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Hey Britney, Wake Up! You're Rich! And a Mom!

11/29/2006 6:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We started looking at the pictures of Britney at a Malibu gas station, and it got us to thinking...

Why is a woman who is reportedly worth $120 million...

1) ...driving a Porsche Boxster? (It's a $40,000 ride -- Paris drives a $400,000 Mercedes SLR MacLaren, ahem.)

2) ...pumping her own gas? (Aren't there people to do these things for her?)

3) ...going out in public without panties? (Aren't there people to put panties on her?)

What's the weirdest part of all this? Please help us decide!


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We, are not amused.    

#28 K-fed
Dare I say it...?
PerezHilton had 'em.
I dunno looks like she's wearing drawers in some of 'em.

2853 days ago

coco puff    

One question, Does Britney leave skid marks on car seats?

2853 days ago


I get that true Britney die hard fans will never see anything negative in her, but can we all follow a truthful trail. Britney advertized on her show that she basically gave Kevin no choice but to go with her to Europe. I watched only one episode just to see and realized he didn't really look that happy to be there. Of course, if a sex symbol like Britney Spears comes & tells you to go on tour with her traveling in Europe all expenses paid, well I don't know many men that would say no to that.
She pursued a man in a somewhat committed relationship and had no regard for his pregnant girlfriend. Why is anyone defending Britney. She chose her fate. As a female, I find her current situation poetic justice. Now, with her one shot to redeem herself her role model is Paris Hilton. I mean you can't write better comedy than this.

2853 days ago


A white trush that has no direction what so ever!!!!!!! She is the female version of K-fed.......She rather party day after day till dawn than to be a mom. She should of stayed with Kevin, they have so much in common.

2853 days ago


i think its ridiculous of you to say that things!!!u'r always looking to say anything wrong about her.whats the big deal of pumping her own gas????whats the big deal of driving a porshe????are u insane ?that shows how down to earth she is.
but in the other side i do agree that going around without panties is a big mistake of her shes a mom of two and she should take more responsabilities about it.oh and she needs a stylist too sometimes shes a lit bit too down to earth she's beautiful and she can look better than the other girls in hollywood.

2853 days ago


Question to everyone...have you never made a bad judgement on a relationship? Thought he was the one, but only for him to turn out to be like the rest of them? Maybe you wised up and did not take it to the extent of marriage and two kids. Have you never loved a guy so much that you were blind to all of his faults? Or when you found out the person that you put everything - your life and soul - into was cheating on you that it broke you so bad that when you finally were able to pick your head up that you went out on the town with girls and partied like there was no tomorrow?? Also, remember, she is 25!! Let her live her life...yes, the life infront of the cameras that follows her around 24/7 that proves she is not innocent, but guess what...I have yet to find someone who is perfect and their lives are not documented for the whole world to see! Easy for you to talk about someone when we know nothing about you!!!

Oh, the panty thing...could this not be airbrushed photos?? Ahhh, is that not what everybody said took place when she posed nude while preganant?? BUT, for whatever reason not possible now......

2853 days ago


The weirdest thing is the Brit thinks that she even has a prayer of a chance of making a comeback. Personally, I highly doubt that she is "REPORTEDLY" worth $120 mi. 12 mil maybe total, including real estate (which, in case you've been living in a cave), has been dropping like a stone in water lately. Her net worth is shrinking faster than her fan base. I haven't heard a Britney tune on the radio in years.

2853 days ago


Paris Hilton = Complete and utter a**hole

Britney Spears = In need of major help or she'll lose her kids to the state or something. K-fed should NEVER get those kids

2853 days ago


Brit, Brit, Brit........girlfriend, you are your own worst enemy. The pictures are SCREAMING OUT to the world that you have lost your mind.....but wait.....maybe it's really the fact that you can't take the white trash out of a white trash girl, not for all of the money in the world... You are a LOST LITTLE GIRL in a WHITE TRASH WORLD......"I don't care what people think" sh*t you don't care......just look at you flashin' yourself all over the place, night after night after night. Think about your kids........they WILL BECOME PAINFULLY AWARE of your lifestyle and just can't hide facts like's just so sad.....because you have every opportunity in the world to become a better person (because even self-inflicted adversity can do that for a person), but instead you choose to remain shallow and trashy and CLUELESS.......remember that little thing called........KARMA?....You would be wise to turn things around NOW....ASAP.....URGENTLY........FIND A GOOD ROLE MODEL, pleeeeeeeeeeeze.....................!!

2853 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

It's going to be great when Paris sleeps with K-Fed! Then lets see what she thinks of her new role model.

2853 days ago


#39 posted by Emily....Love it! That would be a match made in heaven!!!! I truly do hope that does happen, but not to hurt Britney, but wisen her up to her new found friends! Paris is what you call "Beverly Hill White Trash"!

2853 days ago

Denika C    

Why are people acting like they are surprised by Britney's recent behavior? She is a slut who started a relationship with a man who had a girlfriend already pregnant. She enabled him to walk away from a woman who already had 1 child and was pregnant with another. What did she think was going to happen to her? She got just what she deserved if he did cheat and stay gone for days at at time. People should always remember a little thing called Karma. And remember she asked him to marry her originally. He was just as bad then as he is now.

2853 days ago


Give me a BREAK!

2853 days ago


Britney doesn't have a "new body", she just isn't pregnant anymore. Giving birth will instantly make a woman look slimmer, so the fact that she doesn't have a belly anymore is nothing special. I'm not sure why people are making such a big deal about how her body looks.

2853 days ago


She is too young and to inexperienced to under stand that her kids will suffer for this in the future.She is suffering emotionaly now and I have been there divorce STINKS she has to go through the 7 stages of grief it is just like a death.but in our case we dont have to go throgh a life crisis in front of the camera PLEASE LEAVE HER ALONE SHE WILL COME TO HER SENSUS. :)

2853 days ago
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