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Lohan's Mom: Lindsay Goes to AA

12/1/2006 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Lohan clan, sans Lindsay, appeared live on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on 102.7 KIIS FM this morning to promote Ali Lohan's (Lindsay's 13-year-old sister) holiday album. Conversation quickly turned to Lindsay and reports of her partying.
Lohan audio

Mom Dina chose not to comment on reports of Paris hitting Lindsay, however, she did reveal that Lindsay has been attending AA meetings. She claims that a lot of Lindsay's friends are members and "It's a positive thing" for La Lohan.

While we agree that AA meetings are probably a good idea for the hard-partying starlet, we'd like to remind Dina what the second A in AA stands for: Anonymous!

Calls to Lindsay's reps were not immediately returned. Listen to the audio and see if you think Dina was out of line.


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Why would her stupid moron mother violate the code of AA?? Someone needs to get a dead fish and smack her right across the chops with it.

2884 days ago


This woman is not too bright and is quite trashy. Lindsay is a complete mess and way too full of herself. Very soon Lindsay is going to hit rock bottom w/ all the drugging and partying. She needs to take a cue from Tara Reid and stop being such a drunk whore.

2884 days ago

sober 23 yrs    

to #36 yes people you know speak publically about being in AA but our 11th AA tradition is concerned with anonymous at the level of the press (celbrities). Google it and you can find out why. The real problem is the person in the meeting with her who broke her anonymity. Whether it was a spy or a legitimate member of AA, it was a horrible thing to do. Her publicist and mother simply confirmed what was already widely known.

2884 days ago

randy couch    

I feel for Lindsay Lohan, being pulled from every direction, I hope she finds a soultion that will help her get her life in order.........Living in Hollywood is hard are kids and like to have fun, since she is a star and getting the reputation that the press helps make larger than life, it will be very hard for her to live a normal life..........Good luck Lindsay.....
I think her Mother is very Hot, if she ever decides to go skiing in Colorado, I will be happy to escort her to the resort of her choice and give her skiing lessons............And ROCK HER WORLD........
Randy from Denver

2884 days ago

Melvin Leppla    

One very important thing that is being forgotten about Lindsey Lohan, who is attending AA. Meetings, Ms. Lohan has been drinking alcoholic beverages openly in public since she was 18; last time I checked the legal age for drinking is 21. Somewhere along the line hasn't someone has broken the law, mainly the establishments who have sold her the booze, but as our society dictates there are laws for celebrities and there are laws for the rest of us.
Ms.Lohan's mother has stated that by Lindsey attending Alcoholic Aynonomous meetings, "Is a good thing." Not to be critical of mother Lohan's parenting skills, but being a parent instead of a stage mother earlier would have had a more positive effect on her daughters drinking problem.

2884 days ago


This woman is the skankiest peice and trash I've ever seen. If I was in Lindsays position I'd be filing a huge lawsuit. Everything about her screams CRACKWHORE!! Just looking at her you can tell shes a drug user. Poor kids. She whores her own kids in the entertainment business just so she dosent have to work. She netter hope she dosent ever cross my path or I will take a crowbar to her disgusting face and beat her to a bloody pulp. She needs to die. She is a waste. Completely useless.

2883 days ago


Once again TMZ lies to its readers!! It was written above that Lindsay's mother revealed that Lindsay is attending AA meetings and that Dina made a huge boo boo by "revealing" such info. However, if you listen closely to Ryan Seacrest, he point blank asked Lindsay's Mom if she, indeed was attending AA meetings!!!! Dina did not reveal it at all! Maybe Dina felt cornered and she just mumbled "yes." I'm sure she feels bad for saying yes... I know as a mother of a teen, that I would feel bad if I mistakenly said yes, if I felt under pressure, especially by someone like Seacrest, whom has a habit of getting under people's skin!! TMZ - COULD YOU PLEASE STICK TO THE FACTS AND STOP MAKING UP YOUR OWN NEWS???

2883 days ago


Please cut this girl some slack. If she drinks and goes out she's ridiculed. If she explores her options for help with her drinking she's ridiculed. LL is a beautiful and talented young woman who has been and continues to be exploited by her family and the Hollywood machine. She had no childhood or real education because she's been working for more than half of her life. Mostly for the benefit of others it seems. It's no wonder she's bitter and drinks and acts out. She's human, she's young, she makes mistakes. How great a person would YOU look like if you had an army of paps snapping pics of your every move? Pretty sh*tty I'm sure. LLRocks!

2883 days ago


Who is selling/serving this young woman alcohol? It is not the presses business or the publics business if she is or is not in AA. Good for her if she is. As the spouse of a recovering addict I know how they value their privacy. Okay! Maybe she has not made the right choices in her short life, but my God, leave her alone. I would guess that many people in the press have never had an addiction. If they did I am sure they would not want to be spoken about in the newspapers or online. Karma! Watch out what you report!

2883 days ago


Have been reading all the comments people have been making in reference to Lindsay's "wild child" "out of control" behavior! I do believe that she (L.L.) may have inherited an "addictive (personality) type of gene"...look at her dad...and her mom is not much better. Her mom has always (as far as I have seen or researched) been more like a "friend" than a mom to Lindsay. Dina is "living out her (Dina's) youth" through her daughter, Lindsay. I've "heard" through tabloids and such (TV interviews); that Lindsay has commented that she used to "wait up" with her mom for "nights" and even "days" for her dad to come home when he was out messing around. It seems that Lindsay "became an adult friend" to her mom when she (Lindsay) did not need to be her mom's friend (or become an "adult" figure to Dina)...but Lindsay should have been able to be a kid her "own age"! Even so, Dina always seems to have been more like the "child" or "best friend" to L.L. !! Her mom is seemingly (allegedly) so trashy. How many times have we "read in the tabloids" ...that Lindsay & her mom (Dina) have been out partying and clubbing together ...even when Lindsay was only 17 at the time ???!! I think that Dina is a huge factor in her daughter's current "state of mind". Her mom is not "forcing" Lindsay to drink, do drugs and cut herself (L.L.) !! I do think, though; that Dina is a bigger "party girl" than daughter Lindsay !! Lindsay is nearly a "legal adut"...(in July of 2007) and L.L. is "responsible" for the decisions she makes, etc. Unfortunately, since her mom (Dina) has been trying to live vicariously through L.L. ...Dina has NOT PASSED ALONG very solid or positive "decision making roles" to Lindsay. If L.L. is so accustomed to "partying alongside" her mom most otf the time...what kind of role model is her mom passing along to Lindsay ??? (Even last year ....when ushering in the new year of 2006) ...the tabloids and reviews all showed Lindsay with her mom alongside of her whooping it up and partying in Miami! A day later poor Lindsay was once again "hospitalized" for 4 or 5 days ...a bad asthma attack...??? Give me a break. That may have been a "portion" of the reason she was in the hospital...but HONESTLY, the girl (Lindsay) is continuing to "burn the candle" at both ends! She (LL) was recently on Opray and (LL) claimed the "party girl" image was blown out of proportion! That a young girl who is only 20 should be able to go out dancing with her friends. It is NOT her dancing at clubs "24/7" that worries us...but the (excessive) drinking, drugs and (now allegedly)...the cutting that is a MAJOR CONCERN. Think L.L. needs to "stand up" and take the responsibility for her "wild child out of control" ways and go to rehab or whatever it takes before it is too late. That lethal (alleged) drug O.D. "cocktail" that she had on Nov 12th SHOULD HAVE BEEN a MAJOR WAKE-UP CALL to her ! She (LL) may not be so lucky the next time....the doctor nor even an "Emergency Room" physician at a hospital will be able to revive her the next time. L.L. is "playing with (leathal) fire" !!! Hope that she (Lindsay) can "wake up" and take control (healthy) of her lifestyle and she ought NOT to allow her mom (Dina) to be a "role model" of any sort. I feel sorry for Ali and the younger boy (think his name is Dakota???) Hope that those two siblings don't take the "same path" as Lindsay seems to be taking just now.

2883 days ago


I'd luv to do em both at the same time. I'd probably get drunk just from licking them.

2883 days ago

mary C. Galamaga    

to #44 from #36 what are you talking about? what does step 11 have with anything i said on Dec 1 about Lindsay Lohan? Educate me please.

2882 days ago

mary C. Galamaga    

#55 revision:to #44 from#36- what are you talking about?What does Step 11 have anything to do with what I said about LLohan on Dec1'06? Educate me please. I googled step 11 & have been in AA long enough to at least have an opinion.

2882 days ago

Jack Smith    

Go Lindsay! You'll be like the rest of us recovering alcoholics slam fist on table teeth clinched 'I feel so much better about myself now!'

2882 days ago


Wow, a 20 year-old who likes to party. What a shocker. Ever been to a college campus people? The girl is 20! Of course she's going to party and have fun; and like a lot of people (of all ages) maybe she has partied a little too much. So what if she is checking out AA? More power to her if she is. It's a shame she can't even do that one thing in private. I'm sick of seing this girl crucified for every move she makes. So she's not little miss perfect. Who is? At least she's got talent. She's fun to watch. Give her a break. I like her because she is the real deal. She doesn't take any crap. Let's talk about how amazing she is in "Bobby". Lindsay will be a big star for years to come. AA or not.

2881 days ago
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