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Britney Gets "Greasy"

11/30/2006 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears: Click to watchWith Paris Hilton nowhere in sight, Britney Spears settled for a D-list sidekick last night.

TMZ spotted the pop star-turned-trainwreck at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, and while she finally kept her goodies to herself, she had a posse even more pathetic than her recent late-night peep shows. Among the hangers-on; Hilton BFF Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis.

We're down for you having fun Brit, but what do you see in a guy whose claim to fame is making the word "firecrotch" synonymous with Lindsay Lohan? Ick.


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I hear ya girl, go and have fun dont worry adout all these haters. Party on we have been waitin on you.

2885 days ago

H. Snyder    

Can anyone stop the "train wreck"? I'd love to, but I just can't.

2885 days ago


Britney I can not believe what my eyes are seeing about you. I will not let my daughter listen or see you in anything anymore for why you are a hoochy and showing it on the internet man your no mom at all. You know how this world is and one day your sons will see this nasty mess. I feel for those boys. I hope K Fed gets custody of his and your sons. Man I really liked you and your songs and so did my daughter and when she heard she couldn't believe. Susanna

2885 days ago

Scott Dennison    

The point is who cares. She is a jerk

2885 days ago


Britney needs a good spanking,she's been a naughty girl.

2884 days ago


This girl needs to get her shit together , start acting like a responsible adult,and put on some friggin drawers !! I for one don't care to see her old stretched out snatch or Paris's either for that matter !!

2884 days ago


I think Britney is a disgrace, if she thinks that all her money is going to allow her to keep her children, she is out of her mind and the courts allow it to happen , well then then the judicial system is even more corrupted then ever before. Keep ypur clothes on Britney, like they ssay about men, you have seen one you seen them all in her case its al little diffrent espeacially after having two kids, how disgusting can you actually be?

2884 days ago


I am glad that Britney has her fan base. She will need it! I think the way she first came out, so pure and innocent , fooled everyone. She is now showing her true self. She is not concerned about the media, her fans or her family, especially her sons. She is only thinking of herself. She is still young. In time, she will come to realize what she is doing to herself and her image. Hopefully, she will see the light and straighten out. Look at Whitney! She finally saw the light. Britney has to sow her wild oats first. Get used to it! She will become more outrageous before she settles down.

2884 days ago


Angie, you say that Britney doesn't care what everybody says about her. Do you actually think that she cares what YOU have to say?! The way you're defending her every move is ridiculous!!! I'm sure she doesn't read this crap and say, "Oh my gosh, I just love Angie from TMZ"! Give it up already!!

2884 days ago

So Sick Of...    

What we have here people is a rich girl with no morals, an ugly as all hell crotch with sh*t juice coming out of it and she can't seem to stay at home and take care of her children. I bet that 2 month old is waking up every 2-3 hours for feedings at his age!

She is a piece of sh*t mother. End of story!!!

2883 days ago
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