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TomKat -- The Honeymoon's Over!

12/1/2006 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom and Katie are quite over ... their honeymoon, that is. The Cruise's fairy tale post-nuptial cruise in the Republic of Maldives was ruined by endless thundershowers.

The newlyweds and baby Suri made their getaway from the rain-soaked paradise and jetted back to sunny Beverly Hills -- on Tom's private plane, of course.

Apparently, he borrowed John Travolta's outfit from "Saturday Night Fever."


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United Artists is a joke in the industry. Its parent company has been trying to unload on anyone- no takers. Not even with the former "world's greatest movie star". Midget man will fit right in over there-both has-beens. ha ha ha

2882 days ago


WOW!! Suri looks more Asian by the minute. This is really puzzling me now.. Check these photos of them leaving the Maldives here:

2882 days ago


MAPIOCCA : if you ask me 're just an I--D--I--O--T !!!!!!!!!!!

2882 days ago


To Miapocca Karen and Wake up people : I ' m pretty sure that you 're the SAME stupid person ! PLEASE ,don't change your nickname people !

2882 days ago


I can top taking their kid obn the honeymoon- they actually took David Miscavige-head of Scientology. How romantic is that?? These 2 are so far beyond weird. As for Vera, #61: Many of us find Miapocca's posts very interesting. I don't recall anyone asking you; we don't care what you think. Those of us intelligent enough to post informative comments do so. Others (like you) simply insult other posters. Unless you have something intelligent to say why don't you go away and leave us adults alone.

2882 days ago


free and vera, i'm SURE you're the same person. LOSER

2882 days ago


Oh Karen ! You "know " a lot of things about Tom : he's sterile , he's gay ... Poor girl , I feel sorry for you and for all the haters !

2882 days ago


That is one cute baby, but look at the Momma. They both get cuter every day.
As for shoes, most babies are wearing shoes as soon as they are standing up or crawling. My grandsons ruined many shoes by crawling around in them and scuffing up the toes. Especially now that it is winter. Well, winter in some places.

As for whether it is Cruise's child....well obviously she is his, NOW.
She has his name and is married to the Momma and he is raising her. So adopted or not, she has two parents and I think that is good.

I am wondering when Katie is going to get back into movies, if ever. Babies are definitely a big responsibility and maybe she isn't into giving over Suri's first few years of life to a nanny. I just don't want to see her career go away.

2882 days ago


You are kidding, RIGHT, PJ?

"Babies are definitely a big responsibility and maybe she isn't into giving over Suri's first few years of life to a nanny"

Who in tarnation do you think has raised Suri for the past 10 months? Or has Suri been in Katies big purse on all of those DAILY shopping trips to Barneys of Beverly Hills?

And what about the weekly PDA photo-ops at the park? Who had Suri then?

And the week plus in Paris? And the trip to Real Salt Lake? And the trip to Vegas for toms moms b-day?

What about those times we saw Katie walking aound Telluride, alone?
Where was Suri all of these times? If it wasn't Katies taking care of her, then WHO was????

And NO, babies now days do NOT wear shoes as soon as they start crawling. And if they do, they wear those cute soft leather ones that all of the stars babies wear. They are about $50 pair.

2882 days ago


Miapocca, I always enjoy your posts. VERY informative.
And very much common sense. So sad that there are many that just don't get it.

After reading these mechanical posts, from the co$ robots, and learning about what you have to say, I picture a room full of zombies at computers posting "wonderful" "beautiful" "perfect" CO$ remarks.

Over and over and over again. Then, at the back of the large room you hear a chuckle, grows to laughter, OH NO! the meds are wearing off, QUICK, GET A NEEDLE!
We will miss Bill, he had such potencial, his bank accout will be safe in CO$ hands.

2882 days ago


Something is fishy here .
Really looks like this baby Suri is about a year old.
She is quite LARGE for 8 months.

And folks.......I am an old my fifties.

2882 days ago


Post # 60. Nice try, scientologist.

Now here's my take:

Boycott Tom and Katie.....
Redstone and his heroine of a wife can triumph....
You go Tom and make U A a financial calamity.....
I wish you and Katie a toilet bowl to fall into.....
Hope you both come out of the closet.....


2882 days ago


#62 "free" - LOOK IN A MIRROR. Apparently, you and "vera" are the same "I-D-I-O-T!!!!!!" as you so fatuously put. Get a grip, scientology humanoid. Your blustering is as impotent as Tom Cruise's sperm count. You name calling is equally laughable as him trying to prove to the world that he's hetero.

2882 days ago


To all who enjoy my a post...thank very much for defending me.

to 61 and 62:

1: As said a negative comment directed at Midget , should not be construed as a personal attack ON YOURSELF...any normal adult should know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111.

2: I f you disagree with my comment please go through and write a reply in a sensible intelligent manner .. insults only tell me that I hit the head.

3: Why would a sensible non scientologis be an idot when Scn are drinking down Niacin and Oil as a means of cure recommended by Pychotic failure who could not even complete anything in nornal society, but retrive into his sciences fiction to salve his pride. The only thing he did well was enslave millions of emotionally vulnerable people and steal their money.Yet he still could not do that well enough hiding out to evade the law...and I am an idiot??LOL I will take Idiot anyday if it means opposite of Scientology.

4: Midget just bought a house in London by the Scientology center there. Trying more and more to separate Kate from her family. The TOTAL CONTROL that he seeks will escape him and he will end up miserable and old if he does not quit this CULT of scientology.

5: If you are a scientologist, question yourselves, why is that the majority disagree if you and only those in your cult agree. I learnt a lot about your religion form your website, and it sounded stupid to me..You must really been in a bad place to accept this kind of information as truth.
Your MIscaviage on his first Prime time interview decided to reference legislation quite wrongly...I think once he has to talk to us normal people he forgets that his half truths don%u2019t work ,because unlike scientologist our critical thought processes are not suppressed, we seek out the truth, something doesn%u2019t make sense we ask questions.


7: From the huffington post (read the scientology posting on huffington post, behaving exactly as described on TMz, the scientologist have been extremely active supporting tom midget. What kind of religion orders is members to go out and make sure to salvage the image of its one member..catholics don%u2019t unite against those who point out ut the pedophilic priests, rather they themselves blew the whistle., Can you say the same of your so called religion, where you all uniformly gang up against what you perceives as outside %u2018criminals%u2019 and suppressive persons .. I am glad you are the net, spend time educating yourself. contact former members and talk to them and learn truth..Your CULT kills and rapes the souls of the emotionally vulnerable. In most religion one reserves the right to disagree with views, people are allowed to think and question for themselves%u2026.can you say this of your, and that%u2019s why its called a engage in GROUPTHINK..if you are so anti psychology , try the business journals (Scn worships money),.they should have that concept explained somewhere

8:I am not Karen, if you are unaware I have posted on everyone of the midget stories and I have no need to switch my name..I simply have an opinion and I will say it out loud. If Karen agrees, all the better %u2026you have two and more people talking sense and you still disagree....what is it that they give you guys to make you so against us "suppressive people" WAKE UP and smell the CON.

9: Let me tell you about your crazy LRON.
He was a psychotic tyrant. He hates psychology because he was diagnosed as being insane, his unproven scientific papers were rejected by the peer review journals...he was a wannbe psychologist and was rejected because he did not have the education , neither was his research sound, he pulled it out of his ass, and he expected the rest of the normal ppl out there to believe his hallucinations, they were rejected then he suddenly hated psychology.
He uses psychology in a dangerous way to BRAINWASH y'all. Afraid that if you gain anyr knowledge of psychology, it will break the brainwash...well most psychologists will recognize a brainwash and they are the ones that can diagnose the millions of crazy people hiding out in this cult. TOM MIDGET is crazy as hell and hiding out in a CULT of crazies who all believe they are normal%u2026.

WAKE the internet......Scientology will be crippled by the internet sooner or later... You cannot convince everyone in this world that all anti scientologist with websites are you say about the foudne rof .WAKE UP and tell Miscaviage to take his short midget wanker out of Cruise mouth. Or arse,............

Really who on earth goes on a honeymoon for a week, with a baby, with both set of grandparents available to babysit . With the other two children being left behind with someone, suri could have joined those two at home...Why on earth is Miscaviage going on the trip, or was the cere

2882 days ago


One thing that irritates me about scientology is theor assumption that we havent read about their CULT and therefore are uninformed 'IDOITS' who have no idea what they are talking about--thus readig direclty form their own eperience.

It maybe so for your CULT that you only read what you are told, but people out there before engaging in an argument, read read read all sides of the story and come to a conclusion....I have read, evaluated and analysed the arguments and I still think you are a bunch of crazies and the CULT is harmful..My research goes deeper than reading.

Read this and realise that there are tons of normal people out there who dont like neither respect the actions of your CULT..
You have contributed to deaths, stpped on the human rights of individuals by taking away the abilityto think for themselves beyond the sceintology framework

Reclaim your critical thought processes and think think think for yourself, nobody does that for you.Wakeup!!1

If IDIOT means I dont believe in the e-meter nonsense , then I am certainly rolling with laughter..what a bunch of FOOLISH IGNORAMUS. I reserve Idiot for myself, because if its coming from a scientologist, it means I am not like YOU.....HALLELUJAH..its Christmas already!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2882 days ago
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