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11/29/2006 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' party life has spiraled out of control over the last few weeks since she dumped K-Fed, and we have the photos to prove it. From all-nighters with Paris to her pantyless pic parade -- we've got the shots.

Seems like Brit wants to keep your jaw on the floor ... meanwhile, feast your eyes on these.


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After revealing her meat curtains for all the world to see, I think I now know what she was talking about when she sang Toxic. I bet 'ol Ex-Fed has decided to turn his "I Speared Britney" t-shirt inside out after this.

2845 days ago

randy couch    

K Fed is probably a lot happier these last few days, Brittany is doing everything she can to help him get custody of the two kids... I saw the pics of that ugly p_ _ _y now I can see why he was always out partying with someone else... She is giving trailer parks a bad name.........i guess if you are lacking in talent you do whatever it takes to keep that fifteen minutes of fame...
I lost respect for Brittany a long time ago...............

2845 days ago


Too all you women and Mom's who expressed your displeasure in Britney's actions and nasty pics, KUDOS for you. You are my type of women, not like that filthy skanky hagged out hunk of slunk meat Britney.
What an ignorant slut she is, she is disgusting, filthy, smelly, putrid, something you wouldn't want to take home to meet Mom.
Why doesn't she just get a job in a XXX movie house, what a filthy PIG!

2845 days ago


#59 Susan..duh...How would anyone whether or not you're wearing undies? Unless, of course, you have a skirt that comes up to your arse. Please tell me how flashing your bird makes you a good role model.
I don't agree with a lot of the comments that she should just stay home and look after his sons. She had kids, she's not dead. She has every right to go out and party. BUT she also has the responsiblity to her sons and her younger fans...not to mention her little be morally correct!! This no panty thing is so wrong.
If this kind of behaviour is going to be the norm for the "tw*t pack", i daresay that they will be finding it very hard to find work. Not that they need the money.

2845 days ago


Angie #46...what exactly is cruked? Does your Mummy know you're on this site?

2845 days ago


who cares what britney does?! everyone should stop botherin her and mind their own business. I'm sure thousands of girls have had their pic taken when they were drunk n they're junk was showin. give her a break~

2844 days ago


"You can get the girl outta the trailer but not the trailer outta the girl."

Judging from those photos, I think you could get a trailer out of there.

2843 days ago


Team K-Fed.

And I used to think that no one could get more pathetic than him.

2843 days ago


The Pantie thing is Fu**ed up!! BUT still cut her some slack.... I'm sure your all just so damn perfect arn't you?!? She can party all night if she wants. Let's not forget she's RICH and can afford a good nanny for the kids at night ( while they're sleeping )!! So really come on.....

2843 days ago


F***ING DIRTY SLUTTY HOEEEEEEEEE....OMG Brit...I used to be a fan...but f***ing whatever...u're FUGLY disgusting....I'm embarrased for u....honestly I hope K-Fed gets the kids...really at least he isn't whoring himslef to the was just to u...and u bought ...hook line and sinker...and now your the dirty hoe....I cannot stand u and u make me sick...go home to your KIDS....Oh and BTW...your crotcch is chafed and think playboy wanted to pay u....f***ing grossssss

2842 days ago


Hey, any publicity is good publicity! I heard she's having trouble getting a new publicist and if this is what she does when she's all on her lonesome, she needs representation! Boy, if she's not getting more and more white trash by the minute, I don't know who is! Skank!

2842 days ago


Lokks like a good place for a 'Glade Plug In'

2841 days ago

john quay    

what would they have said if it was nice and hairy?

2840 days ago


On 11/29, someone named "Eddie" wrote: "I find it more sad how the Paparazzi went underneath her and took the picture. That itself is INVASION OF PRIVACY!"

Uh, NO, Eddie... when you walk around with a skirt THAT short and CHOOSE NOT TO WEAR PANTIES, it's called EXHIBITIONISM. Nobody had to "go underneath" to take the pictures. She willingly spread her legs which hiked up her skirt as she got out of the car (and also while IN the car), enabling the photogs to take the picture. IF it WAS invasion of privacy, then why did she repeat this choice and behavior for an entire week?

No, Eddie, the real problem is she's out of control AND she's looked up to by millions of young girls who will now probably try to emulate her. It happened with Madonna's trashy behavior in the 80s and it's happening all over again with Spears,Lohan and Hilton. Maybe they have a contest to see who can expose themselves the most over a certain period of time.

One thing you can take to the bank: If these were your average gutter-sluts, they'd have been arrested and sent to jail. But because these are three FAMOUS SLUTS, they get a "free ride."

I wish we had enough CHARACTER left in our society to simply say, "You know what? You three SLUTS just need to fade away until you get a clue about COMMON DECENCY!" Lohan should know better. Spears is simply white trash too stupid to realize she's being exploited, and Hilton is just a little rich biatch who thinks he shiat doesn't stink. Someone needs to rub her nose in it so she can realize it DOES.

As for the Papparazzi who take the pictures? How do you even look at yourselves in the mirror? Maybe that will be YOUR daughter doing it some day (inspired, no doubt, by these three tramps). How will you feel when it's YOUR daughter flashing her cookie for the likes of your fellow slugs? I'll bet you'll look at it differently then!

I'd like to ask "The Three Slutskateers" one question: What's next? Flashing with dildoes?

2840 days ago


The problem is not that she is not wearing any undies!. If K-Fed can go out and have fun, than why can't Britney!?! As for custody, Britney should for the fact that she has family to help. Once she realizes that, she will straighten out. K-Fed cares too much about himself to have that kind of responsibility. Besides this insident is the first one and everyone is all over it. K-Fed has been doing this for weeks and everyone thinks he's some kind of stud. Ha!!

2840 days ago
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