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Hannah Montana's Day of Deception

12/2/2006 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus, Hannah MontanaEarlier this month, thousands of screaming fans packed the Anaheim Convention Center to see pop phenom Hannah Montana live, but TMZ has learned that not everything was as it appeared.

With the arena cheering her on, Montana (aka Miley Cyrus, daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus) came out with pipes ablazin', as a house band played behind her. But the "concert' was really a fake ... kinda.

While the crew was given instructions as if it were a real concert, the whole thing was actually a controlled performance for an upcoming DVD and video for Miley's famous alter-ego, Hannah Montana.

It's supposed to look like Hannah actually went on tour, but the band didn't really play their instruments, and the "fans" were really lucky bystanders who got to participate by promising to cheer on cue. Miley, to her credit, really did sing.

On the Disney show "Hannah Montana," Miley plays a pre-teen who lives a secret life as a pop star. Miley debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 as the featured voice of the Hannah Montana Soundtrack.

The new DVD is scheduled to be released sometime next year.


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tvbegone---you are posting to sell something on this site...folks he posts on every story the same posting...a web site to buy a device to turn off tv's in 69 seconds...appears to be a spam rip off and Harvey Levin of TMZ needs to pull every post unless we all are now free to post a web site to sell things.

2890 days ago


TMZ, could you name one current tour that doesn't use any pre-recorded material to back up the band? If you look hard you'll almost always find a MacBook Pro or PowerBook next to the music director.

This is a pointless story to drive traffic by name dropping. We all know the name Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus will bring people to your site... if she wasn't currently one of the top 10 selling cds you wouldn't care.

Live DVD's are shot like this all the time? Haven't you been to a taping before?

2890 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I dont even know who this crack hoe is,and why should any body care,smoke-up,smoke out and be gone

2890 days ago

Robin Ceballos    

There was no deception. My kids and I attended the filming of concert segments to be used for an upcoming Hannah Montana dvd or season 2 episodes. The tickets were free. We all went to participate in the fantasy. It was a well organized, exciting taping. Miley was great!

2890 days ago

Lance K.    

TMZ has the stupidest "news"

2890 days ago


So whatever happened to Billy Ray and his achy breaky heart?

2890 days ago


This is video that they use for the show also. If you catch an episode you'll know it was fake from the get go. The point is.......she can actually sing. I can't believe this is a top headline story today! sad.

2890 days ago


does anyone else think miley's arena schematic is waaayy too elaborate for showcasing her? JMO

2890 days ago


Why does this even matter. I love the hannah montana show. It's good and she's a sweet good singer. Do you have to talk sh*t on everyone?

2890 days ago


I logged in this morning and didn't bother with article. Now logging again this late night and chose to read the comments. What's interesting about this article is not the article (I whizzed by it so fast, not sure what I read, cuz I really don't care about Hannah Banana), but the comments were comedic. #15, too crazy, thanks for the good laugh. #19 Trinity.....exactly, high five to you.

2890 days ago


aren't stories that say "EXCLUSIVE" supposed to be interesting? whaaaaa? who the hell cares? The story is lame enough without you all bragging about it being an "exclusive." Real editor on vacation or something?

2890 days ago


that's not a flattering picture of her, she looks like she is smelling a bad fart.

2890 days ago



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2890 days ago


Okay, First of all, why are you folks dogging out "Hannah Montana"? She's not trying to get popular, like most "girl" singers, she is on the disney channel...i have a 3 year old daughter who loves this show, that's probably the only ages that watch her...I don't even think this article should of been on here, it's nothing.
And to # 26: Come on, get a life...every article that i've read, you have posted a stupid comment like this, you must have a really boring life, to sit around a post on every article!! I think you need to get yourself a LIFE!!!

2890 days ago


Our TV is always on Disney channel for our 3 yr old son, and I actually enjoy watching the show. It's pretty funny. The characters are diverse, funny, entertaining and have really good chemistry. And Miley has a great voice.
#26 is a sick, ignorant freak complaining about his 1" c!*t which actually happens to be his 1" d!#k and should be locked up in a mental institution. His mind is about as functional as his willy.
Billy Ray, if I were you i'd get security cams for your house (if you dont have them already) and step up security for Miley. You're in a whole new rodeo now, buddy!

2889 days ago
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