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Hey Britney, Wake Up! You're Rich! And a Mom!

11/29/2006 6:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We started looking at the pictures of Britney at a Malibu gas station, and it got us to thinking...

Why is a woman who is reportedly worth $120 million...

1) ...driving a Porsche Boxster? (It's a $40,000 ride -- Paris drives a $400,000 Mercedes SLR MacLaren, ahem.)

2) ...pumping her own gas? (Aren't there people to do these things for her?)

3) ...going out in public without panties? (Aren't there people to put panties on her?)

What's the weirdest part of all this? Please help us decide!


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I just want to shake the b***h and smack the f**k out of her and tell her to WAKE THE F**K UP and stop running around like some drugged out, piece of trash with no kids. It's too late for all this. She can't be running around like some naive teenage anymore. She chose to have two kids. Yeah, it sucks that she isn't as free as she used to be, but that's the choice she made (twice).

Somebody in her family seriously needs to just slap the hell out of her to get her attention. There ain't enough talking in the world to get through to somebody acting as stupid as her. Meanwhile, Kevin's sporting suits and ties, and dining with his family and his lawyers. I'm sure they are loving Britney's little meltdown. I would bet money that this little self-pity party she's indulging in is going to cost her MILLIONS, and quite possibly, her sons.

2861 days ago

Michael Francis Marks    

Love that p***y shot, Britney. Keep up the good work!

2861 days ago

north woods    

I'm wondering why she wants the whole world to see her vagina!
I hope she does'nt start her period any time soon!!!

2861 days ago

Just my thought    

At first I wanted to blast her for leaving the kids at home while she goes out running the streets, but then it occured to me that the poor kids are better off at home alone with the Nanny!

2861 days ago


Britney, take care of your poor kids for God's sake!! What kind of mother leaves her two small children home with whoever, night after night, while she goes out partying??!! My heart breaks for those kids. If you wanted to spend your young adulthood partying, then you should have THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE you brought two inncocent little babies into your messed up world! I hope social services takes those kids and puts them in a place where they will be safe, loved, and nurtured. Then you can party til you puke all you want and no one will be hurt except yourself. SELFISH BITCH!

2861 days ago


Well I must say men can get away with anything with all the dirt they do and its alright but when we start to have a little fun we are this and that not a good mom . Get over it Britneys going through a divorce she is allowed to celebrate it doesn't makes her a bad mom . Why does K- Fed want full custody of their children he doesn't even have custody of his previous children took off on them remember.
So if he is a real man he would leave Britney alone and deal with visitation rights because after all Las Vegas is his home . Yo go Britney

2861 days ago


Next week's headline: Paris sleeps with K-Fed, Britney furious!

2861 days ago

Judi Morgan    

I like Britney and i feel sad for her right now. She is just reacting to her new-found freedom and unfortunately papparazi are there to capture every moment on film.
I think she will calm down and make her 'comeback' after a little bit of craziness.
She's young, she's having fun, so what?
aND...TRUST ME, SHE is a smart girl; she's amassed what, $150 million FORTUNE?...Yea... And she WAS smart enough to have Kevin Federline sign a pretty tight pre-nup.... come on....Give her a break. She'll be fine.

P.S. : Don't even think for a moment that those children aren't nice and cozy in ONE OF of her mansions w/family or a nanny....they're fine. And...btw, WE ALL hire babysitters from time to time so give me a break re her 'neglected kids' ..I SHOULD BE SO NEGLECTED! :P

2861 days ago


I would be very afraid Britany, my dear that you are falling right into your Ex Husband's plan. If you're not careful with what you're doing in the public eye, you could just lose full custody of your children. Time to grow up there my dear. You are blessed with 2 very beautiful children that need their mama.

2861 days ago

Lenn K    

Britney, now that you got that out of system get your ass home and take care of those kids. Paris is the most evil person on earth next to the President of Iran. Lindsay Lohan is a kook and a liar. Now do the right thing and stay out of the limelight or K-Dirtbag might have a reason to fight you for the kids.

2861 days ago

Judi Morgan    

i think Britney needs to hire whomever made katie Holmes over.
A year and a half ago, Katie was a fresh-faced but not too sophisticated young woman. Today she is polished in haute coututr and oozes grace and elegance.
She knows the value of less-is-more - she exudes confidence and good taste in her appearance and how she carries herself.

Britney: have your people call katie's (opps or Tom's) people and go spend some of that hard-earned money on something great for YOU.

2861 days ago


I just want to know where I can see the real picture of her crotch hanging out without it being blacked out??

2861 days ago

tony girratono    

I would LOVE to have the person who helps her into to her panties. WHAT A GIG THAT WOULD BE!@!@

2861 days ago


calm down people...brit will be wearing panties again soon...i'm just a little behind my washing duties...started w/lindsay...then paris...boy, if j lo calls.......

2861 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Whoever said she's not a natural blonde because her pubes are darker, listen up:
your pubes are usually the same color as your eyebrows, not the hair on your head. Now that you all know that, I'm sure you'll sleep a lot easier!!!


2861 days ago
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