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Michael Richards -- Biggest Wacko in Hollywood?

11/29/2006 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards once threatened to kill the creator of his own sitcom -- and otherwise revealed himself during the course of the show to be, by one prominent producer's account, the "angriest," "craziest," and "worst" star in the business.

Sam Simon, longtime producer on "The Simpsons" and numerous other shows, told Howard Stern this morning that Richards' racist rant at an L.A. comedy club, brought to you by TMZ, was a public manifestation of what TV insiders have known for years -- namely, that Richards is prone to bizarre, temperamental behaviors that leave everyone shaking their heads.

Richards, says Simon, threatened the life of Spike Feresten, creator of "The Michael Richards Show," the short-lived 2000 NBC sitcom, and did it calmly and chillingly. "I have a gun," said Richards, according to Simon. "I'm going to kill you, and I'll do the time."

And that's not all -- Richards once quit the show in the middle of production, says Simon, with a full studio audience in attendance and wouldn't return until coaxed back by the president of the network. What's more, Richards once stood on his head in the middle of a shot, inexplicably, and was once found in a corner of a soundstage, weeping uncontrollably.

Richards' rep was not immediately available for comment.

UPDATE: When contacted by TMZ, a spokesman for Spike Feresten had no comment on Simon's allegations. TMZ has, however, obtained the following handwritten note sent from Feresten to Richards. The note thanks Richards for supporting Spike's new venture "Talk Show with Spike Feresten."


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2894 days ago


Trash talk. I don't believe it. Let's move on people.

2894 days ago


Lies! Everyone knows it's Naomi Campbell who's the worst one in the business.

Seriously, he's obviously in need of some sort of counseling or something. Why doesn't someone get him some meds?

2894 days ago


Okay,he made racist remaks which was horrible,now people are coming out of the woodwork saying he threatened to kill them.Yeah right.If this happened(the "I have a gun"threat)why is it just now being brought to attention?Everyone is going to keep saying Michael Richards said this or that.Yes he is a horrible racist but I think a lot of people are going to ride this Michael Richards bandwagon.

2894 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Yes is a great orator..

I like his outlook on things...

2894 days ago

the wise old owl    

After reading this I am convienced that Michael suffers from " mental illness " He has major rage issues going on and should get into THERAPY immediatly . Only an insane person would threaten someone's life with a gun.

Who knows what this man's demons are. It's evident he has lots of problems. To behave that way .....throwing temper tantrums and acting like a complete " Lunitic " will not help him get work. These producers will simply look else where to find their talent. It's not like he isn't replacable. There's another MIchael Richards out there.......just waiting for his chance to work. EXIT Michael Richards....ENTER ... new talent . NO ONE WANTS TO WORK WITH AN As* Hole.

It sounds like his Ego is out of control and He really needs to "get over himself " I've seen many actors " just burn out in Hollywood " I believe he is one of them . I know if I was producing a sitcom he would be my LAST choice after reading that bit of information. Thank goodness SAG offers a pension. He is going to need it.

2894 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

I must say curling up in the fetal postion and soiling yourself backstage is no way to win the fight..

He needs to come out swinging...


2894 days ago

All American Girl    

I am sick of looking at him! LET IT GO!

2894 days ago


This racist, crazy, s.o.b. needs to be locked up in the booby hatch. He is a complete tool. If he would have pulled his recent rant at a Show here in Chicago, I can guarantee he would have got his ass kicked. Anyone who can't control their racist outbursts needs to get some help. There are many peeps that would like to see him hung from a tree with a fork in his ass for his latest stunt. There is no excuse for what he did, other than that he is a hate monger.

2894 days ago


Back in the 80's he was a cast member of a live comedy show called Fridays. He was in a skit with Andy Kaufman and I remember him actually slapping Andy hard for insulting one of the female cast members The show went on and Kaufman got the blame for the whole situation

2894 days ago


I think that the drugs made a bad situation far worse!

2894 days ago


Ok... so hopefully this will put an end to the "Michael is a racist" comments. He obviously has some anger mgmt issues.

What I don't get is why he doesn't just retire. Those checks from Seinfeld in syndication have got to be pretty sweet.

2894 days ago


I'm crazy for trying and crazy for crying And I'm crazy for loving you......

Micheal you one crazy @ss mo fo.

2894 days ago


I can't wait for Jamie Foxx and Michael to meet up. Jamie said it's going to be on. All Michael needs is some good ole' fashioned ass whooping and he will be straight!

2894 days ago


Retire....I like that idea. Not like he will ever make another red cent doing comedy shows in the future. As if anyone would pay to go to one of his shows. He has actually forced his own retirement.

Not to mention, people are already saying they will never watch another episode of Seinfeld nor buy the DVD's. Not only did his crazy rant hurt himself, it also hurt the other cast members of Seinfeld, since a good number of people will never watch the old episodes nor purchase the DVD's, thus less cash coming in to cast members. But that's fine to, because that idiot Jerry Seinfeld was actually sticking up for Racist Richards. Does he realize that Richards was also caught on tape ripping on Jewish people to? What's next to surface? A tape of Richards gay bashing?

2894 days ago
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