FULL BOAR "

We won't stop this campaign until we know that DANNIELYNN IS SAFE and we have some answers in regard to " WHERE THE METHADONE CAME FROM THAT KILLED DANIEL. "

Any fool can see that ANS is not fit right now to raise a little girl. They grow up quick. Dannilynn may not be able to tell that " Mommy " is wacked out of her mind yet. But she will know soon enough. Let's get his taken care of before it's too late.

. What is it about that ...THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ????

2843 days ago
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