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Britney: I Have a Nice Ass, Just Look!

12/4/2006 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Briney Gets Cheeky -- Click to WatchIn case the world hasn't seen enough of Britney Spears' private parts, the pop star went out of her way to show off her junk again -- but this time, it was definitely intentional.

After arriving in a skintight dress (that barely covered her nether region) for her 25th birthday party, Britney and a few pals settled in at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills -- right next to a giant glass window. Before she even sat down, Britney played to the salivating shutterbugs -- shaking her booty, and even bending over to give the crowd one hell of a view.

Britney returned to the window several times during the party, dancing, waving and making every effort to guarantee that the crowd noticed her butt.


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Leave that girl alone YOU PEOPLE. let her enjoy life. GO GIRL HAVE FUN LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

2858 days ago

Tired of it    

Britney seems to prove, yet again, that she's nothing but trailer trash. I feel bad for her kids-how embarrassing to have your mom going around showing her vajayjay and her ass to the entire world. Those pictures will be around forever-no erasing those. She claims she doesn't want attention, but yet she stands in front of a window showing everyone her ass. What does she expect will happen? The way she's acting, it makes me wonder if she's on drugs or something-maybe the girl needs to check herself into rehab. Maybe then she will get her head screwed on straight. This is only hurting her career not helping it.

2858 days ago


While I agree that she needs to act like a mature parent, I also think people forget that she's still young and wants to have a life. She does take it too far, but I don't think your life should end the moment you become a parent. She's so harshly criticized because she's the mother, but I doubt people would say anything if she were a father. How many celeb dads go out and party and no one even notices? Well, besides K-Fed.

2855 days ago

Hope Connor    

I think Britney needs to put her kids first and be a good mother....She doesn't need to show the whole world that shes a slut....Sorry to say!

2855 days ago

Ernesto Galloso    

I know when famous people has money they get to be snob, but obviously Brittney you are looking for attention. Think about this every woman has one, just like yours. It is much harder to be modest and mature. I don't think you know what it takes to be a grown up person. No money can be you anymore fame. It is much harder to be an adult, If you don't believe ask Madonna, she has been there, just like you getting as much d**k as you are looking for. Do you think she is proud of what she doing on her way up? I don't think so, If you think your pu**y is better than another hot quiet chick. Do you think the world needs to know what you do?
if you want to F**k the world dont' let anyone else knows it. Be the biggest slut but don't let anyone catch you. Most of us have sckeletions in our closets but I wouldn't let anyone knows, it is cold my private life.

2855 days ago


Amy,you must be trailer trash yourself,heh,heh!!

2854 days ago


Dina,do you know Amy? She is trailer trash like you.heh,heh!!!

2854 days ago


she has a killer ass and I'd like to stick my d--k in it.

2854 days ago

arien cwikla    

i know that britney is smart. she knows what she is doing. she same like others people. sometimes, somebody needs RELAX to enjoy their life. i'm sure that she will be back as Britney before, even more thatn before. GOOD LUCK BRITNEY....

2852 days ago

Kimberly (19 yr old momma)    

I guess everyone needs a little attention but Britney is definetly getting it the wrong way. obviously since she cant show off the body parts she used to, because they look run down as hell, shes gonna show off the ones she thinks people wanna see. But I got news for her I'd rather stare at the ass of a fat guy then stare at anything that belongs under her clothes. Britney needs to realize that she needs to be a mother now because her babies need her attention more then she could ever need anyone elses. Her being a mother of 2 little babies, she picks the perfect time to start wilen out. Shes 25 now, its time to grow the f**k up!

2832 days ago

Melissa Riggins    

Who cares what she is doing? She is getting out of a marriage and letting some stress off...I know after my marriage ended I did some stupid stuff but then I settled down again...LET HER HAVE FUN....she isn't hurting anyone and if that is the only thing that will embarrass her kids then they are lucky because I know some other kids that have it way worse then until we all are perfect quit judging her and let her have some fun

2829 days ago

james bell    

She's just showin to have fun....that's all

2820 days ago

Its me    

I don't know, this is pretty lame, the things people take pics of, this is really lame. who the hell cares about this crap?

2820 days ago


And so she showed her Ass...... You pricks in the media want to blow everything up., Everything is about Sex x 1000 in her industry and yours. You aren't anything unless you are hot or handsome are you??

829 days ago
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