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Britney: I Have a Nice Ass, Just Look!

12/4/2006 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Briney Gets Cheeky -- Click to WatchIn case the world hasn't seen enough of Britney Spears' private parts, the pop star went out of her way to show off her junk again -- but this time, it was definitely intentional.

After arriving in a skintight dress (that barely covered her nether region) for her 25th birthday party, Britney and a few pals settled in at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills -- right next to a giant glass window. Before she even sat down, Britney played to the salivating shutterbugs -- shaking her booty, and even bending over to give the crowd one hell of a view.

Britney returned to the window several times during the party, dancing, waving and making every effort to guarantee that the crowd noticed her butt.


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No, I'm not her biggest fan, but anyone who is over the age of 7 knows that she was the biggest pop star around. You know this, concerned, but you nor anyone else would dare to admit now that you were probably watching her videos and watching her shake her little ass on all the award shows not too long ago.

I agree with you that she will be better off by herself, without the "help" of Paris or Lindsay, and you even admit yourself that she needs to "reach for the same stars she had." So am I, I'm just not cursing her along the way like all of these haters. I think she was an outstanding entertainer (not the best singer, but yes, a GREAT entertainer) and I hope she acheives the same stardom that she once had.

I also think she has the right to go out. If she wants to spend a couple of hours a night out with her friends, who cares? I'm sure she's with those kids every other minute of everday and everynight. And I'm sure she loves them. Just because she's a mom, doesn't mean she's dead. A couple of hours of fun in a night doesn't make you a bad mom, it makes you human.

2843 days ago

M Smith    

No wonder the Muslims hate us. Yes, us---we all get blamed as being a decadent society because of this trash in Hollywod. Why wasn't she arrested for indecent exposure?

2843 days ago


Whatever - if I had a body like that, I'd be shaking my booty, too. Britney loves the limelight - does her behavior really surprise anyone?

2843 days ago


All the envious morons are coming out of the closet.. Party it up Brit, you have every reason to celebrate dumping 180 lbs. of ugly fat.

2843 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I don't really mind the fact that Brittney goes out a lot after not really goint out for two years. She is only 24 years old, and realistically her children would be sleeping during the hours she is out clubbing. For the posters who are wondering why Britt only to Sean to the zoo, I ask, could it be possible that the baby has a cold or something of that nature? Maybe she wanted to bond with Sean because he's had to share time with the new baby, and maybe he's acting out feeling a little jealous... I'm not saying that I agree with everything Brittany is doing but, I don't know how we can determine whether she is a good mother or not based on these gossip sites/mags stories... This plays a small role in Brittany's life, all we know is the negative crap.... AND no I do not blame KFED on Brittany's problems, she made her bed now she has to lay in it...

2843 days ago


Is it just me or does the chic not seem like 'dat she has some serious mental problems or what? No one has even seen her wit' her new born since she had it which doesn't that strike you as a bit un motherly and strange?

2843 days ago


I am not a fan aof brit. she was out of line to shake it at dinner but it is her birthday and everyone needs to relax at some time. how would you like it if everything you did was on camera. everyone of us would have more f ups then all of them combined.

2843 days ago


At least it takes away from the gum chewing!!!!

2843 days ago


one word..........PATHETIC

2843 days ago


Brit is just another spoiled rich whore with no scruples and no soul.

2843 days ago

LATINA LOVER and loving it    

I've read some of the comments about it being her birthday and all she can celebrate da da da da... As a mother myself I also party hard on my birthday, however my bithday nor sh*tneys is every-freakin weekend or weekday in this case. It really doesn't matter who's home with the babies IT SHOULD BE MOMMY!!!!!! Anyone that doesn't understand that needs to get a life without children.

2843 days ago


I wish people would get a grip! She was just giving the papz a story. Get over the antics. Good to see Brit happy and having fun.

All this publicity before her comeback is EXCELLENT! I wonder when and who Britney will be giving her first interview to???? Ellen? Dave? Oprah? Matt? maybe nobody? hmmm......

2843 days ago


You people need to react. I dont think shes acting differently than any other woman would on their 25 birthday. Shes just having fun! ITS HER BIRTHDAY! And fyi -- she did spend the entire day with her son at the ZOO and House Shopping. Lay Off!

2842 days ago


PS. I just watched the video and she did nothing that was TOO CRAZY! You guys are being Extremely too hard on her. Its her birthday, of course shes going to go out and have a good time.

anyway -- she seems to have calmed down with the crazy partying every night. I think shes very smart and staged that huge PR so she could get a bunch of stories about how out of control her life is, and then plan a huge "I'm OK!" hour with Oprah. lol

2842 days ago


The only ones that I have sympathy for anymore are her two babies waiting for their mommy to come home and see them. Isn't this the time that she should be bonding with her younger child? Instead she is out getting her ego fed by strangers who really don't care about her at all.

2842 days ago
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