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Pushy Posh Pooh-Poohs Pix

11/30/2006 8:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham clearly likes to be in control, even if her outfits are not.

At the Bambi arts awards ceremony in Germany, Associated Press said "no thanks" to the Spice Girl by refusing to sign an agreement in which Posh would limit their coverage of the alleged fashionplate, seen here in a gold embroidered bedspread from the Osaka Hilton.

The document, which also raised eyebrows with Reuters and two German photo agencies, would have allowed Beckham to get copies of all photos, with the ability to use them for promotional purposes, while restricting photogs from revealing "confidential information" they might learn about the former Spice Girl during the ceremony. Gosh, Posh, what are you hiding?

The organizers of the event eventually came up with another agreement which would allow AP to cover the event as long as they promised not to take any pictures of Beckham. They shot down the agreement, forgoing coverage of the show. The other agencies agreed, but said they would purposefully not take photos of her in protest.

At this point, Getty Images is one of the few agencies with pictures of Posh from the ceremony, and from the look of this hideous outfit, the other companies haven't missed a thing.


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i was a spice girls fan. victoria got the nickname posh spice for her then good fashion sense. now, her outfits are one expensive horror to another. how did her style evolve into such scary fashion? i don't get it.

2852 days ago


Gosh. I like the gown & think she looks great. She's a mother of three! Hunky David Beckham loved her enough to marry her & his opinion on her looks is all that matters, after all.

2852 days ago


Get over yourself. If it wasn't for your husband, you would be just another "has been".

2852 days ago

Mad Balls    

No doubt the effects of anorexia are transferable . DON"T STAND TOO CLOSE TO Ms. POSH Missy HOLMES ....ARRGHH TOO LATE !!!! Sh*t . The crack ho is not important in any way . If her husband got off his ego he'd play in the US and be a Star . No . We have to have this skanky stick of poop to entertain us . I want my money back . Dickhead .

2852 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

she sucks butt

2852 days ago


How come on now. It's a gorgeous Cavalli gown, yet the same people criticising this outfit will say how amazing some random Hollywood 'star' looks in some ghastly creation that any stylish European would not be caught dead in.

2852 days ago


This girl is way to wrapped up in fashion!!!! Overboard. It's one thing to have a passion for fashion but she's lost herself in it obviously. What a mess she's become.

2852 days ago


I agree with Susan and Alix. WHY is she being photographed?
Her 15 minutes of fame was 15 years ago! Why does the media
think this anorexic, depressed looking has been is worth being photographed?
Come on, does anyone even remember the Spice Girls?
Do these two attention whores EVER smile?

2852 days ago


She never smiles because she's a super model, cat walk, pouty wanna-be, inwardly screaming "I want women to be jealous of me and men to lust after me!"

2852 days ago


Something tells me that most of the women in the music biz from the early 1980s up to today have something to hide. Or am I just being cynical?

2852 days ago


If she doesn't want to be photographed w/out an arrangement being made, then why is she always posing?

2852 days ago


It's been obvious since she was in The Spice Girls that this chick wants to be a model. It seems like she did everything in her life that she thought she wanted, only to find, through fashion, that she wanted to be a model. Unfortunately, for her family and the rest of the world, she discovered this too late and now seems to be scrambling to get it all in.
The world will respect and love you much more if you spent all this time with your boys instead of on yourself and clothes.
What will your boys think of you in 20 years, Lady Posh?

2852 days ago


Sounds like another made up story to me. If they snubbed her ass how'd we see pictures? I think she's pretty.

2852 days ago


Clearly, she isn't "irrelevant" or a "has been" when in the last two years she's put out multiple levels of fashion (from handbags to denim wear [worn by many celebrities here in America I should point out] to fragrances and beauty products).. she and her husband have been on holiday with Cavalli and Lagerfeld thinks the world of her. I won't even get into the Anna Wintour-events at which Mrs. Beckham has been a guest. Though I'm sure it's a safe bet that the individuals sniping at her aren't aware who Wintour is. If they did, they would have at least seen the photos of Victoria, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell arriving and mixing together at the Gala. Oh yea, she has that best selling fun-fashion-tips book just released a month or so ago.

Nice gown as well.

2852 days ago
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