"Borat" Screws Real Kazakh TV Crew

12/1/2006 6:18 PM PST
Here's a situation: A reporter from Kazakhstan goes to Ohio and says he's covering the elections and making a documentary for his home country. One of the guys on the crew is named "Bolat." Needless to say, they weren't exactly welcomed with open arms.

In the wake of Sacha Baron Cohen's reign of chaos as bumbling Kazakh reporter Borat, it seems that real crews from the central Asian country are having a hard time being taken seriously. The crew that went to Ohio was contacted by State Department officials and the FBI before they were finally cleared. Even then, people were skeptical.

Now, people in the fashion industry are going on high alert as well. Cohen recently made a $42.5 million deal to bring another of his characters to the big screen -- a gay Austrian fashionista named Bruno. With the worldwide success of the "Borat" flick, some critics feel he might be too recognizable to fool people into humiliating themselves again. We're betting it'll work.