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Soap Ropes Transsexual/Lesbian Plotline

12/1/2006 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This week, "All My Children" launched the first male-to-female transgendered storyline in daytime TV. Actor Jeffrey Carlson plays a British gender-switching rock star with the unlikely name of Zarf, who is having a flirtation with Erica's Kane's (Susan Lucci's) lesbian daughter, Bianca (Eden Riegel). Zarf bears a striking resemblance to "Project Runway" finalist, Austin Scarlett.

It had been hoped that the storyline would give "AMC" a lift from a serious ratings plunge. Rather than play it with any seriousness, producers have chosen to portray the character as a ridiculous, wild-eyed cartoon homosexual, who is snickered at by nearly everyone in the show. Tacky.

According to longtime blogger Kathy Carano, "AMC needs a kick in the ass and they're hoping Zarf will do just that, but AMC's recent track record of ruining potentially great storylines weighs heavily on a lot of fans."

The soap's been struggling for plots to prop up ratings; they even undid Erica's groundbreaking 1973 abortion and ventured into the absurd by coming up with her long lost son, who'd been "transplanted into another woman at the time of the abortion."

Oh, the humanity.


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2847 days ago

fed up with the bashing of people you don't know    

I have watched AMC since day one with Tara, Phil, Chuck & of course Erica @ PVH. At that time there were family story lines with the ER ready to throw in the drama. Now I TIVO show everyday, but rarely watch. I use the recap on ABC Soaps to keep up with the story lines. The story lines are to convaluted to keep straight. Erica never wanted kids & now she is coming off as Mother Earth. The Martin clan was a family of values now Ruth isn't dead but she doesn't exist. I would have thought Jeff would have at least stopped by to say hello to his Mother. Thanksgiving no dinner at Joe & Ruth's???? Why was Jeff at loose ends to be with Erica on a moments notice. What about Stuart he could always be depended on to bring sanity to story lines. He needs to be seen more. These are supposed to be real life situations you write about!!! Remember what made you great & go back to tried and true writing methods. PLEASE. Oh, & Zarf makes a better woman than flaming gay rock star. Don't know who reads these but hope someone with authority to set the writers on notice that February is coming quickly.

2847 days ago


I have to agree, AMC sucks! the story lines are simply insane, makes no sense whatsoever, you'd think a 2 year old is writing the plots. Im really sick of Erica and how she's totally mistreating Jack!, I agree that the Babe and Jr, storyline is totally boring! (yawn)! As far as Colby, she's totally out of line and useless, they need to off her like they off'd Simone and Jonathan's little sister (whats her name) ? Who ever came up with the lesbian/Cross dressing jackass storyline, I have one thing to say to you, "your fired"! Come on writers, your turning your audience to stone.. How about spending some money on a fresh crew of writers, with fresh up to date ideas, instead of throwing your money out of the window dressing the actresses in those horrid spaghetti strap and polyester get ups, you call that a wardrobe? .. Everytime I see Erica walk on set, I wanna tell her to put some clothes on! Skin and bone! Yuck! Its getting old really fast .

2847 days ago

carole o'brien    

good thing susan lucci won that award, with this storyline she wouldn't win anything else. zarf is disturbing on so many levels i have to leave the room when he is on. babe and josh should have their story be front and center, dixie looks like boxtox injections went bad on her and colby is a brat and should be let go. amc needs to be realistic and try to fix their ratings not destroy them.

2847 days ago

Irene Langdon    

I have been watching soaps like forever, I been watching AMC, OLTL, GL since
they started, I am 63 years old but some say I don't look my age. We all need to
see better story lines some of your story lines take forever to watch, I am glued
to my TV when I watch them but lately they are not strong enough. I now record
my stories and if I don't like a part I skip to the next.

2847 days ago


I think the actor playing Zarf is wonderful. The scenes yesterday where he told us
about his childhood were extremely moving. He and Bianca are spellbinding to
watch. I love Zarf/Zoe and I hope he/she stays around.

2847 days ago


I think that the Zarf story line is one of the sweetest that AMC has had in a long time. He is brilliant as is Bianca. I am so sick and tired of the Chandler story lines!Now Erica is off with Jeff.
I do wish though that Kendall would wear season appropriate clothes. The show was getting quite boring and I didn't care if I missed a day but now I want to see what is happening with Zarf and Bianca.

2847 days ago

Naughty nurse    

I gave up on ALL soaps a long time ago. They ALL SUCK!!! How in the world can you undo an abortion?? I mean, COME ON!!! We need a good night time soap again, like Dynasty or Knots Landing! Now that was the bomb! ;-)

2847 days ago


I think the MASSES have spoken... What the hell is going on with the writers... Here I have a plan.... You know all the reality shows, why don't you offer a realistic approach... have the original FANS of ALL MY CHILDREN write a short story line for their favorite actor or actress... I can come up with quite a few... Also... what is happening with the African American actors??? You need to incorporate them into the show more often... this is where your mistake is at.... you are continuing to cater to the All Bred Caucasians... give me a break... this show use to have spice, romance intense excitement... now... all I am seeing and hearing is Erica whinning about know one knows who she is... hell she don't even know herself. Then the crap with killin of the women of Fusion... puh-leeze!!! is that the best you writers have??? Good Grief!!! You gotta be kiddin me!!!! You can do better, and if not... then find somebody!!!

Your longest watching fan!!!! soon to be COMPLETE THRU with this show!!!

Val e gurl...

2847 days ago


rosie sucks get her off all shows she has taken over the show and is a crude ,lower class person. she has no right to be on a show trhat once had integrtiy

2846 days ago

Annoyed by it all    

"Ridiculous wide-eyed homosexual?" You're obviously not watching the show, but either going by hearsay, or completely pulling that description out of your ass.

Zarf is a heterosexual man, a rock star who bedded hundreds of women... who believes that he is really a woman who loves women, a lesbian, if you will.

Any flamboyance comes from his wild (and admittedly over-the-top) rock star ways, NOT from being "gay."

2844 days ago


AMC has changed its name to All My Lavery or All My Carey, pick one! It is unwatchable. Perhaps ABC should cancel this Show already....or pair up Ryan and Babe. I think they could become a great couple. What do you think?

2839 days ago

I have been watching AMC for 34 years and what the heck are you writers doing? This is crazy. Killing off Dixie. What the ****? You are going to have to do something.

2817 days ago

DO something

2817 days ago
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