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Mum's the Word on N-Word for Funnymen

12/3/2006 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Has Michael Richards' racist rant made the n-word forbidden comedy fruit? How taboo is it, really? Is it taboo enough for the biggest, brashest African-American comics to ban it from their own acts?

TMZ contacted Dave Chappelle, DL Hughley, Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer and Katt Williams through their reps, and their response was uncharacteristically laconic. Last week, comedy vet Paul Mooney, who was a writing partner of Richard Pryor, and who appeared on "Chappelle's Show," said he was forsaking the word in his comedy henceforth -- but since then, none of his younger colleagues have taken a similar pledge.

One source, who has worked with almost all of the comics, tells TMZ that Richards' screed will probably end up being a boon to all of them, providing them not just with material, but stoking interest in their acts -- and whether they'll use the word and how often. The renewed focus on the n-word and its implications will, says our source, no doubt give the word itself added piquancy on stage, "until it becomes calloused and overused again."


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Rev. RBob    

Amen Jennifer!

The term should not be used by any human being.

2877 days ago


Idiots. Forget the N-word. What is the matter is what it represents, racism. Racism is not a word it is a state of society. I don't get all this focus on the word as if Micheal Richards is the first person to ever use it in that way, maybe the first to be seen on TV doing it but he is NOT the first. No one wants to take any responsibility and now everyone wants to point the finger. Are you guys a bunch of idiots?! The older I get the more malcontent I am with American society. Just so...absent-minded, trashy, and typical. African-Americans never use "er" at the end of the N-word it is "ah" at the end instead. This is not because of dialect this is actually how it is pronounced. If an African-American used the word with "er" at the end even amongst each other, then it would be uncomfortable for all involved. Still, no matter how you pronounce it I feel as if it needs to be thrown away and anyone with any form of class should be able to do it easily (since you all are so civilized and all). The fact that it possibly causes someone emotional harm should be enough reason not to use it. I am African-American and I cannot even stand to hear another African-American degrade themselves and use the word in ANY form. Not all African-Americans walk around saying it so stop whining and trying to find an excuse to openly use the word instead of behind closed doors like the majority of you have WAY before what happened with the trashy looking guy from Seinfield. Now...again...the N-word is NOT racism and if that word was erased from our minds (like they did in Men In Black or something) racisim still would exist. Let's hold forums on how to deal with that instead of this crap about the "N-word". I feel like I am talking to a bunch of dumb snotty nosed kids (sigh).

2863 days ago


the N word is used in the black community is used very differently in the white community. it is used for hate. thats why the N word is a strong and powerful word.

2829 days ago
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