Mercy for Danny, Drawers for Brit on "The View"

11/30/2006 2:15 PM PST
Oh yeah, he was wasted all right.

So said Joy Behar of Danny DeVito this morning on "The View," referring to his wacky, limoncello-lubricated appearance on Wednesday's show. "He was drunk as a skunk," exclaimed Joy, though the ladies all agreed that it was in good fun. Den mother Barbara Walters said that DeVito had called her to apologize, and that she'll have him back on the show, "better sober than not."

Later, Rosie continued her appeal for temporary adoption of young Britney Spears, and offered her a gift of something she's been sorely lacking in recent days (and nights) -- panties. In addition to one comely pair with the glittery inscription "No Peeking" on them, Rosie also offered her a pair of her own undergarments, for Brit to use "as a body stocking." Or temporary shelter.