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Britney's Paid Posse

12/1/2006 12:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's Paid Posse -- Click to WatchThe boys on Britney's payroll were her reinforcements in Hollywood on Thursday night.

A pair of Brit's backup dancers and her tour choreographer accompanied the gum-cracking star into Area nightclub, where they met up with the rest of the unholy triumvirate; Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

While Brit can be seen holding hands with one of the guys, TMZ can confirm that it's no love connection. The two are just friends.


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1:00am Brit's place last night

SPF: "mommy mommy" *wails*

Hired Help: Sean P you should know better than to scream and cry for mommy at this hour. She is out getting drunk and high with auntie Paris again tonight. Maybe when you're old enough she'll take you with her. That's if she's not in rehab or on a vacation with one of your future step daddys. Looks like it's just you and me kid!

SPF: "MOMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" *sobs himself to sleep*

2861 days ago


#11, you're probably right. That poor little kid. Think about all the changes he's been through in the past couple of months. He was used to always being with his mom. Now, all of a sudden, his mom is never around, there's a new baby in the house, and his dad is gone (though who knows how much he was around anyway.) Any one of those things would be a lot for a little kid to handle, but all three at once? Too bad Britney's too busy being a party whore to think about her son and the best way to help him through the transitions in his life. I see therapy in that little boy's future.

2861 days ago


#11 The sad part is, you are probably correct.

2861 days ago


The kids are asleep, and she's putting herself out there because her album is comming out soon. That's what you have to do in the business. Everyone is so concerned with what she's doing and sayin so much bad stuff about her. Her kids are taken care of and she is ONLY 25 PEOPLE!!! She's a millionair, no way she can blow through 100 mil.

2861 days ago


You people are whacked! Just because someone goes out for a couple of hours late at night, doesn't mean she is not with her children during the day and at night. Bunch of haters! Love you, Brit!!!!

2861 days ago


I would just love to NOT see Brittney, Paris and Lindsay on this site for a while unless they do something monumental to justify being on here. I'm sick of the "trash girls"

2861 days ago


Going out and getting wasted/high and showing your ass is not "the way to do business".

There are a lot of performers out there that do not act like this, with or without children.

2861 days ago


X17online has video and pics of this skank. She dresses like sh*t! Paris should give her some style tips, one thing about Paris, the girl can dress.

There are rumors Britney and Justin hooked up in the club. X17online is going to post the video.

2861 days ago


I'm sorry, but didn't she have kids because she wanted them and file for full custody? Is this behavior the kind that sets up good examples for her kids, no. Going out occasionally is one thing, marathon partying is another. She may have been pregnant for the better part of the last two years, she didn't give birth the whole time and if she really cared about her kids she would realize that once you become a parent, you have to put them first. Get over yourself Britney, you once said you were not responsible for other people's kids in regards to how they saw you as a role model. Well now you are a parent and have kids, own up to your role, they didn't ask to be born, you made that choice.

2861 days ago


Goodness, a baby sitter is not that much. She's worth over a million dollars. Although, this may all be a publicity stunt.

2861 days ago


Goodness, a baby sitter is not that much. She's worth over a million dollars. Although, this may all be a publicity stunt.

2861 days ago


#16 You are a dumb ass, just like this sh*t mother you worship.

2861 days ago


There aren't very many human beings that I'm literally repulsed by, but Britney is making her way onto that list. She is showing what a spoiled, selfish brat she really is--and she's acting STUPID to boot.

I wouldn't care so much if two babies weren't involved, but this heiffer is getting on my last nerve. And yeah, K-Fed was a d**k for the last two years, but the fact is that he was a d**k BEFORE she married him, and she knew that. She had no sympathy or respect for then-pregnant, Shar Jackson when she was sleeping with the father of that girls' children. She's getting payback for what SHE did to break that family up.

BTW, guess where he spent Thanksgiving? With Shar and his other kids, and family. He's really being smart about how he's playing this divorce out. Britney had this in the bag, but blew it. She is going to pay K-FED big time and she only has herself to blame.

2861 days ago


Britney could only wish that she could hook up with Justin again.

He is in a whole other league now.....out of her orbit. JT doesn't do skank.

And Cameron would beat that b*&ch down. I'd pay money to see it.

2861 days ago


Britney should get her act together and stop going out night after night with those other two whores if she wants to retain custody of her two children.

2861 days ago
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