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TomKat -- The Honeymoon's Over!

12/1/2006 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom and Katie are quite over ... their honeymoon, that is. The Cruise's fairy tale post-nuptial cruise in the Republic of Maldives was ruined by endless thundershowers.

The newlyweds and baby Suri made their getaway from the rain-soaked paradise and jetted back to sunny Beverly Hills -- on Tom's private plane, of course.

Apparently, he borrowed John Travolta's outfit from "Saturday Night Fever."


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Cute family !

2878 days ago


oh,please people, I think that kid has more a chance to be toms than Michael jackson at least it looks the right race. Im thinking tom wanted to wait to see if suri was the perfect little "sciencetolgy " baby, you know no deformities, seems alert and responsive, and THEN he could marry the mother, after a prenup stating that if they get divoreced she leave marrage with only the stuff she came into ,which means he will keep the suri ( mind you, I am NOT a laywer nor a very rich star or a Scienetology- just so you know) I feel sorry for Katie just a girl from an Ohio small time,and the baby she loves Im sure, but I think in that relationship its all tom all the time. And #15Prnzez you are right two others marriges two kids adoption and none natural, yet his ex got preggers right away with "Keith, Alcoholic"( hi Keith), so maybe drunk but apparently does not shot blanks...........

2878 days ago


Get that elf some lifts for his shoes or send him back to Munchkin Land.

2878 days ago


A sampling of the "wedding" vows from the midget's and katie's $cientology ceremony:

During the service the Scientology minister asked the bride: “Do you take his fortune at its prime and ebb and seek with him best fortune for us all? Do you?” The bride responded: “I do.” Then the minister said: “Good then, I am sure you will and surer yet that you’ll fare well and staunchly as a wife.” To Cruise, he said: “And when she’s older do you keep her still? Do you?” He replied: “I do.”


2878 days ago


Thank you "Miapocca" , "oat", "Karen" , "Rachel" and all the UN-brainwashed bloggers. I very much enjoy your posts as they are logical, intelligent, and very informative.

tbb #75, "Cute family"? Yeah, a Midget with his Beard with an Illegitimate Child out of WEDLOCK . Not cute. Contrived.

2878 days ago


Although Tom and Katie have some slight slant to their eyes, it's nothing like asian eyes. Suri’s eyes like asian eyes has puffy turned-in eye-lids. Something's very fishy here..

OMG! It made me wonder about the nice older gay gentleman I met at the video store one day.

He said something like “Everyone knows that Tom can’t have kids, that baby is his cousin’s.”

I thought it was just him talking even though he did say it like he had some kind of inside knowledge. When I saw pics in the Star this week I really started to think…

Now, all I’m saying is that she looks an awful lot like Bill Mathoper…check the mouth, eyes, even under the eyes/cheeks.

I think Bill may have well donated the DNA .

And by the way, message for Tom Cruise: Travolta called, he wants his Saturday Night Fever outfit back!

2878 days ago

Miapocca another theory..if this is so, do you think they drugged her out and replaced the cousin with Tom...LOL
Or was it articificial isemination...LOL LOL

I think Katie Holmes would have run screaming back to Toledo at the thought of atificial insemination , however Brain washed Kate Holmes could end up in the partner change scenario while drugged out and Kate Cruise will defintely go for any of the two......LOL

..Since inception occured when she was Kate Holmes, I would say it was might be the drugged out partner change scenario..LOL

Oh oh oh watch out..since they care so much what we think, they are going to have another baby just to prove us all wrong..This time all methods are feasible, since preclear Katie Holmes has now fully morphed into thetan Kate Cruise . LOL

Apparently the couple claim they are hurt by the negative comments regarding thier wedding......HAHAHAHAHHA...THEY CARE. just like politicians and the polls..yes the hoax is not working....Britney sure is putting a hamper on the tomkat publicity campiagn....I advise them to move to some G-forsaken land and never resurface ever again.(... I hear there is prime real estate available in the Gaza strip reserved for Midget :)lol)

By the way, Nicole is not pregnant.......I am sure Tom Midget is keeping his fingers crossed that she doesnt. If she does, WOW..two ex wife no kids with Tom, marry someone else then BAM..Baby arrives:) LOL

Again where are the effing parents, is the $3mil/year really more important than their daughter!!!

2878 days ago


Scroll down this page, read all the articles..not just the wedding and you will really begin to wonder....its like a light coming on..after click to the other celeb pages to Tom Cruise....Interesting articles

2878 days ago

Karen M.    

Sandy #83 said: "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all?"

Sandy, I disagree with you. The reality is, this is a free world, and I have the right to say what I want to say or think and feel, whether good or bad, or whether your TomHomo Cruise likes it or not! I'm not the one who signed a "billion-year contract" of sworn allegiance to the cult of scientology, so I can say what I know is true based on the facts without fear.

Check out these facts or google "the unfunny truth":

Read the link AND other posts that "Miapocca" #80, "wise old owl", "oat", and other bloggers have posted. Nothing that Tom and Katie has done makes any common sense whatsoever. The history, timeline of events, and facts don't add up to their claims and pretenses. "say nothing (bad) at all", you say? I think NOT. In this free world, people have the right say what they want and WITHOUT any fear, intimidation, and manipulation, because we don't belong to a CULT. We learn that based on history and facts, to not believe everything we see. We do not believe everything that's TOLD to us. We have THE RIGHT TO QUESTION (something Tom Cruise vehemently HATES) the validity of a man and anything he claims, and as long as Tom Cruise continues to hump the spotlight and open his big fat mouth vomitting propaganda and PR crap for stupid people like you to eat up, I will say what I want.

2877 days ago

Karen M.    

"Looks" can be deceiving.

2877 days ago


"True Love Relationship" - Cut!
"Biological Impregnation by Tom Cruise" - Cut!
"Appology to Brooke Shields" (over A YEAR LATER) - Cut!
"Denying Homosexuality" - Cut!
"Wedding" - Cut!
"Honeymoon" - Cut!

Director: "I don't think the people are buying it, Tom. Cut!"

2877 days ago


#78, Alice - sperm donor from Bill Mathoper? definitely plausible. When you have unlimited cash like TC, you can easily buy out people. Look at Congress. People DO. Some people may say, "Why would they (TomKat) do that?"

I say, Why Not? It's HOLLYWOOD. If it can be thought, it can be done/already done. And it has. Conspiracies exist because there is some degree of truth to them. And when the facts don't add up, TomKat IS a SHAM.

2877 days ago


#79 said: "Oh oh oh watch out..since they care so much what we think, they are going to have another baby just to prove us all wrong..This time all methods are feasible, since preclear Katie Holmes has now fully morphed into thetan Kate Cruise . LOL"

You are so right! It wouldn't surprise me if they made a sperm deal with someone just to prove 1.) that he's hetero, 2.) that they're "relationship" and "marriage" is "for real" and not "business" (lol, I'm laughing because people believed that Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie were "for real" and not "business" - i remember seeing some poll on tv about this. I even thought they were really in love - I WAS WRONG! as well as millions of other people). I hope someone will get real proof that Tom is a gay, but with a whole scientolgy organization under his control to go mafia-like on people to get them to shut up, we may never get that chance. But we know that David Miscavige, and I'd like to add, a dirty psychopathic slime, reads these blogs, so he will have Tom and Katie go through with the entire charade until death reall do them part. hail Xenu and hope they topple, crash and burn like empires before.

If Katie does get "pregnant" again, my first question collectively with millions of other people will be, "Who's the father?"

2877 days ago


gO KAREN go Karen!!!!

#88 LoL ..that was great

Lisa Marie is a scientologist and David Miscaviage is salivating at the thought of having the Elvis empire to himself. The deal was to quarry Micheal Jackson and drag him into the Cult...( I wish Elvis' Mamma would rise from the grave and slap some old fashioned Memphis common sense into the Brat Lisa)

Elvis+ Jackson = Big Scientology Control of Capital (Show me the MONEY!!!)

Micheal would have been the perfect scientologist..if his child molestation cases were true, they would have enough to blackmail him for a life time.
However irrespective, MJ was smart enough to exit. His problems since then could have been a scientology ploy to drag him to seek solace in their fold...not saying that the cases against him could not be true...but Scientologists are known for thier underhand tatics also known as Operation Fair game. For this reason Emilio Estevez who once dabbled in the CULT..refuses to speak about it. He was also catholic as were Thetans Cruise Klan..................

2876 days ago


hey, isn't that Katies jacket that he's wearing in this picture?

2876 days ago
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