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Britney: I Have a Nice Ass, Just Look!

12/4/2006 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Briney Gets Cheeky -- Click to WatchIn case the world hasn't seen enough of Britney Spears' private parts, the pop star went out of her way to show off her junk again -- but this time, it was definitely intentional.

After arriving in a skintight dress (that barely covered her nether region) for her 25th birthday party, Britney and a few pals settled in at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills -- right next to a giant glass window. Before she even sat down, Britney played to the salivating shutterbugs -- shaking her booty, and even bending over to give the crowd one hell of a view.

Britney returned to the window several times during the party, dancing, waving and making every effort to guarantee that the crowd noticed her butt.


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-she did not do anything bad? It's her birthday and she can't dance around?
just cause shutterbugs are there she should stop having fun?
Get your heads out of your asses, she's hot and talented and you can be sure her kids are fine. Be worried if she's caught smoking crack, not showing it.
Now ask yourself. How do you act on your birthday? or when you have had a few?
in order to get over Fedex which is most likely not that hard, she still needs
to let loose.


2844 days ago


C'mon guys...Number One she wasn't intentionally showing her butt....she was doing a cute little dance for the photogs, its her birthday and she was probably just in the spirit....As for her bending over...SHE WAS BLOWING OUT HER BIRTHDAY CAKE...I don't understand how anyone can misconstrue this as showing off her butt, it wasn't deliberate she was having fun....Number 2: What skin tight dress? I was actually disappointed because the dress looked a bit too big on her, it wasn't fitted around her middle section.

2844 days ago


. Wow you guys need to calm down. I think everyone is entitled to have fun on their b-days. I bet everyone that has left a comment has been out for the birthday grow up!!!!

I'm all for having fun on my BDAY or any day. BUT I'M A MOTHER FIRST!! Her kids are young, who cares if her kids not alone. SHE'S NOT WITH THEM. She never was a idol I personally think we shouldn't look at celebs to raise our kids, or for our kids to look up to them. They put on their pants/ panties(or NOT) just as we do. We need to raise our own kids and let them look up to us. Brit need to just have respect for her kids. And remember she's a mother first. Before she started back acting her self she was always seen with her son, was it just b/c she had a man? And now he's gone, she now going back to her wild ways? I say Brit go back to Kelvin at least he tamed you.

2844 days ago

Shanny Smitty    

Hey Brit, you were being such a skrewed up, disfunktional mother to those babies that I had almost forgotten WHAT A SLUT YOU ARE!!! Thank you so much for the reminder and the reinforcement that YOU SUCK! Who's got your babies when you're out showing your stuff? I feel so so so so so sorry for them. They didn't ask to be brought into your freak show! You are pathetic!

2844 days ago


She's ignorant...true trailer trash...Grow up Britneck! I can hear you're kids crying from hunger and no love! I don't think your role model Madonna was EVER this bad!

2844 days ago


it's just trashy & she is acting like a tramp....Also, we all seen the pictures of Britney & her 1st son, but where is the 2nd child? makes you wander if he's even alive? If you take one child to the zoo, aren't you gonna take the other one? She has been out of the spot light for so long now, that she is willing to do anything to get noticed, even acting like a tramp!!!

2844 days ago


Poor Brit
she will cry when they take the boys awy...hopefully Madonna can adopt them. Both parents are helpless. Brit you have a chance but it seems that you care more about you :career than the boys

2844 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

Is this how that UGLY fat cow thinks shes gonna get back on top with her "music"? I hope your career dies bitch, your GROSS!!!!!! Not even pretty. Go have your fiona flaps trimmed, YUCK!

2844 days ago


PLEASE! Britney Spear is one of the world's biggest pop stars

Yeah if YOU"RE 5!!!!!!

I was never a fan but I rooted for her when the rags were saying she was lost and coudn't return. She's young she could make a comeback. But, not like this, Kelvin is looking better in my eyes these days. The stunts she pulling is beyond pathetic. What she don't have a stroller handy to take both kids to the zoo, it's one or the other? She stepped into something and she doesn't like the smell. And now she want her freedom. Well too damn bad. I still feel she can make a comeback. But, she need to stop acting freaking ghetto!!! and have CLASS!!

2844 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Dear Brittney,
Its great to be "Trailer Park fabulous" rich, 25 years old and not ashamed to shake your money maker!
If you ARE lucky, that ex-husband of yours will get custody of those two demon spawn's and you will get back your freedom. Next time: Birth Control.

2844 days ago


Hey Concerned - No, not if you're 5, if you live in America... I'm not making it up, it's just a fact...

2844 days ago


If you guys really want to know why she is only taking out sean preston and not the other son it's because of the paparazzi. Would you want your 2month old blinded by all the flashes. It's not that she just only wanted to take out Sean it's because her younger boy is not old enough yet to be able to be put through that.

Yes she does deserve some letting loose time. If I'm not mistaken we never saw her the last year because she was home taking care of her baby. Fed-ex was the one partying. I think Britney needs to just let loose and have some fun for the moment. We have no idea what she is going through right now. Just let her be!!!!!

2844 days ago


She's a nutcase and needs to be locked up in a mental hospital. Or better yet, arrested a for indecent exposure and locked up in jail!!!!!

2844 days ago


I beg to differ rockstar Brit was never all times? Come you must be one of her biggest fans to make a statement like that? But, hey to each it's own. Me personally feel she need to stop hanging around the likes of Paris and get with the program, she need to dust off her own manual, you know the one when she was 'doing' the big boys of Hollywood? I'm not going to hate. I just want to see her reach for the same stars she had, but still be a good mother in the process. And keep her goodies where they belong and it's not for the world to see.

2844 days ago


She is a talentless goofball. We all have seen her nasty snatch now she wants us to see her smelly a-hole? What a way to make your kids proud Clitney!

2844 days ago
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