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Perez Hilton Sued For $7.5 Million

11/30/2006 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonA Hollywood photo agency is suing snarky gossip blogger Perez Hilton aka Mario Lavandeira, for copyright infringement. The agency claims Perez used their images on his website "without permission from the agency, thereby violating federal law."

The tabloid agency is seeking over $7.5 million dollars in damages from Perez for what they say is a loss of profits and injury to their reputation. The photo agency believes their pics have played a large part in the success and profitability of, which reportedly charges between $9,000 and $16,000 a week for ad space. It costs plenty to appear next to Britney's crotch!

Perez tells TMZ, "I have yet to be personally served with this lawsuit. My lawyers and I will address the situation when we have the opportunity to review the materials."

The self-proclaimed "Gossip Gangsta," who calls a local L.A. coffee shop his "office," is currently scheduled to appear on the upcoming "Big in '06 Awards" on VH1, and on MTV's New Year's Eve special.



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Big Al    

hell yeah it was bound to happen!!! karma is a bitch...anyone buying ad space from him is gonna get a swift kick in the ass appears that multiple agencies are banding together to bring lardo down (tmz doesn't appear to be one of them)...good for you fagez!!!!!

2885 days ago


They are just hating on hime because he has the best gossip blog and I love it

2885 days ago


That photo agency must be jealous of Perez because he's so much more popular than they are and can charge that much for ads! How pathetic!

2885 days ago

Lindsay from CT    

Perez is the best thing that's happend to Hollywood Gossip!!!! And he certainly does Source his stuff.. I hope TMZ gets over it's jealousy and seriously gets a life!

Rock on Perez! Millions of people are behind you!


2885 days ago


Perez showing off this lawsuit as if he won the Oscars just shows how arrogant he is. I hope that this lawsuit will make him more modest and make him realize that he is not indeed the center of the universe.

He should not be proud of this lawsuit - it is shameful that he sees this as an award he will frame.

I lost a lot of respect for him that he is showing so much arrogance.

2885 days ago


Perez is unethical and all he does is plagarize.

THe only people who like him are the ones who are unfamiliar with just how unethical he is.

Hopefully this lawsuit will open their eyes.


2885 days ago


Perez provides everyone with a little guilty pleasure. He is good at what he does, and very successful, and therefore is bound to have a lot of people against him.

i dont think that any of the images on the site are the sole reason for people visiting, as the lawsuit claims. Perez's commentary is what makes the site, and his "predictions" that are always on the money. Who really cares what pics accompany the stories...

Go perez!!

2885 days ago


Normally I would feel sorry for the guy but he's either stolen from or snubbed several bloggers since getting "famous" and well... karma.

I was wondering how much he earned off his site. Holy crap. And he has to go to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to conduct business?


2885 days ago


Throw a dress on him and ship him up to San Quentin for 30 days. Money isnt an issue for this pansy. He deserves no pity. I would spit in his face if I saw him in a club. Punk ass freak.

2885 days ago


"Hollywood photo agency"... is that code for paparazzi? Kind of ironic, them taking the moral high ground here considering they make a living off of invading peoples privacy :P.

2885 days ago


I love Perez! I am so addicted to his celebrity gossip!

2885 days ago


That ugly fat turd is only getting what he deserves. I used to enjoy his site, but lately he's an arrogant, self important bastard. All he does is post about how fat Lindsay Lohan looks and stuff like that. His thing isn't celebrity gossip, it's celebrity bashing. But this should come as no surprise when you know that he's friends with Paris Hilton...

2885 days ago


YouTube was bought for $1.65 billion and uses mostly copryighted videos so you go Perez!!!

2885 days ago

Jammin' Johnny    

Hey isn't this america? The land of the free ??? Meaning free speech and all ??? WTF??? pretty friggin sad when u can get sued over anything any more . Hey don't stop what your doin Perez this is America and it is the land of the free. Go for it if it makes you money and fu_k the other sh*t
Jammin' Johnny

2885 days ago


I bet it's X17...they are always complaining about Perez. I hate how he is ALWAYS sucking up to Paris is suppose to unpartial!

2885 days ago
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