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11/29/2006 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' party life has spiraled out of control over the last few weeks since she dumped K-Fed, and we have the photos to prove it. From all-nighters with Paris to her pantyless pic parade -- we've got the shots.

Seems like Brit wants to keep your jaw on the floor ... meanwhile, feast your eyes on these.


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Sandra Bernal    

I honestly feel so sorry for her. She does not know I think, the great damage that her relationship with K Fed has caused her. I don't think that Britney Spears will ever be what she was.

Honestly. I think people have lost intrest and respect for her. When you show to the public eye that you have no respect for yourself by ventilating your personal problems no matter how bad they are, people will not only judge unfortuately, but, they will certianly loose respect.. And when you loose that. Its over.

2853 days ago


I think Brittany Spears USED to be very cute and all!!!!But now I think that having children and gettiing married REALLY ruined her life obviously!!!!Just look at her STUPID ASS!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!~SORRY BRIT!!!!!

2853 days ago


What the heck is all the fuss about, I am sure that every one has seen a womans crotch before. She isn't killing some one, robbing, or steeling like a lot of other freeks that are suposed to be role models.
So get off her back and leave her alone

2853 days ago

Nuverande Bebuande    

Bear in mind that this public response is almost exclusive to America. Had this happened in Europe or Canada, it would scarcely have caused a ripple. There aren't many places in the world where this sort of thing is given notice.

2853 days ago


It would seem to me that someone fighting for custody of their children would maybe try and lead a responsible life.

2853 days ago


Is Britney trying to lose her kids? I guess a celebrity wouldn't, but us normal people would in a heartbeat, flashing our private parts all around town and partying all night every night. She may have felt empowered at first with her much better hair, makeup and clothing, but she is clearly on a downward spiral now. She went back to having long unstyled hair, wearing trashy crap, looking half drugged out with horrible skin, and come on girl.... put on some underwear already! At least she wore pants while with her son. I'm sorry, but after having two kids ESPECIALLY, you cannot afford to let your breasts flap in the wind because that is all they are doing, and don't even get me started on the other end! I guess this is the price you pay when you let everyone else decide who you are: you end up not even knowing who you are and make a complete circus out of yourself because of it. She's just giving Kevin major ammunition.

2853 days ago

Fed Up    

What is sad is that she has two small children at home. She knows that she is photographed at every this was done with the knowledge that this picutre would be taken. What ever the issue is with the papparazzi, right or wrong, she knew that this pictures would get out there. I don't think that she is all that bright but she can't be that dumb. This was a calculated act. It is disgusting. At this rate I would award K-Fed alimony, child support and the two kids. She is not showing herself to be a responsible parent and I wouldn't want to put those two precious children in her hands. I doubt Kevin as well. Maybe there is a couple out there who have real jobs and want children but can't have them who would truely appreciate the gift of raising children. I think that that is the best solution. Money doesn't help you be a good parent.

I think that Britney should be ashamed of the way she is behaving. She has more than herself to think about now. She needs to keep her kids in mind in everything that she does...that is what it means to be a Mom. It doesn't mean that she doesn't get to have a life but she should watch how she handles that life.

2853 days ago


Britney is beautiful and sexy!

2853 days ago


Shame she did exposing herself. But shows she had c-section and play pen is in so- so shape.

Really no lady would expose herself knowing camera's will be around. Now the kids will see there mother's exposed in photo's in future!

Doubt she will be big time proformer in future! But she has her money to do what she think's is best.

Stay single a while Brit!

Suggestion for her, pre-marry contract with anyone she wants. Paying out nothing and getting nothing!

2853 days ago

Debbie Morton    

Quit picking on the photographers. If she didn't have it hanging out there they wouldn't be able to photograph it. Honestly, Britney, if you wanted to show it to the whole world why didn't you just call Playboy? They would pay you and the lighting would have been so much more flattering. One picture I saw looking like she had razer burn. Might want to put something on that, you think?

2853 days ago


What a sorry sight! I'm sure her son's will appreciate her behavior one day. The media forces us to look at these "celebrities" at every turn. These are kids who are nothing more than self destructive, ego driven, and mindless. Aside from the fact that Spears is walking around without underwear in a mini dress??? she looks drugged up and spit out. This is as twisted as Anna Nicole having her own tv show.

2853 days ago


Brit, honey, this behavior is the type your ex is looking for to get a judge to declare you an unfit mother of his kids so he gets custody. Have fun,girl, but not to the expense of losing those adorable boys.

2853 days ago


Shame on you Britney!! You're out doing the exact same thing you're divorcing Kevin for. Partying all night, staying away from your children.And what's the matter, that you can't wear under clothing? Did Kevin spend so much on his partying and now you on your partying, that you can't afford panties. You know, after watching both you and Kevin over the last 2 years, if I were the judge presiding over your divorce, I would make your 2 precious boys wards of the state and put them in foster care. You know your boys are too young now to realize what is going on with their parents, but someday they will be old enough to understand that their parents cared more about partying instead of being with them. What will you do then? You know, once the deed is done, it can't be undone! Besides, your boys will only be this young once. Then they grow away from us to go on to lead their own lives! I understand that you're young, but once you become a mother, that doesn't matter. Your life is no longer yours. It belongs to those precious children. WAKE UP!!!

2852 days ago


I think she's lost her mind.
She's never come across as that bright and her image is for the most part all about her sexuality, but any woman wanting custody of her kids would know better than to do all she has of late.
I feel very sorry for her kids.
I see a lot of counciling in their future.

2852 days ago


i have not seen spears pic yet and cant not say any thing but u people need to get a life

2852 days ago
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