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"Borat" Screws Real Kazakh TV Crew

12/1/2006 6:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BoratHere's a situation: A reporter from Kazakhstan goes to Ohio and says he's covering the elections and making a documentary for his home country. One of the guys on the crew is named "Bolat." Needless to say, they weren't exactly welcomed with open arms.

In the wake of Sacha Baron Cohen's reign of chaos as bumbling Kazakh reporter Borat, it seems that real crews from the central Asian country are having a hard time being taken seriously. The crew that went to Ohio was contacted by State Department officials and the FBI before they were finally cleared. Even then, people were skeptical.

Now, people in the fashion industry are going on high alert as well. Cohen recently made a $42.5 million deal to bring another of his characters to the big screen -- a gay Austrian fashionista named Bruno. With the worldwide success of the "Borat" flick, some critics feel he might be too recognizable to fool people into humiliating themselves again. We're betting it'll work.


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Borat is a total ass. I can't believe people paid money to see his movie.

2849 days ago


I am decidedly ambivalent about Borat. On one side, i No LiKe poor Romanian villagers being deceived and used by slick Hollywood (aka faux Khazakhstani) pros. On the second side, Borat is one funny guy and on top of that uses his ersatz bigotry to actually expose the bigotry held by others. But funny thing is they don't get it. A lot of Borat jokes in . I love Borat NOT jokes ... NOT maybe YES!

2849 days ago


Yeah right. Good story but not true!

2849 days ago


I think the joke behind Borat is to partially humiliate the people in the movie, but the real joke is to show how dumb our society really is. Some people actually have bought into the idea that Kazakhstan is exactly how it was depicted in the movie and that the citizens have such outrageous ideologies. The fact that a fictional character had the ability to convience people of such 'realities' and to make even the FBI question the authenticity of the reporters from Kazakhstan shows that people are ignorant. We susubconsciously believe what we see, even though our judgements tell us what we're watching isn't true.

2849 days ago


HAHAHAHA Thats classic

2849 days ago


This ugly idiot has gotten more than his 15 minutes of fame.
I don't even give him that on Da Ali G Show!!!!!!!!!!

2849 days ago


Love this guy. He is funny in everything he does. Loved his character voice in Madagascar, very funny and he's an excellent writer as well. His movie has made over 170 million so far, of course every losers wants some of his $$$$. Typical.

2848 days ago


Post #4 Ella: I completely agree with your comment. Are Americans now becoming so stupid + naive to ACTUALLY BELIEVE that "Borat "is NOT an obviously FICTIONAL character? C'mon, any reasonable semi-intelligent thinking person would immediately recognize this and either decide to play along with the skit or not. These numerous lawsuits being brought by alleged 'victims' of [his] having falsely/deceptively lured them into appearing in the movie are totally unwarranted + without legal foundation. [T]hey all signed standard release forms without having otherwise been coerced into doing so. GMAB, Sacha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius as evidenced by his recent $42+M deal to do his next movie which only serves to support the demand [worldwide] for his unbridled talent. And to those who accuse him of being Anti-Semitic, GAC, the guy is Jewish for Christ's sake and this claim is no different + tantamount to Blacks using the "N" word to address each other. All of this politically correctness currently being espoused in this country needs to end fairly soon if we ever hope to evolve into a nation of people who have even a semblance of autonomy by being able to think for themselves.

2848 days ago


Let me see, Cohen says the real intent of this chirade was to catch Americans putting down Jews. Along with some other slaptstick antics that get some cheap laughs along the lines of Da Vino's spiel the other day....

I struggle with though he targeting America for showing its anti semitisim towards Jews. Excuse me sir why didnt you start with your own adopted Country of England or some other place that truly across the board as a form of its own culture does not care for nor support Jews. America does more for Israel and has more Jews in Govt, Entertainment, Business, Education and the Medical and Science Fields than any other Country I can think of.

I think its for the money why it was done here---we have it, we'll spend it, and under the guise of laughing at others we love it. But when Cohen lets down his guard and talks of the real intent of the film, catching Americans bashing Jews, sandwiched by laughs at others--- I am glad he got the living sh*t knocked out of him on the street two weeks ago after being on SaturdayNight Live by a "man on the street" he pulled his cheap routine on, and who in my eyes gave him the best review of his work thus far.

Here's hoping other Borat come lately's get the same review when they are purposely insulting regular people. Guess it will now become a hazard of the role.

2848 days ago


"billyboyhere" Post #10: Let me just set the record straight for you, I happen to be Jewish myself and was born and raised in Southern California, not in England or 'wherever', so I fail to understand your failed analogy in response to my earlier comment. I was drawing upon a comparative to Cohen's glib Anti-Semitic character [Borat] to African Americans that continue to use of the the "N" word which represents nothing more than pure hypocrisy, also, the fact that the majority of American Jews are not in the least bit offended by Borat the character, because evidently they are smart enough to understand that the whole thing is nothing but a mere SPOOF. You clearly misinterpreted the intent + subject of my comment.

2848 days ago


Leonard : you said:

"so I fail to understand your failed analogy in response to my earlier comment."

uh, I wasnt responding to your comment, I was making my own..

2848 days ago


Say what? Sacha has never said "the real intent of this charade [sic] was to catch Americans putting down Jews". Where do you get this from? Or did you choose to just make this stuff up? My point is he's never said one way or the other what his "intention" was. It's up for your own interpretation and by the way it called HUMOR. Look it up in a dictionary if you don't know what that is. Perhaps you can buy a sense of humor on

Loved the movie.

2848 days ago


billyboyhere: I had made a knee-jerk reaction to your comment, I realize that you were referring to the fact that Cohen is a British citizen. However, I don't see the significant negative impact he [Cohen] is making here, by having created a fictional comedic character however controversial it may be, whether or not he is insulting Jews from the U.S. or the U.K., he is still hilarious, and as a Jew, I do not personally find his form of humor to be particularly offensive since he is Jewish himself. I was simply stating the "double standard" that exists in this country, in particular, with the use of the "N' word by African Americans as a comparative to the whole overblown recent Michael Richards fiasco, etc. Michael Richards has also made insulting remarks about Jews in his act in the past and he just happens to also be Jewish. People, get over it!

2847 days ago


" I want to have sex with your clothes"

That was what Borat said to the guy who beat him up. Goes up to a guy and says that. That wasnt Candid Camera kind of humor and if its the new kind of humor we are all supposed to find funny, than he and his imitators are going to get injured. If half the people find it funny when a stranger comes from nowhere and goes for shock and says that than great. Its the other half that dont find that kind of humor funny where something shocking may come back in return, like a fist or worse.

So all the Borat imitators now wanting to take it to the next level, more shock, more risk, do be prepared for the consequences when finding an audience on the street that isnt interested.

Stranger approaches me with that line coming across as some deluded sex freak I will respond accordingly. Police, or a Punch, but not a laugh.

Go back to the Ali-G get up, that was usually funny, taking shots at higher ups and established people. Turning on everyday people isnt, its a form of intimidation not humor.

2847 days ago


Is this a**hole's 15 minutes up yet? I'm tired of hearing about him and seeing him all over TMZ. Be gone already.

2847 days ago
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